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I've wanted breast augmentation as long as I can...

I've wanted breast augmentation as long as I can remember. We always needed the money for "other important things" so it went on the back burner. My husband tried to convince me that I was beautiful the way I was and didn't need bigger boobs. It did work for a while but then we came into some money and then nothing could be done to stop me lol. All I wanted were my nursing g breasts back, they were perfect. They were a perfectly shaped large B or small C cup. I had a consult with Dr callaghan who was recommended by 3 people who have had him do theirs. After my 1st consult I was extremely at ease, he knew exactly what he was talking about and very realistic to what my small frame could handle. We decided to go the largest we could "300cc " high profile cohesive gel under the muscle. It would give me the most projection.

day 3 post op

Day 3 was the worst for me. Pain was horrible, no energy and the meds were making me nauseous. I was also freaking out as they look so different. I've been told that the dominant side will contract more and take longer to relax... it does make sense I guess.


5"8 130 lbs was 32B-34A

5 days post op

Well day 5 was better, I'm getting better a dressing myself but still need help. I'm supposed to be back at work Tuesday but not sure if I'll be ready. Swelling is going down every day, but the morning boob is horrible!! So uncomfortable! Ivery been sleeping in my recliner since the first day, last night tried to sleep in bed proped up and at midnight I got my husband to bring Me back to the chair. I think tonight I will try side sleeping with a body pillow. Oh I was also constipated until today,took an exlax but then was up all night. Ladies remember to take a stool softener from day 1!

6 days

6 days post op today. I was able to dress myself today, minus my socks, I still needed help with that. Im starting to have back pain, due to the fact I can't sit or stand up straight. It's really starting to bother me. Everytime I do try to have my shoulders back everything pulls and feels like my breasts are going to burst open... I have searched a lot on here and not too many people complain about this, which is shocking! I just try to keep shoulders back as much as possible. Finally looks like the right is relaxing a bit. I have my 1st post op with my ps tomorrow.

6 days post op

Haha not sure how I got ahead of myself but I'm 6 days post op not 7. Saw my Ps today and he said the girls are looking great. The right is still. High and tight, he said the muscle is stronger it's kinda cramping on to it and that side of my ribcage is more rounded on the right and the left it's a bit caved in. He said it will go down probably another week or so. He told me to squeeze the top of it and keep up with my arm stretches. I'll post update pics tonight.

the real days post op lol

Back to work tomorrow, only part time hours this week. I hope I can manage okay.

almost 2 weeks!

Almost 2 weeks post op! No more pain , still a bit awkward to sleep on my side but I'm easing into it. Went bikini shopping today, for the first time in my life I loved it! :) I went out for dinner and let the girls loose (no bra) the right has almost completely dropped. I think a few more days and it will settle just great. I live my new boobs. I have so much more confidence, I am so so happy I did it.

2.5 weeks

No more pain! Yay. I really feel like they're me now. They don't look big, but I guess high profile means a bigger bra size. I tried in a bunch of 34C bras today and I was spilling out of them. I'm going to wait another week them go to get sized.

3 weeks post op

Went to buy a wire free molded cup today. My size.... 32D! ! Crazy lol sounds huge but the cup is the same as a 34C. So happy! I just got 1 black and 1 beige for now till they settle more.

3 weeks!

4.5 weeks!

Time flies! Still settling at different speeds. Looks like they're almost settled.


4.5 weeks

1 year later

Here I am 1 year and 2 months post op. My brest healed really great. I love my size, glad I didn't go any bigger. The size looks natural and if I do want any extra I wear a push up bra instead of a regular t-shirt bra. My right breast is slightly larger and sits a little bit lower and to the side. I had slight asymmetry Prior to surgery and have it now as well. My left side my ribs are concave and my right is rounded so I knew I would have a slight difference. It's not noticeable in a bra or in a bathing suit, so it doesn't bother me, it's not noticeable naked unless you stare t compare them, which who does that other than us. Lol I'm very happy I had them done. I have so much more confidence now! Remember their sisters not twins. Any asymmetry is magnified after surgery.

1 year and 3 months

Here are some more pics!

The dr listened to what I wanted, communication was excellent. He was always ontime, all staff was extremely friendly, helpful and comforting. I would highly recommend dr callaghan!

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