Full Tummy Tuck Dec 15th, 2011 - Its Getting Easier - Ottawa, ON

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Getting a tummy tuck is something I have wanted to...

Getting a tummy tuck is something I have wanted to do ever since I had my daughter 17 years ago. My skin was always loose no matter what I did even though I only weighted 125 lbs. About four years ago I was in a bad horse accident that broke my sternum and almost all my ribs and a lot of other damage. One of the other things I noticed after I healed (was laid up for 9 months and gained weight from that) was that losing weight was SO hard and I stored all my fat now in my belly. Finally after I got married in June of 2011 I decided that before my 41st birthday I was going to go for a Tummy Tuck.

On December 15th I finally did it. I went to a few doctors and finally settled on the one that made me feel the most confident and he was board certified. I went in for a full Tummy tuck with lipo of my belly, flanks and thighs. I had met with my doctor 4 different times discussing the TT and he even showed me pictures of other TT he had done. He said he always puts the scar low enough so it can be hidden behind a low bathing suit. He told me I would have two drains that I would need to wear for a few days until they both were below 25cc before they could be removed. He took my measurements so he would know what size of compression garments to order for me and said he would see me at the hospital next Thursday. I left his office so optimist and hopeful. I remember reading somewhere (wish I had found this board first) that you should take a bathing suit bottom in that you would like to be able to wear afterwards. Of course with it being winter here all my summer stuff was packed away and I could not find the bottoms I was looking for. He had not requested me to bring anything in either so I thought “well he says he always makes the scar low” so it should be ok.

When I arrived at the hospital I filled out all the forms, they got me to put on a paper gown and gave me a little pill to help me to relax. I was pretty relaxed when the doctor came in to mark me up and I never thought to ask him to see the markings or to remind him to keep it super low (if I had read this board first I would have been insisting and reminding him like crazy) but he was the expert and knew what he was doing right.

I think he did a great job on my cut. Love the job on my flanks, thighs and belly button. I am so disappointed in how high he cut me though. My scar is only 2” below my belly bottom and way above my hips and underwear/bathing suit bottoms. Looking at other pictures on the board I see that their doctors had gone into their pubis are when cutting them. My doctor cut me above it. He said he followed the natural contours of my belly but that just wasn’t low enough at all.

I will try and recount what I remember of my Tummy Tuck surgery. My daughter drove me to the hospital that morning (she thought she would be able to stay with me but of course she wasn’t allowed to). After they gave me a pill to relax me they showed me to a curtained off room to wait for my doctor to come by. I was feeling pretty good when he did (I’m a lightweight) so it never occurred to me to ask to see where he had marked me up or to remind him that he said the scar would be low and that this was still true. I laid back down afterwards until the nurse came and got me to walk into the operating room. I remember thinking “wow this is the first time I have ever walked into one of these on my own two feet” (usually I’m take in after arriving by ambulance ?) I remember them putting an IV in me and the mask over my face and asking me to count backwards. I got to 97. When I came to I was in a double room with another lady who had had a breast job with the same doctor. He came in to see me afterwards and told me how many cc’s in skin and tissue he removed but I can’t remember the amount.

The drugs hit me hard as I slept through lunch and supper. Woke up only when the doctor checked me, told me to keep my compression garment and pants on (that’s when I realized I had a thick binder around my waist and long high waist compression pants on. They were so tight I had to wonder how he got them on me while I was un-conscious. I didn’t come to until the next morning when they got me up to walk to the bathroom. Holy smokes did that hurt. I was so sore and tight. Later that day my daughter arrived to pick me up and drive me home. (my husband was working). I live an hour and a half away from the hospital and my daughter’s car is not smooth going over bumps. It was a long rough ride home.

