Ready To Do This! TT with MR

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Well, I have been creeping this site for some time...

Well, I have been creeping this site for some time getting great ideas and tips from others. I thought I would blog to share some of my experience and hopefully someone will benefit from it! It also helps to calm me, as I am a bit nervous about this... seeing other's amazing results inspires me and makes me feel like, I can do this!

Because I am so tall and an apple shape, I can't get clothes to fit at all. To get anything that can go around my waist (jeans! ugh!) I have to wear clothes that are loose in the bum and legs... everyone always says, "your pants are fall down" or "your jeans are so loose" meanwhile, I can barely breath because they are tight around the waist!

So, how did I get this way? Two beautiful full term average sized baby twin girls. Life has been about them and only them for the past 18 years... now (as everyone else always says) it's my turn! I am tired of joking that I can take my skin from my tummy and pull it over my head! (writing that, it sounds so gross!)

I have 6 weeks to wait. I am not a patient person. Not at all! I originally had a date of June 8 (the big day would be behind me now!: >( but life was too busy... anyway, Thanks to all who have posted (boy, it's really helpful) and to those who I have chatted with... her I go I guess!!!
I'll have pre op pics tomorrow.

Take care all ox

48 Yr Old Mom of Full Term Twins, Tired of Having a Jelly Belly

Hi everyone! It has been such a great help for me to read your posts. I went from dreaming to now being scheduled in 16 days! I gave birth to twins, full term and healthy weights: >) 17 yrs ago and am an active person. I lost 40 pounds 4 years a go and have kept it off. Working out and seeing my blobs under my yoga tops and pants is depressing! I am 5'10 and 172 pound. I wanted to drop 5 pounds before this, but I have been enjoying the summer a bit much, LOL! Thanks to those who have posted great tips, and sharing their experiences... I have gathered things I wouldn't have thought of, Arnica, bromelian, baby wipes, extra vitamins (C and D on top of daily) and feel I am prepared for the following weeks PO. (can you ever be prepared for something like this?? everyone's experiences are so different...)One theme I see is no mater how challenging with set backs or pain, 99% of women say it was worth it and it has changed their life. THAT makes me keep moving forward.I have a few chronic conditions in my spine, and a big part of me hopes that the muscle repair helps with the back pain long term. I've read others saying it was helpful. Fingers crossed!!I took photos, but have to figure out how to get them on here from my phone... (NOT a tech savvy girl!)Take care lovely ladies and happy healing!!! All the best.

This uploading photos thing is finicky!

Second try... here are some before photos. I can't believe I am taking pictures of this mess and posting them!! NOBODY sees this!! Warning, content may hurt the eyes...

Tips for pre op and healing??

Hi, I got vitamins (multi, C and D) and am eating a high protein diet and doing more arm and leg strengthening exercises and weights (to get up and down post!). Any other things I can be doing?? I love pilates, biking and jogging but have only been able to do a bit of cardio because my back has been bugging me... ; >(
I want a good recovery!!

More thinking... and wondering about the CG's

I am very confused about the compression garments. I have seen some posts and the women have their stage 1 CG's then they move on to stage 2, what is the difference?? Tighter? stronger hold or something? or less? How will I know what I will need??
I still don't understand how to get into those things without stomach muscles... when I do now it's a struggle...LOL!

Getting excited and nervous...

I have had some great advice from the lovely ladies on RS... thanks so much. The more I gone this site, the better I feel about this...
So, I am having moments of guilt about the cost of this, just for me... : >( I am going to have to make this worth my husband's while;>)
I am usually quite excited, but then get serious waves of nerves, panic, doubt about what I am about to do.. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming (oh, Dory..)... just keep busy, right?
Whenever I think, oh, god, what am I doing to myself? I'll look at the pic's I've posted... THAT will help me stay on track! I can't imagine sitting without sitting straight, sucking it in and still trying to cover the bulges... I gained a few pounds, at 170... nerves...
Good luck to my RS friends who will be changing their lives tomorrow, for the better!!! They are inspiring me too: >)
Take care all!! Happy, healthy healing!!

Guilt, guilt, guilt....

I really wish I had had the nerve to do this a couple years ago... here we are sending 2 kids off to university, res, food, clothing, my husband is having lots of stress at work, and me deciding to do this... I have 5 days until the big day. I'm first in and have to be at the hospital for 7 am. Good thing, i might just change my mind and wimp out... I read a couple posts and one ended with, "I'm so glad I did this for myself" I need those kids of statements to keep me moving forward!!
I am hoping to get a used walker (I'll only need it for a few days...) and am thinking about a toilet seat riser as i'm tall and sitting on a toilet might be torture for me a few days post op!!
I guess it's never a good time is it? Part of many of our problem, we are always waiting to do something for ourselves...
OK, positive note!! It's a beautiful day, I'm going to have dinner with my family in a few minutes and I am off work until August 22!!

