24 Years Liposculpture BeClinic 5 Zones - Overijse, Belgium

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First I went to Beaucare because a friend of mine...

First I went to Beaucare because a friend of mine went there. She was happy with the results and I was happy for her.
When I was there for a consultation, I felt like the Dr. was not evening listening to what I was saying. I felt like Liposculpture number x. He was kind of rude and made me feel very uncomfortable about myself (more then I already was). He even wanted to do lipo on zones where I did not wanted anything changed, that leaded into the excessive price tag of € 6150! The next day I called them and cancelled my surgery with them...

I did some research online and found out that Dr. Plovier used to work at Beaucare and left because he did not like their work ethics (they do not give a crap about the patients, it's all about the money). He opened his own clinic in Overijse, which is not so far...
So, I send an email and got a very detailed email back. Eventually I ended booking my consult and I already booked my surgery, 28/06/2016. I payed the requested advance, since if you decide 4 weeks in advance that the surgery would not take place, you get your funds back. So, why not?

On 16/03/2016 I had my consult. I was already in awe when I received the warm welcome from the ladies at the front desk. They were so friendly and helpful! (I knew it from my emails, but they are actually as friendly in real life!)
The consult went really well... I was nervous that maybe it would be the same as the previous Dr. But I am even ashamed for have thought that. Dr. Plovier is the sweetest ever!
He made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in and he listened to me, answered my questions,... I explained him what I wanted (a flat tummy, with normal hips and less massive upper legs).
He said he could make that happen and told me that I would have a beautiful hourglass figure. he showed me some of his work and it looked amazing.
At the end of the consult I even asked him if I should trust him with my body! The answer was yes!

If a certified doctor should do 100 procedures a year to be good, well Dr. Plovier does 100 a month.
You could now be scared that it would be a routine for him, but if he thought it was routine, I would have felt like "yet another lipo".

Dr. Plovier treated me like a person. A person, he could help feel normal and beautiful again.

I will keep you guys posted about my liposculpture journey.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :)

Talk soon.

Speeding up the date

on 10th of May I received a phone call from Valerie who works at Be Clinic.
Apparently there was an opening on Thursday due to a cancellation, so if I was interested, I could speed up my surgery date.
It was really nice of them that they thought of me, but I am swamped at work so I told them I couldn't change dates. But still, very sweet that they thought of me! :)

Still 42 days to go and I will have the surgery. Kind of getting nervous...
I'm really afraid that I won't be able to move due to the pain or something. *sigh*
But! I sooooooooo look forward in having a beautiful shape again...
Hopefully it will be worth it.

I will post my before pictures soon!

The day of the surgery and the days after

28th of June @ 7 AM I was expected at the clinic for my surgery.
There was one surgery scheduled before mine.
I arrived in a room where there where slippers and a bath robe for me to change into.
My surgeon came into the room took pictures and drew on me the areas that where scheduled to be handled. It was a bit awkward but he made me feel at ease...
Around 8 it was my time!
The nurse disinfected me with isobetadine, EVERYWHERE and I really mean everywhere! Talk about awkward...
I was put to sleep with general anesthesia and woke up an hour or more later (was a bit groggy so can't tell for sure). I was told that everything went very well and that they couldn't wait for the results and that I'd be happy. They removed about 5200 cc of fat.
I was brought to my room and slept for hours. But I do remember that my nurse came into my room quite often to check up on me, like every hour or so. What a lovely woman she was, Brigitte. I really was taken well care of.
It hurt quite a bit, I felt heavy and 'crushed'. But even then, when I looked at my tummy I saw it was flat! After hours in the afternoon I took a cab home. Which btw was arranged for me by the clinic. It was hard for me to go up the stairs.
I received some sheet protection for my bed, I installed it onto my sofa and slept there until the day after.
That day and night was very hard. I woke up every two hours and was in pain. Thank god the clinic provided me with a small pain killer kit to help me out...

The days after the surgery went by very slowly and quite painfully. I was never hungry, but forced myself to eat to take with my pain meds... I slept through the days. Drank a lot of water. And of course needed to pee a lot. Getting up and go to the bathroom was really hard. It took me a whole 5 minutes to get up! Sitting down on the toilet seat was even worse!
A few days went by like this...

Drawing pictures

The first weeks after the surgery

The first week after the surgery, I had troubles with sitting down, laying down and getting up.
Not moving felt like the best idea ever.
After one week I was better at moving around. It went slowly but surely. As i had bruises on my back, my belly and my legs, it still hurt a bit. For a long time I had troubles with bending through my knees. I'm now in week 2 and I am now able to bend my knees without too much trouble.

I'm quite okay now. Just having hard surfaces and weird lumps on my body, which feel so weird.
I saw weird lumps on my hips. I hope it will go away with the recovery.

Overall, it looks great!
Dr. Frank Plovier

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