I got home took the pain meds the doctor prescribed, arranged my pillows all around me and passed out. I took the pills for the first 3 days but I didn’t like the way they made me feel so went down to Tylenol 3’s. The first two weeks my daughter (who’s pretty strong) or my husband had to help me in and out of bed each time I needed to use the bathroom or wanted up to walk around. The first time I saw my cut and belly button I thought “OMG what have I done?” plus my thighs were SO badly bruised from the lipo I could barely move. Sometimes I think they hurt more than the cut. I KNOW my back muscles did. Boy did they ache a lot. Thank goodness for heating pads. This is not a surgery I would recommend to anyone with a bad back...its hell on the back. It’s now been 5 weeks as of today. . (I had miscounted in last few posts). The only pain I am still experiencing is a burning/stinging sensation around my scar on the right side. I also have a bulge over my ride side that is very hard (if was empty would probably be a dog ear). Last time I saw my doctor he mentioned trying to drain some fluid from it if it didn’t go down. We’ll see tomorrow if he attempts that. (have I mentioned I hate needles ?)

Funny thing is I can rest on my right side for short periods (it feels weird when I do – almost like jelly sliding sideways). but I can’t on my left. The left side of my scar is so neat as is the rest of the scar but my right is kind of puckered (like he had to pull the pieces together to stitch them up). My belly bottom gets these weird pings through it and my skin is slightly tender and achy above the belly button. I’m guessing the nerves are starting to come back online now. Wish I could feel that under my belly button as I hate the numb feeling there. My bruising is all gone on my legs I have one picture that shows the bruising almost glowing a bright yellow it was so bad)but for some reason my left thigh is still numb – anyone else experience this from having lipo done? I am almost standing up straight now (95%), scar is looking really good, so is my belly button. I am still swollen, waiting for the flat as a board in the morning but swollen at nighttime to happen that I have read about. I have yet to see flat as a board, really want to see flat as a board. Lol. I am still wearing my binder and black compression pants (so double the compression on my belly I guess) except at bedtime when I only wear the loosened binder so it’s a bit more comfortable to sleep. I can’t wait until I can sleep on my side again. My back is getting sore from constantly sleeping on it. I am mostly a side sleeper. A left side sleeper lol isn’t it always that way.

As anyone who has read any of my posts lately I am very un-happy with how high my scar has turned out. It goes higher then my underwear and my bikini bottoms. Reading the doctor's boards seems like its going to migrate upwards even more. Thats scares me. It makes me look cut in half I think. Thanks to Bella83 who’s review I have read and who also doesn’t like her high scar I found some undwear that do cover high scars. She had found some underwear that covers her scar and had shown them in her pictures. As soon as I saw her pictures I was out checking every store for them and found some YEAH :-). That made me happier and it was so nice to view my belly with the scar hidden.

Tuesday I have an appt with my PS and I will be asking him about scar revision and/or lipo of my mons pubis and the major swelling and or leftover fat deposits there. If my scar hasn’t dropped and if If the swelling hasn’t gone down in my pubis in 6 months to a year will he do follow-up on it as part of my on-going patient care. I am hoping that he is going to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep a happy patient. I don’t know that I could afford to pay for this again, even if it was half the cost. Plus all the pain and healing again. I would have to really consider it. It was really hard getting the time off work for this as well. So that’s my experience to the best I can remember it. Ask me anything about my recovery or pictures and if I experienced it I will share it with you. Just can’t remember how/when everything happened at this stage. I'll be sure to keep you updated on how it goes at my PS on Tuesday.

I should have started my first review off by...

