49yo - Had Neck Lip for Double Chin, Botox for Frown Lines and Temporal Brow Lift. Ottawa, ON

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I have always had an unsightly double chin but at...

I have always had an unsightly double chin but at 49, the fat under the chin had become deformed and fat. I was always trying to hide it, felt very self-conscious of it, and hated it. I tried Ultherapy to help ... waited out 12 weeks and so absolutely no change whatsoever - no skin tightening, to retraction, no fat loss so I decided to go with Lipo and perhaps a neck lift later if the skin ends up being too loose. While I was there, Dr. Abboud also did a temporal brow lift which was awesome. I needed a tiny lift and it also helped with the slight hollows that were forming on the outside edges under my eyes. And, I had botox for my frown lines.

So, my photos are Pre-Ultherapy, then Post Ultherapy at 15 weeks, then are my photos after the work down by Dr. Abboud.

So I had those three procedures done yesterday, December 16th. Surgery prep was a breeze - all done under local. The procedures took about 2.5 hours I think. He started with freezing my temples and went to go on to the neck but I was having heart palpations (and panic attacks from that) from the epinephrine in the lidocaine so for the neck, he used another freezing agent. He then did my brow lift. I was surprised at how much skin he took off. It was in the shape of an ellipse. But that little procedure sure did a lot to smooth out the hollows in the lower eye area and lift my droopy brow corner. Anyhow, we then went on to do the neck but when he went in to add the liquid he needed to add to separate the skin from the fat/muscle (I think), the freezing hadn't taken. NOT fun. We had to start again and go back to using the Lidocaine. So, I took a few Xanax to control my Panic Attacks and we kept going. The freezing then took quickly and he proceeded to load my neck up with the fluid and do the lipo. It's funny, as he was in there it SOUNDED like he was tearing my neck but actually it was a piece of cake. I knew from the sound I would be bruised and I am, but really .. it was nothing. And I would do it again in a heartbeat. At the very end, he did 20 units of Botox to smooth out my frown lines. Again, easy peasy. All together, a fantastic experience.

So I left with an antibiotic for 5 days, and percocet painkillers. About an hour after the percocet I got VERY nauseated and threw up so that was the end of the percocet. I have been on and off extra strength tylenol and advil but honestly, the discomfort is not bad at all. I'm mainly taking the advil for the swelling.

Talking about swelling, there is quite a bit around my neck for sure, but very little under my chin. And none around the temples and botox. Botox was a non-issue really so I won't talk about that anymore other than I see a great difference from what it was before so you can check that out in my photos. Doc said it would be 10 days before the full effect was complete but I noticed quite a difference pretty much right away. The temples are slightly tender, and didn't bleed for long at all. Again, another non-issue. It's healing perfectly already in just 1 day. AS for the neck and chin .. I have a lot of bruising around my jaw line on both sides and some in the mid-front area of my neck. It's interesting because the bruising started right after the procedure and maybe it will continue to get worse but it actually looks better today and it hasn't even been 24 hours. It's a bit hard to hide the bruising around my jaw line but I'm managing between the compression garment and turtlenecks.

So so far ... so good. I noticed a big difference in my photos even from yesterday to today, especially under my chin. Yesterday I seemed to have a skin flap underneath my chin where the flap of fat was but today, it seems to have shrunken - or maybe I just want it to so much I'm seeing things. :-)

All in all ... it's great. The only real bummer is that I didn't realize I would have to wear the compression garment 24/7 and would have so much bruising and it's Xmas in a few days. I probably could have timed it better. But if healing continues as it has so far, with any luck, It will not be noticeable by then and continue to heal day by day.

Keep you all posted.

Day 3 Post Neck/Chin Lipo

Still quite a bit of swelling and bruising but I am treating it faithfully with Advil, brief periods of Cold (1st day) and Hot Compresses (after that), Arnica, Pineapple and Apple, my regular EFA's and light massage. Today I noticed the corner of my eyes are black and blue too. I THOUGHT they were a bit shadowed yesterday but today definite bruising and swelling around the corners of each. I can't believe how little pain I am having. I am really only taking Advil for inflammation. A bit of tenderness to touch but that's about it. I'm only Day 3 and already I noticed the bruising is browning and fading and the swelling is decreasing. My body is responding beautifully to this trauma. It's impressing the hell out of me. :-) I see some changes in the chin area for sure. Not as much as I would like but I am sure it is due to swelling. I'm sure it will be great when it settles down. Anyhow, here are some right side profile pics of the neck and chin. Not too shabby huh?

Day 4 --- Loving Makeup! :-)

I had my family dinner party tonight and was mortified when I woke up to two swollen purple eyes. I don't know why I didn't think I would have bruising around my eyes but ... I didn't. I had planned on neck/chin bruising but not my eyes. I haven't told anyone in my family (including my boyfriend) so I was worried people would be asking questions if they saw the bruising, swelling and marks but ... I was able to conceal all of it with proper makeup and clothing, and a spiffy scarf. Note the miracle job I did with makeup/concealer and eye shadow. This was particularly challenging because I have never worn eye shadow before but ... I bought a tri-blend in a purple hue and it was PERFECT. It looked like I had purple eyes on purpose. Haha. My neck is still pretty purple in one line and blue around my jawline so I had to do some work with Makeup Forever primer and foundation. All in all ... I think I did a pretty good job. The only thing is I've been going to bed dressed and my BF is taking it personally .. poor guy. But for a variety of reasons to boring to mention, I cannot tell him. Day 5 today and getting better every day. I can't wait for the bruising and swelling to be done! :-)

Day 5 -- Purple bruising almost gone except around eyes (they are bruised and swollen all over)

I went back for some different makeup. What I bought worked when my bruises were RED and fresh but as they turned blue and yellow and brown, the primer I got for the red bruises no longer worked to cover the other colours. I got help by an awesome cosmetician and ended up getting a four colour correction cream to put under my foundation and a new palate of eye shadow. What fun it has been working with this makeup. A bit of yellow for the dark blue bruises, purple for the yellow areas, and green for the red/purple ones ... and the normal beige ones for normal blemishes. Before foundation I looked SO crazy .. but once I put the foundation on, I was amazed at how well I was hiding everything. Definitely recommend getting a palate of those correctors. Anyhow, all is progressing very well ... this morning my bf asked if something was wrong with my eyes or if I had make up on and I said I had purple make up on (which I did) but he was actually seeing the bruising.
Dr. Jeffrey Abboud

Dr. Abboud was Excellent! Couldn't have asked for better. And his nurse Angie was fantastic as well. I wouldn't hesitate to return or recommend. In fact, I WILL be returning for a few other things as soon as I can.

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