20 Yrs Old, 475cc, 5'2, 120lbs, Under Muscle, silicone

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Hey everyone, so my name is Kaleigh, I'm 20. I've...

Hey everyone, so my name is Kaleigh, I'm 20. I've been thinking a lot more lately about getting a BA because its getting close to summer and my 21 bday, and is really like to spoil myself with a big gift! I just recently moved to Missouri, and have just gotten a job, hoping to get another at the bank here, and I'm pretty positive if I get the bank one as well I will get it done. I already have more then enough saved up but I don't want to drop that money on it, if like to finance them, any suggestions on who to go to, how your experience with financing is???? I would deeply appreciate any opinions on that! Also on the surgery itself, if love to know about it, in a nervous rock about the surgery part!! Hopefully I can get other girls to really relax me and hurry and do this. I have already found a doctor, dr Gary hall in Overland Park, KS, he has great reviews, everywhere online!! And have emailed him about a consultation! And info all you wonderful ladies could give me would be so appreciated!! I'm a 34a(BARELY!!!!) and would like to go to a small D(but like a perfectly fitted D) so like a 375-400cc, anyone out there with those sizes please let me know how you like them, what bra size it is! Anything at all!!! I would love Any and all comments!!! Thank you allll!!!!

Dr Swanson, leawood, ks!!! Help!!

Anyone have experience with him?? I see he has a couple lawsuits, like 6! But I really like his work! He has great ratings here but not other places, and a terrifying one on google! So I'm super confused! Please help!! I have a consultation with him on the 16th, it's 50 bucks and i just want to make sure it's worth the money!! I'm also having a consultation with dr hall, and dr Quinn hopefully(will call for him tomorrow) any info on these doctors would be super appreciated!

Wish Boobies and Current Boobies

Wish boobies!! And my boobs currently. I am currently less then a 34a. I pretty much don't wear bras because they just don't fit and it's pretty much like having fake boobs when I do because it's all bra and no boobs, and I can't stand when bras are like that, anyone else relate??
Xoxo happy healing to all who have already done and congrats to all waiting! Muahhhh!!!


Just want to thank everyone for your help! I was freaking out a day ago about all this and today I'm as calm as can be! Thank you all!! Espe ially thanks to ittybitty!!
Xoxo & big boobies!!!

boobie financing???

Any suggestions?
I do not want to just give 6000 out of pocke, prefer financing.
Let me know of who/what you went with and how it's going!
Anything is helpful!
Heard a great thing with Dr hall having promo(hopefully he still does) with care credit. Anyone just don a personal loan or go with med loan financing, anything is greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you x100000

How to post on realself

Love you all! This is for you! It took me 2 full days and help from an administrator to figure this process out! I kept trying to change my initial review!
Xoxo & big boobies!


I'm overwhelmed by finding a doctor...ughh!!

Here are my choices so far

Andd(sorry post got messed up)

Someone to help post op

How long do I need someone there for help post op. depending on the day I might not have anyone there to help me longer then a day. So day two post op ill probably be by myself till my mom gets off work. Anyone have info info on that??

Dr Gary Hall

Pretty damn sure I want Dr Hall now. Thank you ittybitty!!! I'm darn positive about it!

Anyone have experience with being a waitress/barista and when you went back to work? I just got this job on Monday and don't know how I'm going to already ask for one or possibly two weeks off! They are giving me fantastic hours and I want to keep it that way so I can do the financing on my big ol boobies! :)
Btw! Thanks for all the comments! Helps more then you know!!
Happy healing and congrats to any upcoming procedures and go for it to the thinkers!!

So after a week at my new job

I lift A LOT of HEAVY stuff! Not sure how in the heck ill be able to take time off so I can get these boobies and recover. Uhhhh! I'm just frustrated now! Though, it will give me time to save more money and not have to dig in savings. I guess we'll see what happens. It doesn't look like next week will be as crazy. I only work as a barista next week, which isn't any heavy lifting. Cross your fingers me for ladies, hopefully I can figure something out soon!
Xoxo!! Happy healing to all & co gets if your thinking or soon getting new boobies!

