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Hello Ladies, I am a wife of 8 months (we were...

Hello Ladies, I am a wife of 8 months (we were married in June) and a mother of a wonderful 17 year old daughter and a 19 year old step daughter. I have had large breasts all my life and though they were always annoying (always longed to wear tank tops with spaghetti straps or cute little bra's that didn't have to have four snap closures along the back) but I didn't hate them. That has changed in the last 10 years as they have gone from nice uplifted watermelons to long water balloons that I am so tired of carrying around.

I remember when I had the tattoo done that I have on my left breast. At the time it was actually on my breast, now its on my chest, thats how far they have travelled. lol I am a 36DDD. The weight of them hurts my back, leaves track marks from my bra's on my shoulders and are hard to keep in a bathing suit top (they try to slither out the bottom :) after mentioning them and the weight of them to my family doctor many times he finally referred me to a specialist and I was very happy to find out I qualify to have a Breast Reduction covered under our government insurance.

I have seen pictures of what they do in the surgery and though it scars the crap out of me I just can't wait for smaller, lighter boobs. I had seen one doctor for a BR a month ago but he turned out to not be the doctor for me. He had the attitude of "who are you to question my technique?" when I asked him a few questions. I am not having an implant but was/am hoping for a nice lift when made smaller and just wanted to asked what technique he used. He chastised me for inquiring into my breasts looking perky/lifted and not bottomed after the surgery like I had no right and should just be grateful I am getting the surgery at all.

I have another appt on March 20th with the doctor who did my TT on Dec 15, 2011 and on March 29th with another doctor who just moved to the city but has a great rep. I hope one of these two I click with as all the other doctor's have a two year waiting list and I don’t want to wait that long. Now that I have made up my mind I just want to do it. I would love for my top half to match my new bottom half. Wish me luck :)

Hi ladies, I saw my two doctors concerning my BR....

Hi ladies, I saw my two doctors concerning my BR. The first was the PS who did my tummy tuck and he surprised me by showing me some pictures of women with breasts very similar to mine and he had done a really good job. He’s not usually very good with printing out his pictures (reason there is none on his website) but he now knows this is something I will be asking him for so he had two that he could show me the first time. He was in agreement with me that I would qualify for the BR under our OHIP insurance and wouldn’t have to pay anything for it. Even though I am not 100% happy with him on how high my scar is with my TT I still feel that I can trust him (as long as I am very specific) to give me as close to what I want. The first doctor I had saw wouldn’t even attempt to understand what I meant about wanting to be a small C (he just kept going on how cup sizes was a commercial thing and not the same to them which I got but he could have taken that size and ball parked it for me). While my PS was willing to take me to a small C knowing what I meant. He strongly suggested for my best look I should lipo the sides of my breast were tissue and fat has gathered from having larger boobs though this is a cost that is not covered by my insurance. I agreed to pay for it as I do want the best outcome afterwards. I was a little shocked at the cost - $800 for two little spots under my armpits while I had my whole belly and inner and outer thighs done for $1500. He didn’t I needed to have any implants done (something I had mentioned to him in passing months before but had since changed my mind – they would had added weight to my boobs and I don’t want that. He told me that he uses the Inferior pedicle technique.

I then saw Dr. Boyd on the 22nd for a BR consultation as well. She was wonderful. She said all the right things including how she tries to keep the swell so that I would still have cleavage because I am still a women and while I want smaller boobs I still want to feel like a women with decent boobs. She said that all follow-ups were covered if a touch up was needed. Like the other PS she also said I would have a better outcome if I lipo the sides. I agreed with her as well. She said that she uses the Superior pedicle technique.(need to research the difference between these two). She had a med student in with her (at one point there was 5 of them staring at my boobs) so she split her time explaining to me and to him what she was doing. She explained that her technique allowed her to almost significantly shorten the scar underneath the boobs. I explained to her how I do not react well to going under (I don’t come out of it easily but she insisted I would be fine and would be discharged that day) Another con was she wasn’t as readily available should I need to reach her. She doesn’t give out her cell like my PS does but that if I called the hospital there were two others that she worked with and if they were on they would see me she promised – had to wonder how many hours I would have to sit and wait for them, it is a hospital after all). That didn’t make me feel as good as my PS has seen me every single time I have called and returned all my calls within the hour when I have called him if I didn’t’ reach him straight away. She did forget to measure me and take pictures before I left She made me feel really comfortable with her as well though she refused to touch my TT before a full year had passed and she would of course charge full price for anything she did.. Now who to pick?