Forgot to add...

Having a salt craving or want to snack on something healthy? Try this trail mix... So good and with nuts, good for you! I am trying to do low sodium this past few days, and this mix just gave me the fix I needed!

Picture!! Lol! Sry...

Can't stop nesting...

I try to convince myself that I'm not that nervous about this... 2 more days until I'm having my TT... I can't stop cleaning, I've done all the laundry I can, made my post op muffins, starting the soup (beef and barley with bone stock) and doing more groceries... My husband reminded me that the stores are still open next week!! Oh, ya...
I posted a pic of my stockpile- I don't have my post op strong stuff yet, the doc gives it to me after the operation. Also of a couple books I'm going to get. After the first hellish week, I'm going to pretend I'm on vaca and sit outside and read;-)
I have a concern, my husband doesn't seem too into this, being aloof and just said to me this morning,"uh, you think I can go golfing on Thursday?" What the f#£k!??! Really? My surgery is on Tuesday... Whatever, I will ask my mom to help out that day (she really wants to help out) AND, he just informed me that he will be working on Friday! What?!?? We discussed him taking the rest of the week off to help.
This was something I was worried about... The support after:-( he's not a jerk, just doesn't get care, at all... I'm used to this as I am often in bed a few days in a row cause of a chronic condition I have... I guess this will be no different.
2 more days. I feel very alone. Bummer. I will go call a friend and cheer up. See ya! Happy healing all!

Tomorrow's the big day... deep breath...

Well, I have to say, the women on this site who I have read about and who have posted ore sent comments on my feed are such wonderful women! I feel like they are my RS friends and worry and think about them! (you know who you are...) Thank you to everyone who's sent such positive and encouraging comments... It has been more helpful than you know. (Or maybe you do?!)

I posted pics of me sucking it in and one not sucking it in... I can't imagine not doing that!!

I just finished making my beef and barley soup made with homemade bone broth and muffins and my mom is bringing her chicken noodle soup: >) Light lunch -salad with chicken and hummus and a light dinner...
I'm going to be sleeping in my bed with lots of pillows... hubby upstairs.
I rented a walker and got 3 new books to read: >)
Now i wish i could sleep and just wake up done... anxious.. to get the surgery done and over with.
Happy healing lovely ladies ox!!

Day of surgery- on the flat side!

Home in bed now. Glad to be home. Sore and stinging (from the tape?) on one side. First in this morning, good thing too, I was close to running away!! So nervous!
Tired and going to sleep I hope. All the best out there!!! Xo

Day 2 PO - not too bad!

Hi all!
I dozed all night on and off and am resting this morning. I am not feeling too bad, hurts where it should,LOL . Everyone described the tightness and muscle repair pain quite accurately! I just took a pill, I just realized how sore my tummy was... I anticipated the worst and so far, am happy with how i feel. My mom said it was nothing like when my back goes out (when just trying to breath makes me sweat and the pain is intense) she was right, this is more achy...she also has back problems (2operations for her,they didn't work well: >( and had a TT 10 yrs ago. she told me, do it now or you will regret it!!! I'm glad she said that!

What I'm doing:
Arinca times a day, extra strength Bromelian once a day.
1 pain killer every 4 hrs
walking around the house every 3 hours
drinking as much water as I can
letting my husband help me _ i was worried pre-op about how he'd care for me, but he is doing a great job! He want to help me out of bed last night and stuck out his arm and told me how to hold it because he looked it up: >) that was cute, and he brought flowers, making me drink and eat. Very sweet.
I have my first visit with my ps on Friday and will get a first look then.
My kids are older and I don't have to worry about them, but my dog is upset with me as he can't lie down with me and i can't pet him too much. I had one of my kids make a comfy bed area for him next to my bed so he can be close... silly dog! He's been there since we made it.
I have my parents coming over and a friend later today, so I cleaned up and put some mascara on to look like me.
I hope everyone is doing well!! Happy healing!! ox

Just choked

OH, god!!! I joked on my water... Akkkk!! THAT hurts, and STILL does 5 minutes later!!! I've been working so hard at not sneezing... wooh! I really hope I don't do that again!!

Day 3 PO

Feeling pretty good, and am taking tylenol extra strength and Advil, off narc's for now... might take one tonight to sleep well. I got out of bed on my own and went pee all by myself!! I used my walker to get up and down, but getting more mobile.
Slept like a baby last night and am tired now and will nap after this post!
Pay back though.... my thighs have a bulge and it looks like new stretch marks?!?!?! WTF??? Or are they old ones that have been stretched, they are white.....: >( I have ice packs on them now. I'v been drinking lots of water and taking all the things to take to reduce swelling, but it's inevitable i guess... see the bulge in the photo?
I got a drainless... I hope that wasn't a mistake.
Other than that, feel good, a bit more straight when walking and doing a couple laps around the house.
I decided to put compression socks on too - a bit of a swollen spot on my ankle.
Any thoughts on all this??