Consultation on Wednesday

Woohoo! I cannot wait! I have my consultation with Dr Gary! I had three others set but ya know, I just don't feel comfortable with going to them. I've done an unnecessary amount of research on all of them and especially with their pictures and nobody does as well a job as Dr Gary! He has that drive for the natural look that I want! And is so worried about making sure the client gets exactly what they want! He will even fix any mistakes or capsular contraction, etc for free! 100% free! (Obviously he doesn't have problems often to afford a huge procedure like that for free...)
So I see him Wednesday! Wish me luck!!!
Xoxo! And happy healing!!

Had my consultation today!

So today I had my consultation with Dr. Gary! I loved him! He's a very sweet, professional man. You can tell he's dedicated to perfection! My consultation didn't last long at all, thanks to Ittybittys! I already knew more then I needed to about him! It maybe lasted 30mins! We got right to what I wanted and needed. I told him I wanted a FULL c small, fitting D! Now my Cc's I've been set on was 375, I thought that would be pushing it!! He told me the max I could do was 475!!!!! Holy moly!! He said 375 would not give me the result I wanted. He said at least 425 to achieve a D! I was stunned! I'm honestly really nervous to go that big! But I told him to do what he does best and when the surgery happens he will put in what looks most natural and fits my desires! Woohoo!! I'm super confident in him and know he will give me what I want! I had three other consultations set up but ultimately it's a waste of gas to drive 4 hours away, twice, when I know I want dr hall. When I compare photos I always end up loving his the most! Oh and OMG! His office is beautiful! He's a great doctor! I'm happy! I just have to wait for an actual surgery date because I need some seniority in my job before I go asking for a week or more off! But it's definitely gunna happen before my bday in August. It'll just give me time to save up money and not dig into savings! Yay!! I do wish I would have asked a couple more questions though. Like what profile I need, I don't think we even talked about profile. I know I will be getting a silicone round smooth between 400-425cc! I'm truly scared about going that big with my small body though. I'm just barely 5'2 and 120lbs!

SIZE??!! Everyone is right! It's the hardest decision!!

I'm freaking about this size thing now! On some 400cc range looks super small and on others it looks huge! then 375 on others look HUGE! i just do not get it! so should i go with the 425 he recommended to get the size I want?? i love @goodbyeitttybittys 450cc! like those are my favorite 400's I have seen! i feel like 400 range looks smaller then 350-375cc range?? oh boy! Good thing I have a while to think about it! I just do not at all want to be a DD! that is way too big! I am a small girl and i work out LIKE CRAZY HARD and I feel like those will end up being too big in the long run! eekk! :(
BTW I'm thinking of planning my surgery in early July, which I wish I could do it earlier. ughhh stinkin job!

Whole body pic to get an idea of my size

Driving my own brain crazy

with all this boob talk! my brain is like "STFU KALEIGH!!" hahaha! There is no way i want to wait till june to get theses boobies looking fabulous! I need to talk to my work tomorrow! For real! this woman needs some boobies for the summer and for her bday! i want them to have time to settle!

BTW! I love all you ladies for listening to me blabber about the most random stuff! I cant wait to be able to share my experience with all of you and others so they can have another review to see! I want to be able to give back as well!! thank you to all the woman with current boobies and for sharing your experience, i really dont think you understand how much it means to us whom dont have them! thank you all x10000
love you ladies!!

425 rice sizers

Ultimate wish pic! <333

Got my surgery date!

July 1st, 2014! Woohoo!
My job is trying to put me in lead positions so I figured I would let them teach me, get comfortable and have my spot in there so they will need me and I'll be valuable by July! Also will give me time to save and the best part! My work is closed the 2,3, and 4th of July! So hopefully I can have my surgery later in the Afternoon so I can work Tuesday then have Wednesday(2nd), Thursday(3rd), Friday(4th) and we are closed weekends, so Saturday and Sunday! So I'm not asking a bunch of days off! Woohoo!!
Xoxo!! Thank you all for keeping my hopes high about this surgery! Sometimes I re think it but then you all remind me of why it's such and important thing to me!!