I should have started my first review off by saying hello and that I am a 5"3 & a half feet tall,40 year old women who has a 17 year old daughter. I have always weighed between 120-140 till my accident when I went up to 160 and mantained that weight for 4 years.(this was my weight when I went in for the TT)but my belly has always had a bulge in the middle and rolls. I have always wanted a tummy tuck but was scared of the pain and the finanical cost but finally this past summer I just decided to do it.
Saw my PS on Tuesday the 24th (what a way to spend my birthday :) and it didn’t go as well as I hoped but it wasn’t horrible either. He is such a nice doctor that greets you by name and seems happy to see you. He showed me into one of his rooms and said ok now let’s see this scar. He got me to stand in front of him while he pushed and prodded the skin below my belly button and then he got me to lay down on the table so he could check it out. He told me that underneath the skin it is still very tight and hard but coming along nicely. I asked about the high scar again and he insisted again that when the tissue softens the scar will drop but did add that maybe I shouldn’t try and wear such small under garments, that maybe I should buy high waist ones. I was like these are NOT small! He let out a bark of laughter. (not in a mean way).
He went on to explain that he wouldn’t have been able to give me a lower scar as my skin is tissue thin close to my pubis area so was unable to lower it the two inches I would have liked without having to give me a vertical scar from my belly button down. (this was all discovered in the operating room and I was of course asleep so couldn’t tell him would rather have had small vertical scar down from belly button as opposed to large high scar all around my belly). I asked him about removing the steri strips too soon (were removed day 10) and everything I read said it was better to keep the strips on as long as possible as it helps to take some of the tension off the healing scar. He shook his head and said no it was fine to remove them when he did and no the removal of them had nothing to do with the scar being high. ( lol guess he knew that was going to be my next question). We were both in agreement that my scar and belly button is healing nicely.

I had shown him a picture of a lady who I thought her stomach before surgery looked similar to mine before surgery too and what she looked like at week 6 (only a few days different from me now) she has a nice tight athletic looking belly now. He laughed and said I was never going to look like that! (again none of this is said in a mean tone so can’t get upset with him) but he didn’t answer why it will never look like that nor did he answer if that meant scar revision was impossible six months to a year from now. He took pictures from the front and both sides views. First with my underwear on my hips then with them pulled up and my scar showing above the top of them. Which made me think that maybe he’s not just trying to blow me off with the thin skin comment and really couldn’t go lower; or why else take a picture of it higher to add to his pictures? He stated he would like to see me again in two months and if I had any concerns before hand to just give him a call.
So I’m not sure what to think now. I was discussing it over with my sister and together we speculated that maybe even though he didn’t have to sew my stomach muscles back together I might have weak abdominal muscles that are protruding. I have NEVER had a strong core and that maybe the reason my stomach isn’t as flat as I would like is for that reason. Not even in the morning is my belly flat. Did everyone have strong ab muscles before their surgery? I know I wasn't as skinny as I should have been but I was at a maintained weight. I know it will go down more or I’m really praying it will as I'm not even 6 weeks yet. I read today that as long as the scar is still red or pink it is still healing so therefore swelling is still present. I took heart from that. Still need to work on my core strength regardless. Is there anything I could be doing at this point in my recovery that anyone can suggest? Think it could be this or regardless should I be flatter then I am showing in my pictures with the black underwear,(swelling aside).

So today is week 6 and I felt some changes in my...

So today is week 6 and I felt some changes in my belly, woke up this morning sort of hurting all over, I could feel these sensations all over my tummy like sore ribs, tingling around scar line, tingling around belly button and sides. It just felt different..more pliant. I was almost expecting/hoping to take my binder off and there would be my dream belly lol wishful thinking. I did notice that the skin under my belly button had loosened up – I could push in on it. On my right side the hard bump I had right over the incision is also softer and think I can see a little where on my sides my curves are starting to show slightly (when my bra isn’t pushing down on it – should have put my hands in the air – breast reduction is up next). you can of course see the tape that goes above my panty line which is my scar but still holding out hope it will drop another inch, at least in the front.

Another weird thing - ever since the surgery I have had no appetite at all. Well that all changed around 2am yesterday morning. I woke up and I was suddenly STARVING! I couldn’t eat enough, I didn’t stop eating all day (and it wasn’t all good because you just can’t make that many meals). It was starting to freak me out because no matter how much I ate or how much water I drank the hunger pains wouldn’t go away. It was good timing in one way as we were going out to the Keg Restaurant to celebrate my belated birthday dinner and boy oh boy did I enjoy my steak and twice baked potatoes, starters and bread they had on our table. Finally when I was done my husband had to practically roll me out to the car lol. Thank goodness I slept through the night and while I woke up hungry this morning I wasn’t starving. Darn, I think the days of no appetite are over and I am going to have to be really conscience of what I eat now.

Hi everyone, I am so excited, today I fit into my...

