On 2nd Set of Trays, So Far So Good (For the Most Part) - Ottawa, ON

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I am on my 2nd set of trays, 3 weeks into my...

I am on my 2nd set of trays, 3 weeks into my Invisalign treatment. Overall treatment to last approx 6 months.

I am 33 years old, female and have always wished my teeth were slightly more aligned. My teeth aren't terribly crooked, but my eye teeth and bottom front teeth have always bothered me so I decided to take advantage of my dental benefits and go ahead with these braces. Overall I am pleased with the braces, and I can already see a slight improvement in my teeth. I have read a ton of reviews so I'll try to keep my details to the stuff I scanned other reviews to find out about:

Pain: none. really. Maybe I am lucky, or maybe it's that I've had 2 kids in the last 3 years so my definition of pain is different but really I was worried and prepared for much worse and was pleasantly surprised. To me the sensation was similar to having something stuck in my teeth (like after eating corn on the cob). Tat seems to stick around a day or 2 with each new tray, and then goes away.

Attachments: Le sigh. I don't care for these. I don't find them painful (the first day was hard to get used to and I was timid about what I ate, but these seem to be on there for the long haul). I have 6 attachments on my top teeth and 8 on the bottom and they give my teeth a certain "WTF" quality that I wasn't envisioning when i first decided to get the braces. Mine seem to be quite noticable and I find I am telling people I have braces since I find I catch them glancing at my teeth trying to figure out if there's something not quite right (I find this moreso when the trays are off, than when they are on). I haven't had any issues with them scraping or cutting my mouth, but they tend to "spear" food while I eat, so I often have a bunch of crap stuck to them if I don't have water nearby to drink.

Ease of Use: Not bad. I don't think I have had them on for 22 hours of the day yet. Maybe 20-21 hours...might be easier once I am back to work and not on maternity leave. It's hard to get time to put them back in right after eating with a busy little baby afoot. Plus I often have a drink after dinner, which prolongs the time i have them out. With that in mind my dentist thought my teeth were tracking very well after the first set of trays were finished, so I aim for 20+ hours a day and that seems to be adequate for me.

Misc: I am not grinding my teeth in my sleep anymore and subsequently have gotten less headaches (bonus). Also - I floss and brush after every meal now so my hygiene has improved (bonus). Also - I don't snack during the day since it's too cumbersome to be flossing, brushing and cleaning the trays so often, so I've lost a couple pounds (bonus again).

Stink: I've yet to get this stench I've read about in some posts from the trays. I think my breath might have improved given the increased brushing and flossing, plus I drink a ton more water (I find I am way more thirsty with the trays in). I rinse the trays with water as soon as I take them out, and usually while I have breakfast I soak the trays in vinegar (as my dentist suggested). I usually brush the trays at night time with mouthwash or toothpaste (my dentist didn't recommend this, so I can't say whether this is a good idea or not), and sometimes I soak them in diluted antibacterial mouthwash JUST while I am brushing and flossing.

So overall I am happy with my decision so far. While I don't love the attachments and the braces aren't really invisible they are already making a positive difference in my alignment, hygiene and weight. If the Invisalign braces hadn't been an option I would've gotten traditional braces so the fact that these are slightly visible isn't a big deal to me anyway

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