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So, this was the summer of my mommy makeover. As...

So, this was the summer of my mommy makeover. As a very active mother of 2, I decided to solve my two problem areas (tummy and breasts). As such, I had cool sculpting done on my tummy on June 23, and a breast augmentation on July 20th (but the latter is a different review).

What exactly I got done:
I got 4 applications of cool sculpting done at a clinic that offers dual sculpting, so I was able to treat two areas at a time. I did two applicators on my lower abdomen and two applicators on my love handles for a total of 4 applicators. I had to do two on my lower abdomen because I was too small for the coolmax applicator, so they had to use two smaller applicators on me angled in a V.

How the procedure felt:
I honestly felt like I could have slept through it. It didn't hurt me at all. Maybe its because I'm a mom that's been through natural child birth, maybe my skin is just not sensitive there, I don't know. But for me, it didn't hurt. When the technician hooked me up and asked "are you ok?", I asked her "is that it?" and she said "yes, it'll get better", and I felt there was no need to "get better", because I felt fine. I can't say that I got numb to it over the hour. It didn't hurt at the start, middle or end. For me, no pain at all. The only thing that did happen to me was my feet started to get numb due to the position I was sitting in. I asked if I could move, and the technician said I could without risk, but when I did, the applicator popped off and as such, I lost 10 min of treatment. She did say though that if I get any unevenness in my final result, she will give me another treatment for free. We will see.

I was swollen and pretty numb for about 4 days. But I wasn't in pain. My belly felt colder than the rest of me for a few days too. The only irritating thing was exercising, as it was uncomfortable to bounce or run. I found wearing a belly band from my pregnancy days really helped then. After 4 days, I began to "thaw", and the swelling and numbness started to go away. At one week, the only place I was numb was in the part of my belly where the two applicators over-lapped. By two weeks, I was feeling normal. I didn't get any nerve damage, so I didn't have any "shooting pains" as some people get. I guess I was lucky.

I am very happy with the results. I started seeing results after just 2.5 weeks. I am now 2 months post and feeling great. My tummy is much flatter, and my love handles have been smoothed to next to nothing. When I go to pinch my love handles I can't believe how little there is to pinch. What used to be a grabable handful is not barely an inch. There is still a little bump on my lower abdomen, but I was warned that that was likely skin before my procedure (the product of two pregnancies), so it was unlikely that I would be able to get a completely flat tummy. I apparently still have another month until final results, but I'm not sure how much more I can expect to get. If you check the photo timeline, its pretty amazing already (Note - I had my breast augmentation shortly before the 5 week photo, and there was still some surgery bloat going on there).

I really loved this procedure. There was no down time or recovery for me, and the results have been fantastic. I'm already thinking about coming back and getting the backs of my arms done. That being said, I would not recommend this for everyone. I spent $2300 CAD on this and that was because I booked at a cool sculpting event, where they were taking further discounts off of the existing cool sculpting bundles. Each applicator costs $750 each, so normal my 4 applicators would have been $3000 and with the normal bundle packaging, knocked down to $2700. I was luck that I only needed one round to get to my goals. If you are someone that only needs one round, I recommend it highly. But, if you go for a consultation, and they are telling you that you will require 2, 3, or 4 rounds, I'd consider losing weight first, then going for it on the pockets you can't lose. The results after one round will not be as dramatic on someone that requires 3 rounds of treatment. This can both be disheartening and expensive. So, although I do highly recommend cool sculpting. I do not recommend it for everyone.

I hope this helps anyone who is considering this amazing procedure.

Melinda was amazing. She was professional and caring. A real sweetheart. The Ottawa Clinic is also the only place in Ottawa where you can get dual sculpting as they have two machines. Only downside to the Ottawa clinic is that their front desk is a bit disorganized and you can spend quite some time chasing them down with phone calls and emails. But once you are there, Melinda takes great care of you.

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