Happy healing all!!! xo

Went to see my PS

Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestions, i went to see my PS, they asked me to come in right away, and the swelling there isn't typical, but he has seen it before. He didn't seem worried. They took off my bandages so i have a quick pic of my incision and bb.

PO day 4! Taking it easy

I'm pretty tired today, i guess from the unexpected visit to the PS and walking around and stuff, plus friends and family visiting.
Also, I peed and pooped (sorry, TMI) for about 1.5 hrs straight in the afternoon, guess I took too many stool softeners and Exlax's!! But it did feel good. I think all the peeing helped with some swelling, but my thighs are still quite swollen. Putting frozen peas on them.
I decided to stop advil based on comments above, and reading some information on line, so am taking the morphine for today, then extra strength tylenol tomorrow on...
My husband had to go into work for a few hours and my daughters have been taking care of me, making tea, one went out and bought me some lint chocolate (can't even look at rich things yet, I'll save it!) when she sent grocery shopping and helping me up and making lunch ect... It's really nice to see your 17 yr olds act so grown up and be helpful :>)
Getting prickly sensations all over belly, I had a drainless TT so i think it may be the sutures inside? Or the muscle repair? feels like it's undoing... I know it's not, but that's how it feels.
Standing straighter, (but not straight). My ps said to stand tall and straighten up. Really? Already? It's not comfy so i don't but am straightening up slowly.
Looks like a beautiful day out there, hope those of you further along are able to enjoy!
Take care all ox

So is this day 4 or 5?

I had my surgery 5 days ago, so I thought day 5, but whatever! It's behind me now: >)
Slept well, i took a muscle relaxant because my back was getting tight with knots so that helped me sleep well.
I have been eating quite light, chicken breasts, cucumbers, hummus, greek yogurt, fruit, soups, the odd protein bar, but I woke up this morning and craved a eggo with Aunt Jemima maple syrup! We had one left over from the kids so I ate it and yum! Just what i needed!
I have been taking it easy but walking throughout the day and seem to be doing well.
I sat outside for awhile to enjoy the day then napped, then my daughter washed and dried my hair. OH! that felt great!! I did a sponge bath and now I feel good!!

Starting to get bored, so that's a good sign... I'm going to have to keep things slow... I rush everything...

Swelling is down in thighs :) and i'm still taking arinca x3 a day, and bromelian and am off the narc's and taking 2 extra strenght tylenol every 4 hrs.
Eating a high protein diet (except the eggo!) and drinking tons of water, sometimes lemon water.

Sleeping on the bed, but not as vertical, and using my walker for getting up from the toilet. I think if you have walker, you don't need a toilet seat riser... I'm tall and haven't missed using one. I use my legs to get up and down. (I can thank my trainer for that! )

I might take another peak to wash up later, if i do, I'll post a pic.

Take care all!! xo

PO day 5.. tired!

Hello ladies!

I am feeling ok, but am really tired! slept well last night, slept in until 9 then napped for an hour and 1/2 this morning! Healing is hard work I guess...
I'm still taking arinica 3 times a day and bromelian, 2 x strength tylenol every 4 hrs and stool softeners...
Still swollen of course, but it has reduced quite a bit around the thighs.
I'm moving carefully because one side pulled a bit and bled a bit. It's healed now... I am moving carefully out of bed because of that. I don't want that to happen again!!!
My husband is making a nice BBQ dinner tonight. Looking forward to that: >)

Take care all! Happy healing xox

Oh god, don't watch sad movies until you're 1 month PO!!!

Just watch The Descendants, (again) and crying hurts almost as much as coughing!!! Stick to cooking shows and HGTV! lol!

Just a tip.... ; >) 'night all ox

One week!!

Hey everybody,

I hope everyone is feel well and healing up!!
I am SO happy to be at the one week mark. This is what i was waiting for since before going in! I have to say though, while uncomfortable, the first 7 days wasn't unbearable.
I am sitting upright a bit more today, walking straighter, but my knotted up back muscles are preventing me from getting around for too long. I can only stand comfortably for a few minutes then need to hold something and bend over a bit. I am forcing myself to stay upright a few extra minutes at a time to my muscles can get used to it.
I had wicked muscle spasms in my back last night even though I took a muscle relaxant. i'm going to take another tonight. When my back spasms, my abdominal muscles react too... Good grief!