Hi everyone, I am so excited, today I fit into my size 10 Jeans. YEAHH Before my weight loss and the surgery I was a size 16. Am now a size 10 working towards a size 8 lol I do like my belly behind my clothes, I look SOO much better now.

Hi Ladies, update - I have an appointment with a...

Hi Ladies, update - I have an appointment with a PS for a second opinion concerning my TT and to ask how many finger separation he feels between my muscles. I am going to ask in his professional opinion why a PS would have done a TT without sewing my muscles back together or why he placed the scar so high. I didn't know anything about a separation until I read about it on the boards (there's a video on how to check for yourself) that's when I realized I had a 3 finger separation (my fingers so probably two by the doctor). I had posted a question concerning this asking the doctors on the board and they ask why I elected to go forward with the surgery knowing he wasn't going to do this or why this wasn't communicated clearly beforehand. I was not knowledgeable enough to know that this wasn't ok, that the standard was to have the muscles done or that he would place the scar so high and that I had to remind him to keep in low. I trusted him and his almost 30 years of Board Certified knowledge to know exactly what he was doing when he said I didn't need to have them done and to know to keep the scar low. Wish I had found this board first, I have learned so much from it.
I am seriously regretting not paying the additional $5000 and going with a different PS (the one I am getting the 2nd opinion from) who would have done the TT correctly the first time. I see him on March 14th and will keep you updated on what he has to say. I see my PS on March 20th and will be having a serious conversation with him regarding all of this. I don't want to hear that I need to have patience and to let the swelling go down. I know that and don’t have a problem with it as long as he can assure me that once the swelling is down (somewhere between 8-12 months) if I am still not happy that he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure I am happy in the end. Isn't that what most PS's want? A happy patient. It’s the not knowing what he is willing to do if anything that is driving me crazy. He's the one that is supposed to be doing my Breast Reduction and I don’t know if I trust him anymore. Any suggestions on what I should ask the PS at my 2nd opinion?

Realized I shold have also posted this here as an...

realized I shold have also posted this here as an update :)Kimmers should I do a review on my BR or just continue to post here?

I saw a PS today for a consult on my BR and had a slew of questions for him. Turns out he's not the guy for me as he had the attitude of "who are you to question my technique?" he was bording on rude and though I knew he couldn't tell me he could make me a small C or even know how many grams he would remove precisely I thought he could ball park it for me but no and he chastised me for inquiring into breasts looking perky/lifted/not bottomed out like I had no right. I should just be thankfully I'm getting them reduced and that he's willing to do it! Geez I didn't realize I was in the company of a scalpel god I felt like saying :) I did learn a few things that might help others who are wondering if they might quilfiy for insurance to cover their reduction. I had noticed all his before pics where of poses of girls with their elbows kinda bent and sort of cupping their breasts. Turns out they use that pose to determine if you qualify or not. It's not all volume. So stand in that pose and if your nipples reach your elbow or past you will pretty much qualify he said as the nipples/boobs are suppose to reach only half way down your arms. If your nipples point downward as well another point in your favor for getting it covered. Give that a try and see if you would qualify on those two factors. Good luck :)

I was reading a conversion between Privatetoday...

I was reading a conversion between Privatetoday and Bejewelme, about how a mole that was on her belly had moved from above her BB to below it. I have two moles on my belly and decided to check them to see how much they had moved (yes something I should have noticed before cause I didn’t cause they are in the same spot and after years of looking past them..). I had also noticed today when massaging my scar that I could grab a hunk of skin and bunch it up above my BB (I shouldn't be able to do that 8 weeks after a TT right?) So I checked my moles and they might have moved down 2 inches MAYBE..I think my pouch was cut off and that was it. I don’t think I was stretched down at all. Would you guys do me a favor and check my picture and let me know if you think it looks pretty close to where it had been before. Make sure I’m not imagining things. I have a picture where you can see the two moles from before the TT . So that would mean that I paid a small fortune that took me forever to save up to have my skin cut off and not a whole lot else if my muscles weren't sewn, skin wasn't pulled down tight and I'm left with a really high scar. Things just keep adding up. I'm scared of what I am going to find next.

