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Beverly Hills Physician

For the last three years I have continuously heard how wonderful this place is and the capabilities of the doctor. Owning and running two businesses doesn't allow me much time to tend to my personal life so I finally decided I want to go get laser hair removal as I personally really dislike shaving every two days. I also decided to heed my wife's advice and get something done about these old acne scars from the ingrown hairs in my neck region. Quite frankly I didn't expect much as I know often times in Beverly Hills it is the name that sells and not the quality of the product unfortunately. It is for this reason I was apprehensive. BOY WAS I WRONG! This place and it's employees are PHENOMINAL. The office is immaculately clean and the staff is always available to to accommodate almost any request you may have. Yet most important for myself was the 1on1 consultultation we had with a woman named Ms. Rana (i hope I'm spelling the name correctly! ). If you're like myself, you are not well-versed about the details of these sort of aesthetic procedures. Leaving the consultation room I felt absolutely confident that I was in good hands, and all of my questions were answered honestly. Also, I was pleasantly surprised (actually shocked) that there was absolutely no "selling" involved. She truly listened, informed me of the options available, and the relevant details regarding each of those procedures; such as how long it will take, how it specifically works, and the cost. After being prepped by 2 different nurses, the doctor, whose name is Dr. Simon came into the room and did the 20 minute procedure. This man pays intense attention with each zap of that laser and that made me feel safe and comfortable. The second procedure was done by a very nice and meticulously detailed nurse in a different room where Dr. Simon again stopped by to ensure everything was going smoothly. It has now been just over two months and I have not had to waste time shaving ever since my treatments! The results are rather remarkable, there is not even a stubble and the last few remaining hairs on my face one by one just fall out by themselves ! More surprisingly, even the acne scars in my neck region are not nearly as prominent as before. I know this because when I see my face and photos my attention is no longer immediately drawn to the little uneaven spots on my neck and cheeks. Definitely a confidence- booster! I could have saved myself a lot of time had I gone and done this a few years ago. Thank you Dr. Simon and Ms..Rana for everything!! Warmest Regards, Alexander and Stacy

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