Oh, I thought I might get away from the emotional days, but this morning I made coffee for myself (first one po!) and spilled the grinds and coffee all over the place and couldn't really clean it up. I called for my kids and didn't get an answer and I started to cry! It was 11:30 am and they said to my husband they'd be around to help but there weren't and I was so disappointed. Why did I have to make my own breakfast and then my own coffee???
When one kid came downstairs I was teary and she was asking what my problem was... "Why are you crying? Gezzz you don't need to get all worked up." grrrrrrr.....
Day got better though, my parents dropped by for a visit and i sat outside with them for about 1.5 hours: >)

Feeling less tired and bit more alert when awake.
So, my next goal, 7 more days, PO 2 weeks! Really looking forward to that!
I forgot to take my tylenol... maybe i don't need it? It's been about 6 hrs. that's good!

Take care all! xo

Day 9 :> )

Well, feeling really good today! Beautiful day out there, and i think that helps!

I had a scheduled visit with my PS at 2, so from 11:30 - 1:30, i cleaned up, washed up, got dressed and put on some makeup. 2 hours!!! I had to rest a bit in between each step! Lol! I didn't look like the walking dead, so i was happy. First outing and it felt good to be in the car and looking around. My husband got a kick out of me. He said i was acting like a Mole Woman (the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: >) just getting out of the bunker! DON"T NAKE ME LAUGH!! but i did....
PS said I'm doing great, no worries, and i get my belly button stitches out next week. He made a comment about my tummy, to which I replied in my typical sarcastic way, and we both broke up... AGAIN, with the laughing! He had to support me while i laughed but he kept on laughing... gezzz.

I'm standing quite straight, not sure why, just am... some pins and pokes here and there, but doing ok i guess!

I DO NOT eat at Mc D's. I never really have and i don't ever intend to...BUT, on the way home i needed some water and while in the drive through, my husband said, I"m getting a shake. I haven't had a Mc'd's shake in years! Well, I have been craving soft serve. I got a Mc flurry... and OMG it was the best thing i've eaten in WEEKS! every bit was throughly enjoyed with out guilt: >)

We picked up some con on the cob, beautiful August tomatoes and green beans from the farmer's stand down the road and i had delicious dinner too! Love August for all that beautiful produce.

I imagine i will be paying for all this mobility and eating tomorrow based on what i have read from those of me ahead of the process... but gotta say, it was worth it. I felt alive for the first time in over a week!

I quickly tired on this $15 dress i picked up at Old Navy this spring.. too gross with my before belly, but not bad with the after! (cheap around the house dress) I tried on others but didn't take pics, jus this... my middle is still thick straight on, but the side is good! I'd have to say over all, i'm happy with the results. Oh thing is at our consult we talked about lipo around the bra line and pubis area, but he didn't do it, forgot i guess.. bummer. I meant to ask him about that today but forgot everything when we got laughing...

Day 11

Hello RS ladies!

As I thought, yesterday I was tired and cranky... getting bored and i was paying for a sort of busy day the day before. But, I did get to have a nice walk with my neighbours and our dogs. Not far (20 mins to go 1/2 a km! although, we were talking and stopping)though! I pulled a muscle or had a spot that really hurt if i moved last night. Really wondered if id did something, but it is much better today, although still there. Hopefully I will be able to walk a for longer today. Later in the day, i was cranky and tired, oh well.

Today I woke up at 8 and just... woke up! over the past several days, it took a lot to wake up and didn't usually until around 9-10. So, I have already had my coffee and doing this.
I took some pics in my undies... kinda disappointed, he said he was going to do some lipo up near the bra line (which i really could use) and he didn't I want to ask about that. See in the pictures that i needed that? Even to just to be balanced? I mean, I didn't do this to wear a bikini, just wanted to be able to wear clothes better. I hope this doesn't make me look like a V.
Well, onward, we are going to the farmers market today to wander and get some nice veggies.
A beautiful day out there!!
I hope everyone is healing well and enjoying the day!! (as much as possible given your stage in all this!! lol)

Don't judge me

So, I just had my first full shower... that's what I said. I was creeped out about getting my incision wet or pulling something, and have been having sponge baths and washing my hair in the sink. No, I didn't stink, but my PS thought it was amusing that I feared having a shower. So, I did it. I feel sooooooo good!! sigh...

I had a really nice day yesterday, my love and I went for a ride in the country and stopped at a friends' pulled pork food truck.. oh my... food.... they made homemade beans too. IN LOVE! Funny, I seem to be enjoying food an awful lot these days. We walked the dog at a pretty park and hun out outside for a while, chatting with a neighbour. He asked, "Oh, your back out again?" because of how i was moving, and I just kinda said, "ya...chuckle chuckle.. " change the subject ; >)

I weighed myself this morning, and I'm down 5-6 pounds... gezzz. My husband says it's because I'm not eating anything, but I am! 3 meals and 2 snacks... I think I'm eating better than usual ('xept the pulled pork and the MOST AMZING FLURRY EVER! ) there is so much beautiful produce we've picked up, I'm eating all that up!