Hello Ladies :-) I have been using the Scaraway...

Hello Ladies :-)

I have been using the Scaraway strips everyday for 3 weeks now and have noticed that my scar has gone form a bright red to a faded purple. I have enough for another 5 weeks of treatment and cant wait to see how much it has faded by then. I had to get my mother in law who vacations in Florida during the winter months to buy them for me because I just coudln't find them in Canda and Amazon wouldn't ship them to me either. Lucky for me she's down there.I am trying to lighten the color of the scar so that if my PS wont do a scar revision on me (really can't afford a 2nd TT) I'm praying if its lighter it wont be as noticable and bothersome to me as I still find the scar to be so high. I am still very swollen.Just under my belly button and the rest of my belly still very hard from the swelling. I'll be 3 months post-op on March 15th. My husband loves the new me and his new nickname for me is "skinny" I love hearing that :-) I love that that he loves it (especially after reading that not everyone has hubby support) just wish I loved it as much, though I do have to say that it has healed very nice with no problems at all. He did a great job with my cut. Was able to start doing Ab work the other day and broke out the workout DVD's (LOVE Kathy smith and Kathy Ireland) and started working out with weights for the first time. I only ever did cardio before. I am working hard to tone and tighten my stomach muscles and to get the rest of my body (flabby arms and loose inner thighs) toned to matched my belly and soon smaller perky boobs. I want to love my body. I am adding some pictures and hope that they turn out well enough that you can my scar appears lighter. I do recommand Scaraway. Take care and hope everyone is healing great.

Hello Ladies; Yesterday I saw a different PS...

Hello Ladies;

Yesterday I saw a different PS for a 2nd opinion. When he asked me to lower my jeans and saw the scar above my panty line he actually rolled back in his chair and said "Wow That is a high scar!" he agreed the incision was very well done and I was healing well but couldn't believe the height of the scar. he showed me that what he does is measure 9" up from the top of the opening of your pubis and then he drew dotes to show where his incision would have been (a good 2 inches below the scar I have now) and when we pulled my panties up they covered the dots. He said I could also probably have the scar revision done now as I have enough skin laxity as I was not pulled tight at all. He was able to grab up a bunch of my skin when I was laying on his table and when he asked me to bend over he couldn't believe how much just hung there in the middle of my belly.

His advice was to go back and tell my PS I am NOT happy, that it needs to be and can be lowered (he laughed when I told him my PS said he couldn't have gone any lower cause the skin was tissue thin under the incision..not true) and that I need to be pulled much tighter which will help with what I have been calling my bulging out belly. I will look tighter and slimmer on my side view as well.

He agreed with my PS that I hadn't needed muscle repair (he said he might have thrown a few stitches in my lower abs cause they were separated a bit over one inch but the others were all only one inch apart. Guess abs 1 inch and under don’t need to be done. Glad my PS was right on that call.

I left there feeling better. I don’t need to have the muscle repair done but the skin does need to be tightened up a lot and pulled down. That’s means a full TT again (minus MR) skin peeled all the way back to ribcage again and new scar cut off. Full healing all over again with lymphatic system and belly feeling like it’s not mine for months (though I guess I’m lucky as I’ve read the MR is the most painful). Truthfully not something I am looking forward to going through again, its hard to be in pain and mot be free to move around easily. I am just enjoying that again (was dancing yesterday around my house and loving that I can twist my waist again) ? It would make the most sense to do it again if I got him to do my BR but do I trust him with my boobs after all this? That is the big question.

Now to convince my PS that he needs to fix me and do it right this time. I feel so much better knowing it wasn’t all in my head. I am going to try appealing to my PS before mentioning I saw another for a 2nd opinion. I don’t want to bruise his ego as sometimes they seem to really take offense to that. I’ll save that as my big gun.