I went home and thought over everything that they had both said and realized I had forgotten to ask see Dr. Boyd’s before and after pictures. When I called and asked for them I was told she didn’t take any. That she thought it violated the patient’s privacy. While that is great if I can’t see any pictures of her work then her words are just that… words. I made an appt to see both of them again in April.I was suppose to update this before April but.. It’s now April ? I saw my regular PS yesterday and he was great. He knew I wasn’t leaving again till I had every single question answered so he sat me down in his office. He was great and answered every single question for me. Even though he had to keep ducking out to see at least 3 other patients he came back and sat back down with me afterwards. He had known I was coming in and wanted to see pictures as well as I had requested all pictures and paperwork pre and post op of my tummy tuck and he had it all ready. He drew me a picture of what he cut off and how much. I have all his notes. He really did pull me down..not sure why I’m still rolling. Maybe it’s still the swelling. Who knows?
He had stayed up the night before printing out a bunch of pictures to show me (I thought that was very sweet) and I have to say he does some great work. He also showed me a few that he thought he left too big and that he should have made smaller. That he had removed 300 cc but should have removed more (knowing he could admit to his mistakes made me trust him more. He really does try). I encouraged him to remove more on me. 500cc if he could. I stressed to him that I can buy push up bra’s and use inserts, there is a lot I can do to make them look larger but I can not make them look smaller. He said most women right before they go into surgery end up panicking and saying “don’t make me too small” which has him hesitating on the amount to remove because they had agreed on a size then at the last minute they are saying not to make them too small. I promised that wouldn’t be me. I would be the one saying “Please don’t leave me too big” that if he was in there going “hmm I wonder if she would think this is still to big then answer would probably be yes. The best on the safe side if he thinks there’s a chance they are still to big for my frame them go smaller. Always heed on the side of smaller. I had brought my IPad with me with some downloaded pictures on it that I went over with him. (learned that from these boards ? One was a lady with boobs almost exactly like mine but she was left way to big as far as I was concerned. I told him I did NOT want to be that large still and he agreed they were large for her frame. I showed him a picture of what I thought was the perfect size and he said he could get me to that size or close to it as my frame is small enough for it. He stressed he doesn’t like to go smaller then a C as women with breasts to small have the same problems as those with breasts to big. Tops not fitting properly. Another picture I showed him was a nightmare who had her nipples very much in the wrong spots. They were pointing skywards. I said this is my nightmare and he said “her nipples?!” I was like “yeah where the heck are they going” as they were way off from where they shouldn’t be. He laughed and promised he wouldn’t put them off like that. They would be right where they should be. I also had pictures of breasts that were done using Dr. Boyd’s technique and asked why he didn’t use it. He admitted to trying it but didn’t find the results as good. It’s hard to not leave a scar underneath because when you have large breasts pulling the skin down you are left with extra skin that really needs to be cut off. It’s a great technique for those not needing to reduce their size length so much as just remove some tissue (fullness). But where mine are flatter they would need to have skin removed to shorten the length of them as well. The only way to not have the scar is to not cut the right amount of loose skin off. I could see his point as I had been wondering the same thing myself. He did stress that if he has to use a bit of a longer scar he uses it more under the armpits then up around the front as there is no hiding that scar in a bikini top. In every picture he showed me he showed how he had preserved the swell of the inside of the boob which I was happy to see as I still want to feel like a women if I want to show some cleavage. I also liked that fact that knowing I do not react well to going under (with my TT it took me the full night to come out of it. I was out of surgery before noon but didn’t wake at all, slept through lunch, supper and didn’t wake till around 3am to ask for a sip of water then was out again until morning). He said he would keep me overnight in the hospital as he wasn’t comfortable sending me home like that).

He still felt that my TT was coming along nicely and would only improve with time but he did say and write in my chart that I if am still unhappy with it by the time I go in for my boobs, which will be around the 7 month mark (I have them both booked for July – have to pick one and cancel the other) if there is anything he can do he will do it for me. He was like “do you really want to go through all that pain again? I said no but I will to get the results that I want. He then urged me then to lose any extra weight that I still wanted to lose so that he would have more skin laxity to work with and also asked me to keep an open mind that by 7 months I might be ok with my scar (as it will have faded) and that my shape might not be so bad. I have noticed that I am starting to get my hourglass shape back some. Thank goodness, I was scared the straight as a board were how my sides was going to stay. I left there feeling like he would truly do his best. Call me crazy for trusting him again but I’m finding I am. He answered all my questions, I really like him, he knows how picky I am now and will be very careful with my girls and has promised to do whatever he could if there was something to do for my TT with only a min charge by me to cover hospital fees.
I go back to see Dr. Boyd on April 26th to go over everything with her again and to see if she might have some pictures, she must have something or how else does she convince patients she can do the work promised.

I will wait till after I speak with her to make my final decision but the promise of having my TT fixed at the same time plus seeing the pictures of very nice shaped breasts with the inner swell still there and nipples were they are suppose to be is going along ways with me. Am I crazy to trust him again?