Lazy day today, sat outside, walked around, made a pasta salad with one of my kids, oh!! I drove! I drove my daughter to get her hair cut. Big day! Feeling good! I get the odd jab and stab hear and there, but nothing consistent. In fact, last night realized I hadn't taken any tylenol all day, so I figure I'm done with that.
Good thing too, I'd like to have a BM a little easier... I've been taking stool softeners, Miralax and one x-lax a day... I've only had 3 BM's since my surgery!!! (TMI, sorry for that.)

My incision looks good, bb looks happy, so I'm relaxed. That has been my irrational fear through this whole thing, infections, holes etc...

Other than still swollen, which is to be expected, all's good! I hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend: >)

Week 2!

Wow, time is flying... happy to have reached this milestone.
Feeling better every day, but still not ready to jump into full time real life yet.
As I am writing this, I'm having my coffee and listening to the cicada's sing... (and the neighbour's air conditioning! lol!) another beautiful day, but we really, really need some rain.
OK, a rant... ignore these 2 paragraphs if you're not in the mood or don't have a nice drink with you right now..
I have been talking to some friends (few know what I have done) and private chatting with my RS friends, and i have to say... We don't need to share any more than we want to with the world, or family. Like most of you I am sure, you are doing this for you. YOU. (and maybe your hubby a bit; >) This is something that has bothered most of us for years before we finally get the guts to do something for ourselves, we worry about the cost, the time out for those around us, our kids, complications etc... but, we are doing this because we all feel (at least i do) that i can look in the mirror and be content with my body. I feel it goes beyond vanity. My friend want to get her boobs done. She has always HATED her boobs, and now after having 2 kids, she is down about her body (even though she does spinning and boot camp 6 days a week and to me, is super hot) She is one of the few people I actually told about this, and she was so supportive, then, after I did it, when told me all her sadness with her body. Now, I think she looks great. and anyone would. But, it's not me... She has to do what she feels is important to her. Now that we have the technology and capabilities, why not?
So, if I feel this way, why the big secret? Because it's MY journey. My body, and I don't want to hear judgment from others. I just don't. This site has been so great for me as I am able to ask any question I can think of... pooping, gas, meds, healing, recovery you name it, and everyone responds without judgement. Amazing support from perfect strangers. I am thank full that others post their experience, it has really helped me know what to expect. I have directed my friend to this site. She was so excited to hear of it. It does take guts to do this. But women are so amazingly strong. I always marvel at what we do and can get through. Wow... Imagine a man having babies?? There'd be 3 yrs mat leave, and TT's and BA would be part of the health care regime!!! I don't mean to be male bashing, but I am sure you get what I'm saying... we are strong. remember that!!!
Rant over. I don't even know if it made sense, but I feel better for getting it down for some reason. (kinda went all over the place.. oh well.)

Anyway, some thoughts that I hope may be helpful in some way.
1. There really is no rushing this...
2. You really do need your rest
3. Bromalian and Arnica i think, is quite helpful.
4. For me short bursts of life (walks, going to the mall or getting your nails done:> ) with rests in between are still the way to go - for me anyway.
5. High protein, low sodium diet. I have not swollen up too bad... some, and there were 2 days where my thighs did blow up (thanks, I needed those new stretch marks on my thighs...ugh) but i think the low sodium and Bromalian has been helpful. (however you spell that!)
6. Pillows. lots and lots of pillows...
7. Mom, stool softeners, ex-lax and that tea that helps things move...(BTW success yesterday and today! woo hoo!)
8. Visit with friends
9. Trust your self. Ask your questions.
10. Sleep. No guilt.
11. Prepare low sodium soups, snacks and meals. Meals for the fam too...
12. Make sure to prepare hubby too, if there is one.
13. Recognize the little achievements daily. e.g. "hey, I just got up to pee all by myself!"
14. Get magazines, netflix and a couple good books. Once of the narc's it's nice to get to read!
15. Last but not least, when you feel like crap, remember, this is just a moment in time. This is going to be over in an couple hours or days and next week, I will be leaps and bounds from where I am now. Then take a pill and go to sleep.

Happy healing lovely ladies!

Well, long one, have a good day, heal lots and do something nice for yourself. xo
: >)

My dog has been starring at me and wants to go for a walk. Time to get dressed I guess.

I've been MIA... And tomorrow will be week 3!