I see my PS on March 20th so am praying I leave there hearing that he will fix it and waive his fees for it as well. He better not try and charge me. I’m really hoping the cost of the hospital room and the anesthesiologist doesn’t cost too much. I’m sure my PS will have an idea of the cost. I can’t be his first fix that he’s been asked to do, even the best need to redo a few things sometimes.
Here’s praying he’s reasonable and accommodating to me on Tuesday when he sees how much skin is left and has that mentality that he wants his work perfect and will fix based on that alone. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll keep you updated. ?

I had shown him my huge pubis and he assured me it...

I had shown him my huge pubis and he assured me it seems that big because its not in line with my belly because the high scar goes in higher up my belly causing my belly and pubis to look larger and that the loose skin added to this. He assured me that if the incision had been lower (or when it is lowered) it would all appear in line and not be as noticeable as it is to me now. I also asked him if my PS refused to redo it how much he would charge me. He said because it’s not just a scar revision but the whole flap of skin being pulled back and tightened he would charge me the full cost of a Tummy Tuck again minus lipo which is only $1,500. Sooo I really have no choice but to convince my PS as I can not afford the full cost of a TT again. I'm really scared he might refuse me. I am going to be a bundle of nerves till the 20th, I am a bundle of nerves now.

I saw my regular PS yesterday for my BR and he was...

I saw my regular PS yesterday for my BR and he was great. He knew I wasn’t leaving again till I had every single question answered so he sat me down in his office. He was great and answered every single question for me. Even though he had to keep ducking out to see at least 3 other patients he came back and sat back down with me afterwards. He had known I was coming in and wanted to see pictures as well as I had requested all pictures and paperwork pre and post op of my tummy tuck and he had it all ready. He drew me a picture of what he cut off and how much. I have all his notes. He really did pull me down..not sure why I’m still rolling. Maybe it’s still the swelling. Who knows?
He had stayed up the night before printing out a bunch of pictures to show me (I thought that was very sweet) and I have to say he does some great work. He also showed me a few that he thought he left too big and that he should have made smaller. That he had removed 300 cc but should have removed more (knowing he could admit to his mistakes made me trust him more. He really does try). I encouraged him to remove more on me. 500cc if he could. I stressed to him that I can buy push up bra’s and use inserts, there is a lot I can do to make them look larger but I can not make them look smaller. He said most women right before they go into surgery end up panicking and saying “don’t make me too small” which has him hesitating on the amount to remove because they had agreed on a size then at the last minute they are saying not to make them too small. I promised that wouldn’t be me. I would be the one saying “Please don’t leave me too big” that if he was in there going “hmm I wonder if she would think this is still to big then answer would probably be yes. The best on the safe side if he thinks there’s a chance they are still to big for my frame them go smaller. Always heed on the side of smaller. I had brought my IPad with me with some downloaded pictures on it that I went over with him. (Learned that from these boards ? One was a lady with boobs almost exactly like mine but she was left way to big as far as I was concerned. I told him I did NOT want to be that large still and he agreed they were large for her frame. I showed him a picture of what I thought was the perfect size and he said he could get me to that size or close to it as my frame is small enough for it. He stressed he doesn’t like to go smaller then a C as women with breasts to small have the same problems as those with breasts to big. Tops not fitting properly. Another picture I showed him was a nightmare who had her nipples very much in the wrong spots. They were pointing skywards. I said this is my nightmare and he said “her nipples?!” I was like “yeah where the heck are they going” as they were way off from where they shouldn’t be. He laughed and promised he wouldn’t put them off like that. They would be right where they should be. I also had pictures of breasts that were done using Dr. Boyd’s technique and asked why he didn’t use it. He admitted to trying it but didn’t find the results as good. It’s hard to not leave a scar underneath because when you have large breasts pulling the skin down you are left with extra skin that really needs to be cut off. It’s a great technique for those not needing to reduce their size length so much as just remove some tissue (fullness). But where mine are flatter they would need to have skin removed to shorten the length of them as well. The only way to not have the scar is to not cut the right amount of loose skin off. I could see his point as I had been wondering the same thing myself. He did stress that if he has to use a bit of a longer scar he uses it more under the armpits then up around the front as there is no hiding that scar in a bikini top. In every picture he showed me he showed how he had preserved the swell of the inside of the boob which I was happy to see as I still want to feel like a women if I want to show some cleavage. I also liked that fact that knowing I do not react well to going under (with my TT it took me the full night to come out of it. I was out of surgery before noon but didn’t wake at all, slept through lunch, supper and didn’t wake till around 3am to ask for a sip of water then was out again until morning). He said he would keep me overnight in the hospital as he wasn’t comfortable sending me home like that).