I wish Realself had an app!

It gets hard to constantly use it as a web page! Hopefully they are in the process of making an app for it! I would use it so much more! I want to stay updated on any and all boobie things! Anyone know if their making an app??
Random thought! Hahah! I still freaken LOVEEEE realself!

Trying to change my surgery to May 9th!!

Please every one for the next hour, they open at 9am, cross your fingers and/or pray for me that I can change my date to May 9th!! I already have it worked out for ten days off work!i have too much going on after may to be getting them done in June! Ahh I'm so nervous! Please everyone hope with me that I get it! Ill update again as soon as I call!
Xoxo love all you ladies!

For it for May 9th at 7:30am!!

I have to be there at 6:30am! Which is good so I won't have to starve and be thirsty for hours! I'm beyond excited! I have no idea what to say other then how excited I am! Can't wait to share my experience with everyone and help all the ladies out there! Thank you for all your support ladies! This sight is the reason in going through with this with no nerves! Xoxo!!!!!!!
10 days(9 days in 20 minutes) and counting!! Woohoo!

Btw I took a pic today to remind me of why I'm doing this! Haha

Whole lotaaa NOTHIN!!

Next Friday!!!!

OMG I did not realize that my surgery was already next Friday!!
Woohoo for all the may girls!!


Websites the excitement kick in! I still don't feel like it's actually happening! But it's gorgeous here in Missouri! 80's for the next ten days! Except showers on my surgery date! Blahh! But that's okay! Then it's back to sunshine! So glad I decided to change my date so I can enjoy my boobies in the hot weather!
Sorry for the random thought! Hope everyone is doing good! Hope it's nice and sunny where you live! Xoxo ladies!!!

One day! Like literally 24 hours!

By this time tomorrow ill be having boobies out in me! Thank the gods! The nerves have kicked in 100%! I'm cleaning my life away today thb work from 3-9 so I should be busy! I want to take a second to just thank all you ladies on here! I try to stay active on here but I want to be able to help you ladies with the experience so I haven't been on because I haven't had the experience yet! But I will be more active and helpful after the experience! I can't wait to help other ladies who are considering this life changing, for the better, experience!!! Xoxo ladies!!!!
ONE MORE DAY!!! Ahhhh!

Day one post op!!

Surgery went one word....AMAZING!!! Took me 35 minutes!!! Went I to surgery at 8:00, was done at 8:30 and left about ten! Everyone was out of this world fantastic! Tht is the most amazing staff of ladies and men I've ever met! Sooooooooooooo glad I chose dr hall! He's an amazing man and has chosen his staff VERY wisely! Ill go more into detail later, but trust me, there isn't a word to explain how grateful I am for the staff at the Heart of American Surgery Center!
And most importantly, if I could thank anyone on this planet the most, it would be my mother! She's made me cry a couple times because she is taking such good care of me! I'm so lucky to have her in my life!!!!!!!!
Xoxox!!! Thank you ladies for keeping me confident about my decision! I am grateful for you all!!!!!!

