20 Yr Old, 1 Kid, Brazilian Butt Lift - Overland Park, KS

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Trying to correct my now "square" looking shape...

trying to correct my now "square" looking shape while enhancing my butt. What used to be a round, toned and perky butt has now become flabby, flat and disappointing. I was in a rush to do this surgery because I'm getting married April 11, 2015 so I haven't had time to mentally prepare for it; however, I have done months and months of research and knew I wanted to have this done. Will post pics soon!

Post op day 5

So i've tried to write 2 more reviews since my first, but some reason they haven't posted. Really really irritating. Anyways, lets get to it..again. First couple days after sx was definitely not as bad as I was expecting. Pretty sore and tender, but not painful (there's a difference). I stopped taking my pain medicine about 2 days ago. Today was my first follow up appointment. I also had my first shower and poop today too! Big day for me haha. I had my drains taken out and that is such a freeing feeling not having those in. I feel miles better. Im still walking kinda funny, kinda arched forward because my butt still feels weird and heavy. Its like a rock, the doctor said he always jokes in the operating room about buns of steel haha. He said he got 1040cc in each cheek and had to toss about 400cc that was left over. OMG i look amazing! If my posts will ever load I will get pics up here. The contouring from liposuction alone looks fabulous, but I must say I am obsessed with this booty :) Sleeping on my tummy and not sitting really suck, but damn am I happy with my results. Hopefully it doesn't shrink after swelling goes down. Also, I want to mention the first couple days my butt was square ish. Like big and flat up at the top, but it's settling down and rounding out! Like I said, I'm very pleased so far.


A couple updated pictures!

Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Thorough with his consultation, with very informative instructions. Staff is very friendly and helpful too!

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