34 Year Old, Mother of 2, 5'4 (110 Lbs) A to C or Small D - Overland Park, KS

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I am a 32 A desiring fullness & cleavage - a...

I am a 32 A desiring fullness & cleavage - a full C or possibly small D. I am seeking a slightly fuller than natural look. After nursing two children my chest is left sad & deflated. I desire the fullness back I had while pregnant and nursing. I also would like to correct slight asymmetry that occurred after nursing a child who preferred one side. I do not want to look top-heavy, too large, or too fake for my frame. I want to be proportionate to my body. I am thin, although I do have shoulders and hips which I would love to balance. Cup size is not as important to me as is really just wanting to do what looks best on my body. I am athletic and workout 4 hours a week and would like to keep an active lifestyle.

With that being said, both doctors I met with think the wish pics I showed them were most likely D's. I want volume, fullness, cleavage. In showing wish pics to my PS, he recommended 415 and 450 to correct my asymmetry to reach my goals.

I did consult with one other dr. He recommended a range between 350-400 but would not recommend going larger than that. Both recommended silicone, unders, hp.

I feel like I will be agonizing over size for the next few weeks. I love the way the women look in the wish pics, but will it look good on my frame or will I feel they are too big? I have tried on 350,375, and 400 with the second dr and felt good at 375 and maybe would go 400 since I know you lose a little going under the muscle, but have not tried on the 415/450 sizers with the ps I chose. Is it helpful to try these on or does it just make the decision harder? Should I just trust him that he knows what I want and what will look good on me?

A couple questions I have is - How important is bwd and the implant matching it? I do not know my measurements, but I think I may call the nurse this week and ask. I want to trust my ps and ultimately he is the professional and should know which implant will be best for me, but also I want to make sure he is on the exact same page as me with my desires, aesthetics, but also my concerns. I know most women wish they would have gone slightly larger, but I think I would regret going too big. Everyone has their idea of what the ideal size is!

My ultimate wish is to be completely thrilled and love my new breasts. I do not want to have any regrets or insecurities. I wish I could just envision the outcome and be 100% confident in my decision! I am hoping to reach that level of confidence in the next week! Should I meet with my dr again and try on the 415/450 or just go with a more conservative choice or just place confidence and trust that he will make the right decision once in there?
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