Sorry messed up

Boobs one day post op

Lets talk constipation! ASAP

it is VERY simple, eat healthy and feel great, or eat like a trash can and feel like shit, period.
So, I had my surgery on the 9th of May, i eat very healthy, i pretty much live off of veggies, fruit, lean meats, egg whites. So Friday morning I had my surgery, ONLY 35 minutes long!!!!!!, took my medicine very four hours as instructed, 2 oxy every 4 hours, and two volume every 6, yes i am bloated, no i have not took a poop, do i feel nasty or constipated.....not one single bit!!!
so Saturday around, i continue to eat well, strawberries, apples, spinach salad with with turkey meatballs, still bloated, no pooping happening...but still feel completely fine! :)
now....here comes mothers day!!!! :) happy mothers day to all the mothers out there by the way!!!! :) congrats congrats!!!
so i start off my day wonderful, oatmeal with cinnamon and apples, afterward, I'm feeling great still! had another apple in between for a snack and some red bell peppers. but of course its mothers day so we had to treat the wonderful momma to a good dinner out! So, we went to Rib Crib(AHHHHMAZINGGGG)
but after i ate that is when the bloating and extreme miserable constipation feeling really kicked in! honestly i know this was a long post for a small point, but just eat healthy! stay away from the junk! yes you will still be bloated, yes, you will still be constipated! but YOU WONT EVEN NOTICE IT! Just eat healthy and drink lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of water and you will still feel like a million dollars! until i had that dinner tonight i still had a relatively flat stomach! trust me! the water and lemon helps so much! even if you only have water, it will help!!!!!! i promise!! there is no crazy remedy for the constipation!! there just isn't! life isn't a fairy tale! you need to eat healthy! especially because you are recovering from a huge surgery! treat your body right people!!!
xoxo to all the ladies! I hope I helped! i know this is a huge question for people, but it really is just eating healthy will help, it truly is that simple! go back to the fast food after you heal but feed your body right while you're healing!!! it will thank you in the long run!!
Happy healing to everyone!
congrats to the future boobie getters
and keep us posted on the veteran boobers!!!

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

I got 475cc!!!!! Exactly what I wanted! So happy!! I love Dr Hall, PERIOD! :D

Random thought!

So I ended up starting my period the day after my surgery!(hip hip hooray) anyways!
Usually I get acne pretty bad during it, I think the medicine is also good for acne because man my skin is glowing! Like its nice and soft and even and I just love it! Random! I know! And I went poop yesterday! Now I'm back on track! (Day 4 post op) honestly I feel great!!!
Okay so back to the serious stuff! As soon as I'm off all these drugs and thinking clearly and not like a 5 year old I will update you on this whole experience but I figures I'd also give you the random things that happen!
OH BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!
GET A NECK PILLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And a long ice pack (ill post pic) for your back because, OMG, will it e tense and hurting! You're going to want to lay on that at all times, it will help knock your ass out too! :D
But ill post more when I'm able to! I want to so it on the computer because its easier but it hurts to type doe so long and makes me
Love ya ladies! Hope my randomness helped! I'm gunna go get my back ice pack and sleep to doctor oz! :D
Btw I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you dr Hall and all his wonderful staff and hospital helpers!!!

Omg look what I found for you loves! Everything you could possibly need to know about getting ready for a BA!

Make sure you have someone to carry you home after surgery, and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours, preferably the first 48 hours. This is VERY important.

Have reasonable expectations regarding the outcome of your surgery.

Buy a few larger bras (preferably the cup-size you'd like to be after your surgery, but NOT padded bras), pad them, and wear them under your clothes. This will help you get used to your new size. Most women wish they had gone bigger, and by "trying the size on", you will realize how quickly you get used to having larger breasts.

Drink a lot of water in the days prior to your surgery. This may help ward off nausea after your surgery (which is usually due to anesthesia).

Eat something when you take your pain meds. Sometimes, a few crackers don't do the trick. Eat a piece of plain, white bread, or a piece of toast, or 1/2 or a whole peanut butter sandwich. Pain meds can upset the stomach. Eating usually helps ward off any potential nausea.

You will want to practice sleeping on your back and/or propped up on pillows, because you will be sleeping like this for a few days (at least) after your surgery.
Make sure you tell your surgeon about any and all medications (including, but not limited to, heart medication, blood pressure medication, insulin, antidepressants, etc.), vitamins, and herbal or homeopathic remedies you are taking.

Stop taking aspiring, aspirin-containing meds/products, ibuprofen, and all vitamins and herbs for at LEAST 2 weeks prior to your surgery. Some surgeons recommend not taking them for 30 days prior to surgery, so definitely check with your surgeon regarding the types of medications you need to avoid. Many types of vitamins, herbs, and meds will cause the blood to thin, which is why you do not need to take anything w/o your surgeon's approval.

Ask your surgeon if it's okay for your to take Bromelain, and Arnica Montana, for bruising and swelling. You should not take these for more than 10 days. Ask your surgeon about this PRIOR to surgery, and only take it with his or her approval.
Do not drink alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours pre-op.

