39 Years Old Mother of Two Boys - Ottawa, ON

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Hi I'm 39 years old and didn't have any tattoos...

Hi I'm 39 years old and didn't have any tattoos tell i turned 34. Got one small one, then my two years later couldn't count how many.... One thing I have to say is most of them do mean alot to me. But my last one is so bad that I'm so depressed, and I even don't want to go out with out it covered up. I was going to get Married last Year, but put it off because if it "sad" pissed with myself... Why I would do this to my body. I started laser tattoo removal just over a year ago. I have had 9 so far & my god it's painful. This week I had laser & asked how more tell to gone, the Lady said 6 more.... Feels like forever. :(

9 treatments

This big black ugly ink. What the hell it is, I have no idea... This is after 9 treatments , very upsetting how long and painful it is. There are some other parts that I'm getting laser on . Will get my boyfriend to take pictures of for you all. Each time I look at myself I am so mad ... What was I thinking, I should have said something " like put the gun down NOW!!!

More pictures

I have one treatment left where I've been going. Thank God because I am sick of the pain and not seeing much difference. Really hope anyone can help me find the right place to go. I have spent $700 already for nothing. This summer I'm getting married, that's if this tattoo is gone. I will not put a wedding gown on with this ugly tatt on my arm. I'm so depressed ... Help please

10 treatments

Had my 10th treatment two days ago. The lady that does my treatment told me it should be gone in 5 more treatments. She said it will not cost me any more money. She said she will keep treating me tell the tattoo is removed. It was I good day, I am hopeful.

13 Treatment

Had my 13 treatment on Saturday April 23. I asked her how many more she thinks,"she said maybe 6 more ".

2 treatment

Forgot to take pic , this is 2rd treatment.

14 treatments

Had my 14 treatment may 21, took these pictures today.

15 treatments ????

This is the right after treatment, I have one more app. I'm going to find somewhere else to go.
Precision Laser

The Lady who does my laser is great but I just wish it didn't take so long :(

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