Hello RS ladies!
Wow, this is flying and creeping by all at the same time.
I got quite busy at the end of last week. Social time, running around getting the kids ready for school, buying dorm room stuff.. Fun! But! Exhausting. I was up Thursday night until midnight (the DD). I wanted to leave around 10:30 as I was bagged! But one of the guys I was driving home just wasn't ready yet! Lol! Funny guy. Well, I thought" no problem, I'll sleep in tomorrow." Then, when I finally got home, my daughter reminded me we had her new s hook orientation day the next day and to be ready to go at 8:00am! OMG! THEN, it was for the whole day!!! We toured around and walked all over the place. When I got home I fell into bed and napped for 2 hrs!!
I took Saturday and Sunday to rest up, kinda needed too.. Body was telling me so.
Every now and then I get a twisting, kinda cramping feeling in my abdomen, a pinch here and there... But over all, I think I'm right on track.
I went to my PS and the nurse took out my be stitches... I like it! You can't see any scars because he put them inside the bb. Clever!
I was instructed to put polysporin on my incision to help lubricate the scabby parts (sorry, gross) and to help them come off. Well, now I don't really have any scabs and can see my pencil thin incision... It's quite nice. But, I think a little high in the sides, but it's not like I'm going to be running around in bikinis, so that's ok:-)
I am still taking anti-inflammatories ( bromian and the odd thereacurmin).
I've lost 6-7 pounds since the surgery mostly because I didn't eat much the first week and a half. ( plus whatever was taken off) so I am happy about that!
What else... Sleeping can be touch a go for a good nights rest.. Only being able to be in one position is tricky. I have not had a pillow u see my legs for a week no, as I was getting numb legs from it.
People are noticing the change.. I've been asked if I lost weight.
Well, that's it for now. Glad to be 3 weeks PO, but not excited about going back to work next week:-(. Such is life!
It looks like the photos are upside down and sideways... I am not sure why!
Take care everyone! Happy preparing or recovering!! Xo

Got a cold : >(

Well, I couldn't get out of this without some sort of additional discomfort... I seem to have a cold, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, if you can call it that, it's more like how Zoolander coughs..(cough, cough.. Dad, I think I have the black lung' kind of cough. My family think's it's hilarious, but it's all I can do!! Lol!

I just realized I forgot my bromalian today... going to take it now! My pubis area is still so swollen. WOW! I'm doing bromalian twice a day for my poor massive mons...

My tummy muscles are a bit sore, I think from coughing and sneezing all day. I'm able to stop most of the sneezes, but not all.. (I pinch my nose and look up. Not sure why looking up helps but it really does!!)

Question, I can't ruin the muscle repair from this cold, can I?? The logical side of me says, "Don't be silly" but the worrier in me thinks, "You can't sneeze anymore, you're going to pop!"
I am still loosing weight. Down another pound or 2. AND I'm eating... weird. But, i guess not as much as before. I'm at my personal goal, so I'm happy for that.

I forgot to mention, my stomach was crazy itchy last week. When I went to my PS, the nurse told me to wear a cotton t-shirt under my binder. I was already wearing a tank top under the binder, but she looked at it and it had 3% spandex - she said it was making me itchy. So, I wear a 100% cotton shirt under the binder now, and I am A LOT LESS itchy! Awesome!

Alright, got to get to sleep. I'm pooped! I went to the movies with my husband who really wanted to see Sausage Party ... good grief, I like a good laugh,and i knew it would be stupid, but that was 2 hours of my life I will never get back...a few giggles, but I might have liked it better if I was 16. (tells you something about my husband, doesn't it?? lol! I always call him my 13 yr old ...

OK, babbling now. Off to bed!!
Good night ladies, be strong and stay healthy!! xo

A rainy day

It is starting to look green out there again. We got some much needed rain for this area. Most of Canada has been pretty dry and HOT! (except for Calgary! lol!! too much rain I hear!) We were going to go back to the cottage this weekend, but with the rain, we might as well stay home.

We've been watching the Olympics quite a! what some people can do! Motivating me to get my last couple pounds off and get to the gym! I am feeling flabby and mushy...

I saw my PS Friday. He seemed quite happy with everything and my progress. I asked about lipo along my bra line and he said, "Of course it did!" but there was no bruising or discomfort and I can pinch all over the area and it's fat. So, i'll do the arm and back exercises for that area, but it never really worked that much on me before. Hummmm....

I posted a couple of pics of me with form fitting clothes, I think I look top heavy. I have a big barrel chest (competitive swimmer as a kid) and i look small around the waist (well, when it comes in..) and hips, and big around the chest area (not boobs, chest) ah well, ya live with the body ya got, right? Truly, I'm not complaining, I feel fortunate to be strong and healthy and to have done this surgery and come out of it OK!!! Just something I have always noticed about me. Blah, blah, blah...

So, looking forward to going to the gym, I wanna run! I miss my yoga and pilates too... I will have to wait for some time before I can do pilates I guess..

Oh, I have been having soreness and the odd pain from muscles in my tummy. I thought maybe it was from the coughing and sneezing. The PS checked me out and said it was fine, but oooooooh, i get a weird feeling like the skin is not attached (which it very well may be still) to the inside of the belly. Like, they are rubbing together... weird, eh?
And the muscles will cramp up now and then. They get hard. Now, I've read lots of women say that part around this time (4 weeks -8 weeks, some ladies for longer!) but the sides and parts of the top part (skin) feeling like it's rubbing or not quite attached to the inside... THAT is strange! Is it in my head!??!?