Make sure you remove ALL jewelry/piercings prior to surgery.

If your period is due around the time of your scheduled surgery date, make sure you let your surgeon know. Some surgeons do not like operating if the patient is on her period. Others don't mind. Also, some surgeons prefer you to wear a pad, versus a tampon, so make sure you ask about these things.
Wear loose-fitting clothes to surgery. A button or zip-up top is preferable, with pull-on pants, and slip-on shoes/sneakers.

If you smoke, you need to quit for 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. If you cannot quit, cut back as much as you possibly can. This is ESPECIALLY true is you are having a breast lift. Smoking reduces the oxygen levels in the blood, which will inhibit healing. In patients having breast lifts, this COULD lead to necrosis (tissue death). So do your best to stop smoking prior to your surgery.
Do abdominal exercises to help strengthen those muscles. You will be using them a lot after surgery, so the stronger they are, the better.

Have easy-to-wear clothes ready. You will be wearing button-up shirts for a week or so (possibly longer), so have these, and pull-on pants ready so that you don't have to search for them after the surgery.

Make sure you have your surgeons phone number, as well as emergency/after-hours number by your phone(s).

Clean your house and do all the laundry a day or two before your surgery, so that you don't have to worry about it for several days after surgery.
Have clean sheets and pillow cases on your bed. You won't feel like doing this for at least a week.

Make up your sofa with sheets, blankets, and pillows.

Take your trash out the morning of your surgery.

Do all of your grocery shopping. Buy enough to last for 2 weeks or so.
Buy 4 bags of frozen fruit (not vegetables, cause they don't smell very good when they start thawing) to use for swelling. You may opt to put these bags in large freezer (ziplock) bags, to keep the moisture off of you. Two of these bags can be kept in the freezer, while you are using the other two. Another variable to this would be to put crushed ice in a ziplock back. This is easy if you have an icemaker in your refrigerator. You may also purchase reusable icepacks from the drug store.

Buy simple, light foods at the grocery store, such as crackers, puddings, jello, soups, applesauce, etc., in case you don't have much of an appetite. Ensure or Boost (which are nutritional drinks) will give you the vitamins and nutrients your body needs if you don't feel like eating anything.

Have a heating pad handy for your back, as it may get sore due to your sleeping positions early post-op. Do NOT put a heating pad on your breasts. They will most likely be numb, and you could inadvertently burn yourself.

Cook some meals ahead of time, and freeze them. Some examples are soups, chili, spaghetti sauce, etc. These can be put in the microwave later.

If your surgeon will give you your prescriptions prior to surgery, go ahead and get them filled.
Ask your surgeon if he will prescribe anti-nausea medication. You may also want to ask if he prescribes Valium (or something equivalent) to take the night or morning of surgery, which will help you relax.

If you don't get your prescriptions until after the surgery, get them filled at the hospital pharmacy. If you have an insurance/pharmacy card, don't forget to take it with your on the day of your surgery.

Use a pill-organizer box so that you can make sure you take all of your meds when you are supposed to. If you don't want to use a pillbox, write down how much medication you take, and when you take it.
Make sure all of your bills are paid, so that you don't have to worry about that during the first week or two post-op. Also, take care of all of your banking, etc.

Have a good supply of magazines, books, and videos, since you won't feel like doing much of anything for the first few days/week following surgery.

Comedies are not recommended, especially if you have implants placed under the muscle, because they make you laugh, which causes your pectoral muscles to tighten/contract.
On the day of your surgery, reiterate to your surgeon what you want/have discussed, such as the type of implant, size, etc.

Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas.

Have your cordless phone charged, and new batteries in your remote controls.

Have common bathroom toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, contact lenses, mouthwash, make-up, hairspray, brushes/combs, etc., laid out on the bathroom counter/sink.

Make sure you have a coffee can, or other container with a lid, in the car for the ride home, in case you throw up on the way home.