He still felt that my TT was coming along nicely and would only improve with time but he did say and write in my chart that I if am still unhappy with it by the time I go in for my boobs, which will be around the 7 month mark (I have them both booked for July – have to pick one and cancel the other) if there is anything he can do he will do it for me. He was like “do you really want to go through all that pain again? I said no but I will to get the results that I want. He then urged me then to lose any extra weight that I still wanted to lose so that he would have more skin laxity to work with and also asked me to keep an open mind that by 7 months I might be ok with my scar (as it will have faded) and that my shape might not be so bad. I have noticed that I am starting to get my hourglass shape back some. Thank goodness, I was scared the straight as a board were how my sides was going to stay. I left there feeling like he would truly do his best. Call me crazy for trusting him again but I’m finding I am. He answered all my questions, I really like him, he knows how picky I am now and will be very careful with my girls and has promised to do whatever he could if there was something to do for my TT with only a min charge by me to cover hospital fees.
I go back to see Dr. Boyd on April 26th to go over everything with her again and to see if that she might have some pictures or how else does she convince patients she can do the work promised.

I will wait till after I speak with her to make my final decision but the promise of having my TT fixed at the same time plus seeing the pictures of very nice shaped breasts with the inner swell still there and nipples were they are suppose to be is going along ways with me. Am I crazy to trust him again? I am uploading the little diagram he drew me to show how much he removed from my belly.
(sorry I know this is the TT site but I have been dicussing my BR on here too so thought I would tell what my PS had to say. I did see another PS concerning my BR but left that update under my breast reduction review.

I decided to make a list of my pro’s and con’s...

I decided to make a list of my pro’s and con’s as I am really coming around a corner and am really starting to realize my pros far outweigh my con’s.


1. Love my new shape in my clothes
2. LOVE my new thighs – even as painful as it was so glad I got lipo on them
3. Went from a size 16 to a size 10 (that’s awesome ?)
4. I healed very well with consistent pain for the first 3 weeks but not an unbearable pain or stinging/burning pain. Slowly improved each day after. Was upright by 7 weeks.
5. Swelling was bad but it’s improving every day. Wore binder for first 3 months almost every day (it’s been worn and washed so much its almost in tatters?). Feel that helped a lot.
6. Have all feeling back in my belly. The numb feeling is gone and it feels like my belly again.
7. Numbness gone from thighs - was worried for a bit that it wouldn’t come back as it was a painful numbness but I’m good now. Did I mention I LOVE my new silhouette?!
8. PS did a great job on my BB and my incision is very thin and symmetrical
9. PS and his staff are great, will see me at a moment’s notice, takes all my calls to his office or cell and reassures me over and over that he thinks the scar will still drop some more.
10. My family has been very supportive of me through all of this.
11. Had no complications during healing.


