Smart C02 Laser and Subcision Acne Scars - Ottawa, ON

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I'm a 24 yr old woman who has struggled with acne...

I'm a 24 yr old woman who has struggled with acne since I was 12. I finally got the acne under control and was left with some ice pick, and box car scarring. I was super unhappy with the look of my skin. I decided to do something about it. I got subcision on my deeper scars then 3 days later had the co2 dot laser done. The procedure was not all that bad for either, my doctor was great, she let me know what was happening the whole time.

So, now I'm at home my face feels overall not to bad, I have a weird hot/cold sensation. I feel alright, my face looks red, swollen , some minor bleeding and I see a lot of brown spots which is to be expected. I am going to take pictures daily for 14 days and share them with the real self world because I have gained so much knowledge from this app, I feel like it's owed.

Day 2

Feeling gross, sticky. Washed my face, pretty hard to get the Vaseline off. Face feeling rough, looking worse.

Day 3

My skin is feeling a tad itchy, VERY hard not to itch. I have notice some tiny white heads between my nose. The camera doesn't catch them very well but they are there. I can also really see the "marks" from the laser.

Very happy

My face is feeling smooth and I am back to my normal skin care routine, I still have some marks but they are barely visible with makeup. I will go back and have one more treatment over my whole face.


So my skin looked really amazing the first week or so after the healing. I was ready to jump in and do it again for even better results. My doctor told me i should wait 2 months until I do it again, so I agreed. Since then my face has had a few breakouts and I can still see the majority of the scars. They are more subtle but still there. I can also see small track marks from the laser in a magnifying mirror. But from far away they are not noticeable. I will do this treatment again in 2 months and hope for more results.
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