Take a pillow(body pillow) with you for the ride home and blanket, for added comfort.
Have water, Ginger Ale, or Coke on the way home, in case you want to "sip on" something.
Have everything you need beside your bed/sofa/recliner. Examples are: remote controls, phone, magazines/books, water bottle, medications, etc. A trash can will also be needed, in case you need to vomit.

Take a shower, wash your hair, and shave the morning prior to surgery(If you are getting the transax incision, please take your time shaving.) You don't want to cut yourself, as this could introduce bacteria, which could ultimately lead to an infection.

Put your toilet paper on the floor, in case you don't feel like reaching for it.

You may want to refrain from wearing underwear, as that's one less thing you'll have to pull up after using the bathroom and/or taking a shower.

Purchase Shea's Butter cream lotion, or the lotion of your choice, to use on your breasts. (My personal favorite is Nivea lotion for extra dry skin.) Your skin may get dry due to stretching. If you get the nipple or crease incision, take good care not to get any lotion on your incision until it is completely closed.

Have new bottles of shampoo and conditioner. If you don't, turn the shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down, so that you won't have to squeeze them.

If you have pets, you should have their favorite treats on hand. This will keep them happy when they want attention and you aren't up to giving it.

Make sure you have taken care of cleaning the litter box, purchasing pet food, giving heartworm meds, etc., prior to surgery.

If your dog(s) require walking, you will need to make arrangements for someone to do that for you for at least a week or two, depending on the size of the dog.

Walk through your house with your elbows held close to your sides. This will give you an idea of how you'll feel for the first few days after surgery. Anything you cannot reach, you will need to get down so that you CAN reach it. Examples are snacks, dishes, etc.

Purchase paper plates, cups, etc., so that you can cut down on dishes.

Make sure you do not wear fingernail polish (on hands or feet) when you have surgery. Oxygen levels are sometimes monitored just by looking at the color of the nail bed. If it's blue in color, this means that you aren't getting enough oxygen. It's very important not to wear polish.
Do not wear makeup to surgery.
Wear cotton underwear to surgery. Your surgeon may allow you to keep your panties on during surgery, but some surgeons won't, unless they're 100% cotton. Best to be safe than sorry, if wearing no underwear bothers you.
Have bottle caps loosened, so they're easy to open.
Have a backscratcher handy, in case your back itches. It's also helpful for reaching things.
Make sure you have snacks handy by your bed/sofa/recliner, when you are alone, or late at night. Crackers, chips, pudding, drink, etc.

If you have a helper, you may want to invest in a whistle. Bells may not be heard.
If you're planning on using something to treat your incisions, such as vitamin E, silicone sheeting, etc., have this ready prior to surgery.

Keep a journal. Write down how you're doing from day to day, what aches and pains you're experiencing, swelling amounts, etc. This is really good to help track your progress, and is also good when you see your doctor. You won't forget to mention the "little" things that you might otherwise forget.

If you have long hair, you may want to wear it in a ponytail, or braid/french braid it for a few days after surgery. It will be easier to manage like that.

Take after photos, including front, side, and oblique shots. This will help you to track your progress. You will most likely be looking at your new breasts often, which makes it hard to notice the small changes that take place daily. Take photos of yourself in the same clothes you took your before pics in. You can then compare the before and after clothed pics, as well as the before and after topless pics. Taking photos on a weekly basis is sufficient.

If you have problems with itching, you may want to put lotion on your breasts (being careful to avoid the incisions).
Putting ice packs on may help as well. Seems a temperature change helps sometimes. Itching is usually due to the skin stretching.
Purchasing canned drinks will help, so that you don't have to lift 2 liter drinks. You may do the same with milk, etc. Have straws handy as well.
Your surgeon will most likely mark you prior to surgery. These blue
markings can be removed with rubbing alcohol, or fingernail polish remover. Make SURE you do not get this on your incisions.

Constipation is common after surgery. Pain meds often cause it. Have a mild laxative on hand, such as Correctol, FiberCon, or Metamucil, just in case.
Continue drinking lots of water, as this will help move things along as well. It's also great for your skin!
You will most likely have swelling after your surgery. Do NOT take a diuretic, unless your surgeon has approved it. Drinking lots of water and moving around a bit will help the swelling dissipate.