I will be at week 4 Tuesday: >) I'll also be back at work as of tomorrow. Boo :-( I have to say, my idea of treating the recovery as a sort of vacation, has been wonderful... reading, meeting with fiends for lunch, doing errands on my own time, sitting outside enjoying the weather. I have to say, despite the obvious soreness and discomfort, there were times it was kinda enjoyable...
I suggest, no matter how long you are off, try to see it that way. An opportunity to think. Slow down. Rest. Dang, we all live such busy lives! After reading other's posts, I know with certainty I will right back at it like it or not, so this time has been nice to breath and think about me for once. (for longer than 1/2 an hour on a Sunday..) We deserve it. From what I have read, we've all either struggled with weight issues, had multiple kids, etc, and deserve to enjoy a bit of a break. I hope you do...

Back to work and a question and a lot of whining....

Yep, I'm back to it, and it's not bad. Quite tired day one and the next day a good nap when I got home: >) I feel I have 80-85% of my energy back which is nice... BUT
I am not sure if it's because of the cold last week, (although I think it must be because if it...) different areas of my abdomen are sore. The muscles on one side of the repair hurt a bit if I bend over and while I am standing up, I tend to want to rub or hold the upper abdomen in. People ask, "Oh, are you ok? Not feeling well?" The PS felt around there last week and said I didn't do damage, so I am wondering if I might have pulled it a bit or something? Does anyone else have sore muscles (not that tight feeling when they get hard, more like I hurt myself) around week 4-6? I am still blowing my nose quite a bit, and hold in my sore area when I do.
An observation - I still have that funny feeling all over the abdomen. It can feel like the skin is sunburnt, or itchy (or both) and just wen walking, that sensation of the outer layer not being attached to the inner. (silly, but thats how it feels) I guess that's a healing thing, because I have read several women say that they have those feelings! Interesting, eh? And always at week 4-6 or 8... just part of the process I guess...
So, today I am going to take Advil or Tylenol - i just thought of it this morning.. why be more uncomfortable than I have to be?
Boy, people said it was a long haul, they aren't kidding. In some ways, dong great, getting on with life, in others, still lots of reminders that the body is not quite there yet and still healing.
I am not in a rush to get to the gym now... walking is enough for me at this point. Not to mention that I am not sleeping at night... I can't get comfortable and I"m so tired but not sleeping. Insomnia is back: >(
Stupid cold... I think it slowed down the progress I made. Oh well, another 2 weeks and this will be distant history! Whine whine, whine... whaaaaa Sorry. kinda cranky when you don't sleep- day 3!
Gezz I sounds like I am at a bad place, but I'm just tired. Tonight's the night!! I'm gonna sleep. I know it!
Still moving forward tho!!
Take care ladies and happy healing!!! xo

Tomorrow is 5 weeks

Hello RS ladies!
I hope everyone is healing well (or doing well preparing for the big day!)
I uploaded some photos, yes, I am going to Victoria's Secret today... lol!! I was just getting dressed and thought I'd take some pictures as it is morning and there is less swelling for me in the morning.
Not much different from last week. Muscles get sore, now and then, from sitting, twisting, incision seems to be healing well though.
My appetite seems to still be down... AWESOME! Ha ha!! I'll feel hungry, but then eat a few bits of something then be done. Is it because there's literally less room in there??? I hope this stays!! Also, not snacking as much. For example, I usually have a greek yogurt around 3 or so with berries, and I just forget to have it. Anyway...
I am having a love hate thing with the binder. It feels so good to put it on after not having it on for 1/2 hr or so but after a while, the rubbing along the top drives me crazy. I thought I was supposed to get to take it off at 6 weeks... my surgeon said to, "Come back in a month or so...) that wouldn't be until I'm almost 8 weeks. I'll send a note asking if I need to keep it on for that long. I see lots of women switch into spanks or things like that. I wonder if I can do that at week 6? hummm.
I haven't been sleeping but got in a few hours last night. I'll try to nap this afternoon...
I really don't have much to say.. I guess that's a good thing!!

I hope you are all well on your road to planning or recovering... good vibes and big hugs to all!! ox

6 weeks! YAH!!!!!

Hello RS ladies!