1. High scar
2. Not fading as fast as I was hoping
3. Not as flat as I was hoping

Guess my Pro’s do outweigh my con’s huh ? I realize I have been very lucky. This was really brought home to me by reading some reviews on here the last few days and for some reason having my faith in my PS restored made me view it all differently (knowing he is willing to work with me to reach a happy ending helped a lot, I can now stand back and watch for those improvements he says will show). Some of you are going through so much pain for this, horrible pain or open seeping wounds and I was so lucky I didn’t have that. I’m not the only one with a high scar and it will fade like Bejewelme arms did (thanks for sharing that) so not alone there and I am very thankful it’s not a botched job. Have seen a few of those too. I had a supportive husband and daughter who helped me so much through it, from helping me in and out of bed, change my dressing, take endless pictures, help me shower to taking over the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping with no complaints. My belly feels like mine again. In reading the reviewer of the belly I most wish I looked like (private I LOVE your belly) you mentioned four months out your belly still feels like there is cardboard underneath it, I’m lucky to have all feeling back in mine so that is another pro.
Only had 3 cons and even then only 1 is a big one to me. I might not be as flat as I was hoping but I need to be realistic in what my PS was able to do with what he had to work with. I can continue to lose some more weight and as the swelling continues to go down I think my shape will start to look more womanly (hourglass shape). I have decided to just have faith in Time and my PS – my scar can still drop and it’s not done healing and fading yet. I’m panicking to soon (as a few of you have pointed out to me – you know who you are – thank you ladies, I could come to love it yet. We’ll see in 7 months about the scar revision (was thinking maybe just a bit more lipo might help instead of needing scar revision – if right above incision and my pubic area was lipo that might help. Above incision wouldn’t stick out as much causing the scar to ride so high and if my mons was done my panties could reach a bit higher if didn’t have to cover such big mound, we’ll see then as there is other options) even then I just might wait and give it the required year and reassess then. Mostly I am going to stop stressing over it. I will keep talking to my PS (together we will reach a happy medium), continue doing my scar massages to help it along in its healing and keep taking pictures to track my progress. I might still struggle along this journey but hope my new outlook will make it easier and I know you ladies will help too. I’ll post pictures again at my 4 months. I think I’m going to change my status to “worth it” (big smile).

Thought I would add some four month post-op...

Thought I would add some four month post-op pictures and share how I have been coming along. I think the scar is fading some. Still red but lighter and thin (i wish he hadn't used staples on me though cause I do have those railroad track little scars across my large scar) and I almost got a pair of bikini bottoms to cover the scar. I know walking and such will cause it to fall some but I think (am really hoping) that it is starting to drop some. I am still very swollen and about 3 weeks ago it started aching each day. I have had feelings back in my belly since around 2 months but it didnt hurt. It is now...worst timing too.
I am in smaller paints then before TT but you know how even when bigger you could suck your belly in to squeeze behind a chair or someting well I can't do that at all. It wont go in and its still very hard to touch. Hoping that when the swelling goes down I will get some curves again. Dont have any yet and I think that is the swelling but I didn't look to bad in this bikini so felt really good about that.
I am VERY nervous as I have another surgery on Monday (april 30th) that requires me to recovery laying on my belly. I am having a philionidal cyst cut out my bum so can only lay on my belly (praying side is possible) but scared because of the swellling and the way my belly is aching. Hoping that all goes well with this recovery too. My scar is thankfully still flat and smooth. Kimmers I found the Palmers that you recommanded and it does work great and smells even better :)

Hi ladies, I am having my BR on July 6th and my PS...

Hi ladies, I am having my BR on July 6th and my PS and I decided that instead of cutting my healing scar open again we are going to do lipo just below my belly button and my mons and am hoping that will help the scar to ride a little lower. Its hard to keep out of the sun and not have everyone see it when it rides higher then my pants but it is starting to fade in color and get slightly smaller. Crossing my fingers that all turns out ok. I am so excited to be getting my BR after so many years of sore shoulders, back and never being able to wear the cute little bras. July 6th is my day (big smile).
Name not provided

He was wonderful in everything but I looking back now I realize I felt a little rushed each time I saw him (should have noticed at the time but was just so excited to be finally getting a TT)and I am upset that he has been doing this for a long time and he didn't ask me to bring in my favorite bathing suit bottoms nor did he ever mark me in his office to show where the scar would be prior to the day of the surgery. He didn't show me the markings then and I dont feel he really stopped and thought about where and how high the scar would be when I healed. That is why there are stars removed but he is a great doctor with a very caring bedside manner, he has never had a problem with seeing me on a moments notice and gave me his cell phone number to call him anytime and he means that. Honestly would recommend him to others, I would just STRONGLY suggest that they bring up scar placment and bring their under garments in to him themselves. 8 weeks after my Tummy Tuck I changed my worth it vote to undecided, I'm not 100% happy but I know I look better but am I $9000.00 worth it better? NO!!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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