If you have nausea, you can take the anti-nausea meds your surgeon prescribes. If you don't get any nausea meds, or if you run out, you can try ginger, or peppermint, both of which are supposed to help with nausea. Taking a quick sniff of rubbing alcohol has also been known to help nausea.

Shaving your underarms may be difficult at first. Use a hair remover like Nair or Neet until you are able to shave again. Alternatively, you may opt to have them waxed.
Keep a positive attitude.
Don't slouch. Walk with your shoulders held back. This will save you some back pain. Slouching only aggravates the situation.

Make certain that you know the signs of infection, which include (but are not limited to) fever (especially over 101), pus, redness, inflammation, breasts that are hot-to-the-touch, excessive swelling, and flu-like symptoms. Call your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms. Infections can be very serious, so know the signs.

Have natural (not synthetic) vitamin E on hand to start taking after surgery. Vitamin E may help prevent capsule contracture. There is no evidence of this, but it doesn't hurt to use it. HOWEVER, you must wait until you are at least 2 weeks post-op before starting it, because it thins the blood.

Do not take aspirin, garlic supplements, or ibuprofen for at least 2 weeks after your surgery, as they thin the blood also. Talk with your doctor before taking ANY over-the-counter drug, or vitamin/herbal remedy/supplement.

Get a lot of rest.
Even if you feel you are having an easy recovery, it is important to remember that your body has been through a lot, and it will take a while for you to heal on the inside. The body needs energy to promote good healing, so rest as much as you can. Don't push yourself to do too much too soon.

Make sure you get your device cards from your surgeon.

If your caretaker does not get a list of written instructions from your surgeon after your surgery, be sure to tell that person to write down what the surgeon says. It's very important for you to follow your surgeon's post-op instructions.

Your menstrual cycle may be thrown off a bit after surgery. So be prepared for that. However, if you feel as if something isn't right, or if you aren't comfortable with it, call your gynecologist. If nothing else, it will put your mind at ease.

You may experience mood swings after your surgery. This is normal. General anesthesia, along with pain meds and lack of sleep, can cause this to happen. This will pass, and again, is normal.

Your nipples may be very sensitive after your surgery. You can try numbing creams, nursing pads, and silky camisoles, if your nipples are overly sensitive after surgery.

You will be the most uncomfortable during the first 3 days. After that, things will start looking up. It's common to experience more soreness in the morning. However, once you get up, and start moving around, those muscles loosen up a bit, and you'll feel much better.

Do NOT submerge your incision in a tub bath until it is completely closed. Doing so can introduce bacteria/infection. You may take tub baths, as long as you don't do this. Taking showers and allowing the water to beat down on your chest will help the muscles relax. Make sure the water isn't too hot.

Please tell me pain on day six

Pretty bad pain, is normal?

just another random reminder!!!

I have the best ps EVER!!! Seriously I am so lucky to have found him! And thank you ittybitty for reassuring my decision about him! Gosh him and his staff are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just some pictures, I have a bunch

I've just been so drugged up to really do anything

boobs! It's always about boobs!

No bruising, haven't had any bruising at all! :-)

confidence is through the freakin roof

don't sit there and contemplate a breast augmentation!!!! Do it, OMG I even walk taller,I love looking at my body. This'd is was incredibly worth it!!! Stop thinking and do it!!! And make sure to check out Dr Hall! This man it's amazing as well as all the people he works with! Do it ladies! And word of advice! GO BIG OR GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!

Xoxoxoxo my lovely ladies!!!
I'm beyond happy!

sorry I'm not to good with my new phone!

Lots of typos!!! Haha!!

16 days post op!!