Oh, I am so tired, but I thought I'd write a quick note because it's 6 weeks: >)
Glad to be here... It was what i kept as a goal for myself since po day 1... "someday I will be at 6 weeks and i'll be fine!" Well, I am fine, but more sore or uncomfortable in the abdomen area than I thought I would be at this this is what i am feeling. Pulling or rubbing throughout by belly area (i got a drainless and that mean my skin was sutured like a quilt allover to prevent swelling. so, it feels like it's attached, but moves a bit and rubs... my muscle repair hurts at the top a lot and i tend to rub it.
It's not awful, but there...
Also, my leg and feet feel like i've been standing on marble all day...
To day i thought i would try not wearing my binder for a while at work. After 4 hours I had to put it on and when I did, it felt SO GOOD!!!!
I am still pretty tired at the end of the day and tire out fast... this weekend was moving the kids into their dorms and that was tiring... cleaning, climbing up and down stairs over and over then cleaning the house, baking and washing sheets .... yikes.. I just bagged...
I am still taking Bromalian and trying to eat a higher than usual protein diet although i think i can relax on that by now. I see my PS later in the week and will see what my next steps are.
i love how my clothes fit: >) no time for pics, I'll post some tomorrow.
Whine and complain... sorry... I'm going to bed...

Take care lovely ladies!! xoxo

A Few Pics as Promised

More.. I dont know what happened, they just got posted!

That bra makes me look like I got a BA too!! lol! Victoria Secret at it again...
Nice to be comfortable in my clothes and not always fidgeting to cover, hide and adjust my loose skin and belly.
Looking forward to going for a jog, but my tummy just doesn't feel attached and i don't like the weird feeling of bouncing.
Maybe next week I'll give it a try.
Alright, off to it!
Have a great day everyone! xo

Week 7 up date

Hello RS ladies! Geee wizzz.... so this is swell hell. I thought I knew swelling, but i am more swollen now than at week 5 or 6. I shouldn't be surprised. I have read lots of women say this but silly me, i truly thought I would avoid it.
See the pictures? I am not as swollen as last night (I didn't get to take a picture) but my oh my...
I am wearing pants that I wore before the TT and they are not loose... they fit snug around the waist and i have what looks like big rolls when i sit. The jeans are not too small at all, but around the waist gets really puffy.... yikes! Looking forward to this ending. Needless to say, I still like to wear my binderat night and at different times of the day.
I am still taking bromalian and advil to help with swelling, and drinking tons of water.
I am still eating high protein and trying for low sodium.
I haven't started working out again as i see the PS Friday and had to wait until I got his OK.

At 7 weeks, I am surprised by how tired I am throughout the day and at the end of the day. Maybe I'm not sleeping well, or my husband and I are wondering if my iron is low?? Anyone at this stage or has been, can you tell me if you were so pooped at the end of the day that you wanted a nap or went to be early? Like, 8 or 9 pm early? Not every night, but quite a few... let me know!
I think rumours are flying around. I told 2 people about the muscle repair and they said, 'did you get a TT?' and I told them yes. (what do I say? MR is part of the procedure...) and now I notice everyone keeps looking at my stomach when they are talking to me and purposefully not asking about the surgery or saying, 'you look good!' I know the big mouth. Should have known better... Oh well, the looks and judgement . Just what I was trying to avoid. My fault for telling a gossip. Dumb girl... poo...

Well, take care everyone. Happy healing and keep smiling! xo

I am at 8.5 weeks

Hello RS ladies!

8.5 weeks! That's over 2 months by 3 days!!
So, I am still getting over the debate last night - quite entertaining! (Yikes!)
This morning I woke up with little swelling which was a good thing because i was thinking I was getting thick because of me eating like there may be no tomorrow!! It's not fat, but swelling, PHEW! But I need to get back on track. I have been having wicked cravings and hungry all the time, and eating things I wouldn't normally. STOP!!! OMG, STOP!!! - Today I made a crock pot 'detox lentil' soup, I love soup with lentils and lots of veg. That will help to fill me up!
Truthfully I was letting me eat what ever I wanted because I figure I am adjusting to empty nesting (feeling a bit sorry for myself?) and we have been so busy with social things, and there is always great food around, AND lots of wine: >) well, it's going to be quiet for a while, so I am taking advantage of that!
I still get that weird detached feeling if i move about too much.
My lower abdomen tightens up so it feels like I am sucking it in after doing too much ab work! It doesn't hurt, I can just feel it roll in and tighten... weird! I upper abs hurt now and then, but not as often.
I am wearing my binder very rarely, but at times want to put it on. Usually in the evenings. I actually wore it last night. I wonder if that is why i woke up with very little swelling??
I get that brick feeling now and then. But that's all I can say! Uneventful. That's good I guess!
I still haven't been to the gym yet. I haven't had a chance!!! I am going away for a girls weekend and know i won't be going then... we are going for a hike... better than nothing!! (but probably wont counteract the volume of booze and chocolate I will be enjoying!)
I am taking bromalian less often and trying to keep drinking tons of water (I really do think that helps!)
I will do pictures for next week's post. I don't have much to say... It just might be some pics!!
I hope everyone is healing well and feeling good! I personally am enjoying the cooler weather: >)

Hugs to all! You have been such a source of comfort, direction, ideas, and support this past few months. xoxo
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