Hi Ladies, I am having my BR on July 6th and I am...

Hi Ladies, I am having my BR on July 6th and I am so excited about it. Nervous but excited. My PS says he should be able to get me to a C cup which is 4 sizes down. My husband is in mourning concerning this but I am over the moon about it. I am hoping that my scars heal better then my TT scar because at 6 months my scars are still very pink, high and kind of wide..not too happy about that. I can’t wait till I can shop for those cute little small strapped bras and to wear tube tops and everything that small chested women can wear. Only 4 more days, I will keep you all updated.

Hello Ladies, I had my BR on Sat July 6th and...

Hello Ladies, I had my BR on Sat July 6th and today is day 3 post-op. I couldn’t be happier with my new size. My PS told me they should end up a big B or small C, when I asked which one he said “depends on the bra” lol. Surgery day I woke up nice and early and headed to the hospital, signed some forms and was shown into the OR. I was actually explaining a few features about the IPhone to the anesthesiologist when I noticed my speech starting to slur, I heard him say “hey check that out...then I was out. lol When I woke up a few hours later I was in hardly any pain and slept on and off most of the day and night, though I woke up every two hours it seemed. The next day when the doctor came in to see me was the big reveal. When I saw them for the first time I cried as looking down they looked so small and perky looking with an inner chest swell again. As my PS was checking my dressing he told me that he had removed 410cc from my right breast and 332cc from my left breast. I hugged him and thanked him for my new little twin,s he laughed and asked to see my bra. I showed him the sports bra I had bought. I had bought a Champion double dry sports bra but when he saw it he said it wouldn’t do. He asked for my old ugly regular bra to which he proceeded to cut the underwire out of and said that was want he wanted me wearing. He said I would not heal into the right shape in that type of a sports bra, that it had to be a molded cup without underwire. I told him I wish someone had told me that or that it specified that in his instructions instead of just “bring your bra with you the day of your surgery” as shopping is easier done pre surgery then post surgery. I left that day so very happy. My PS and the staff had been wonderful.

Sunday was a much harder day. When my husband and I went to do my first dressing change I had such a strong reaction. I broke out in a cold sweat and had to sit down on a stool clinging to the side of the sink. I was fighting off dancing black spots in front of my eyes and feeling so nauseous I thought I was going to throw up right then and there. I had to wrap something around my breasts quickly as a fast back up in support in case I threw up as I knew it would hurt like crazy along the incision. Thankfully I managed to fight it off. By the time we got my dressing changed I was dripping sweat, weak kneed and had to be helped back into bed where I fell into an exhausted sleep. Stayed in bed the rest of the day except for bathroom breaks and walk abouts for my legs and a much needed number two FINALLY. I was so bound up as I had not gone before the surgery either (only by two days but that made four days now). Bought this liquid from behind the counter called pms-LACTULOSE recommended by the pharmacist, took two tablespoons and I was going in two hours. Wish I had known of it with my TT, hope it helps someone who maybe reads it here. Stayed on top of my meds and slept well through the night (though I continue to wake every two hours). Today’s dressing change was better but still hard. I have changed into wearing a full tummy support bra by George. The cups are not molded but they do have their own little area, its not one cloth stretched straight across like the other bra was which is what I think he objected too. It seems to be working ok though I will show it to my PS to be sure. He had told me that he didn’t need to see me before the 17th (I had saw him day 5 with TT but that was to remove the staples. I insisted on no staples this time (I hate the track marks left behind) which is why I’m guessing he doesn’t think he needs to see me) but I am calling tomorrow to see if he can squeeze me in. I am very swollen at the end of my incision line which extends to under my armpits. This is where most of my pain is coming from I have noticed. My left side is swollen as well but my right side is the worst. It’s kind of gross to look at and is freaking me out. I tried pushing on it and it doesn’t move like there is liquid under it which I was hoping for as I knew he could remove that with a syringe, this I’m not sure about so I want to go see him tomorrow (he’s only in on Tuesdays and I am to anxious to wait till next Tuesday). I have tried looking on the boards to see if any other women had the same type of swelling on their sides but I couldn’t find any pictures of any that had. If they did it wasn’t showing in the posted pictures. I am going to post my pictures and hope that someone reading my post might have experienced it as well and knows what it might be and can reassure me if I can’t get in to see my PS. I have taken pictures for each day so far. I noticed today that my right nipple was getting sensation back, it’s now almost hyper sensitive and just underneath my right breast at the incision line between the two swells its hurting some too. All on my right side it seems. Well ladies that is all for now, I hope this update makes sense as I am feeling my meds and sometimes my fingers type weird things when I am on them lol.
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He is a very caring, mild manner and courteous doctor who takes the time to answer your questions and never refuses to see you or speak to you if you feel you need too.

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