Sorry I haven't updated much! Been super super busy! These boobies made my confidence go through the roof! Like I don't even care to workout(still have to eat well though) because my body looks so proportional and just beautiful now!! Don't think twice about this ladies! Do it!! I'm still pretty swollen, and truthfully am hoping when I go to my next visit with doctor hall on Wednesday he clears me for the gym, at least legs! But I've been walking, or trying too. But about recovery, ladies!!!! Don't stress about it! I stressed so much about it and it was SOOOOOOOO EASY!!!!! I can't stress how easy my recovery was! The only thing that sucks is waiting for them to drop and fluff and be squishy, THATS ALL!!!!
This was an amazing experience and I LOVE my boobies! It was worth every dollar, day off work, weird frankenboob look, week in bed, pregnant bloated belly, being stupid and high on drugs! ALL OF IT!! So worth it! And overall, I think the fact that my doctor was undoubtedly AMAZING tops it off! I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't love my boobs, every woman dreams of decent sized perky boobs, we're woman! We're suppose to have these! Get them ladies!!!!!

Also have these awesome pics with clothes.

Ugh!!! Love my boobies!!!
Both of these were taken maybe a week ago..

Good look at how swollen and high they still are :(

I still freaking LOVEEEEEEEEE them though! :) best 6k I ever spent! :D


I have a heat rash in between my boobs from tanning in the pink top :)

Boobs not dropping into nipple still pointy

Anyone else having this or had this problem at 2 months post. It's really starting to freak me out! I look like I have tuberous boobs now and as you see in my pics I definitely didn't have that before :(

On a side note I started running today! It felt amazing! Some pain for about five minutes but all good after that! If anything the sports bra hurt the most! To much pressure! Woohoo! I'm excited! I've gained close to ten pounds since my surgery so I'm ready to start running again! :)

Sorry I haven't updated. Nothing has changed so I don't have much to say, and at this point in not happy about them still not dropping!

So a little update, since it's been a while!!!

I'm just patiently waiting for them to drop. They still have not dropped and fluffed. I have a feeling it will take quite a while for me. They have started to round up a bit though, looking less like the football shape! Thank god!!
I finally started lifting upper body at the gym again and I think that has worked wonders on me! I think it helped stress out the muscle and let it drop a little bit! Certain exercises are really weird for me still though, like pull ups are an absolute no as well as push ups :( my two favorite exercises!
Anyone have experience with boobs and those workouts? How did you get past it? It's such a weird, extremely uncomfortable feeling! :(
I still occasionally get strikes of pains in my boobs but not nearly as bad as it used to be.
Other then that it's just me being patient for now!

Not sure what to do at this point...

This is my result. 7 months in and I'm stuck with this. Glad I paid 6k for this shit.
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr Hall has been extremely profession and understanding of what I want, I haven't has surgery yet, but I will update after that to put a full review of him on here. I doubt I will have anything negative to say. He knows his stuff and makes that very clear when you talk to him. He's very confident, which I like! His staff...words can't describe how amazing those woman are!! Shauna and Liz are flat out AMAZING! I've probably called at least 20 times in a week and Liz was completely sweet and understanding every single time! I'm so thankful for those woman! They have been flat out awesome!! I'll come back after my surgery and update how he was, also I will update like 6 months after my surgery to say how everything turned out! So far though, I'm speechless of how amazing dr hall and his staff are! HIGHLY recommend him! AMAZING!! You're crazy if you don't go to him, period! And the hospital he goes to, Heart of American Surgery Center, is remarkable! hands down, I am absolutely speechless of how amazing every single person in that hospital is so caring, friendly, respectful, funny...there truly is not words to describe my experience with that facility. From the moment I walked it(it was GORGEOUS and SO CLEAN) to the second I left, i really do not think i have ever met such an amazing group of people! If you are thinking of having Dr Hall do any type of plastic surgery, just stop thinking!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! every moment of your experience will be worth it! Him and his whole staff and surgery establishment are out of this world! Honestly, I am starting to cry just thinking about how amazing it was and how well i was taken care of! Never for a moment did I regret choosing him! He truly knows what he is doing and has carefully chosen a wonderful group of people to help him along the way! Thank you so much Dr Hall and everyone who helped me with this surgery! You all are amazing people an I am lucky to have found you!

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