Revision Rhinoplasty and Removal of 8 yr old Malar Cheek Implants-Ottawa, ON

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Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have a revision...

Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have a revision rhino and a fat transfer to my cheeks on Oct 23, 2013. I am having lots of last minute hesitations with respect to the fat transfer. I had my cheek implants done when I was 24 and incredibly stupid. Now 7 years later they have shifted slightly and in my opinion are very uneven. I asked my new DR (not the same DR who performed my cheek implants) to remove them and he said he wouldn't recommend it. He then suggested a fat transfer to make my cheeks more symmetrical. Oh yes, before the cheek implants I had my buccal fat pads removed. My new DR said that procedure coupled with cheek implants is a terrible combination and accelerates the aging process considerably. I am curious to find out if anyone has had a similar experience or decision to make. Thank you.

Day 3 Post OP

In the end I decided to have my cheek implants removed. Dr. Brownrigg was amazing through the whole process. We also did a revision rhinoplasty. I am so swollen it is hard to see results at this time. I think I made the right decision and am really looking forward to seeing the results.

1 Week Post OP

Unsure if I made the right decision with respect to implant removal. The swelling distorts any hope I have of seeing exactly how my face will look without the giant cheek implants.
We took the cast off my nose yesterday and it looks much bigger than before. I know again the culprit is "swelling" but it takes some getting used to. My revision was complicated.. one side of my tip was very small and the other side was much larger. My nose was crooked and leaned to the right (as most of Dr. Kane's noses do).
To correct this my new Dr. had to graft some cartilage and do a bunch of other stuff. My biggest worry though for my nose is that it will still be asymmetrical with more cartilage on one side of the bridge than the other side. I think Dr. Brownrigg did a great job but 1 week post op is too early to draw any definitive conclusions.
Now about my cheeks. I have been searching for any info in regard to removing cheek implants. I was shocked at the lack of information out there.
I decided to remove the implants because they were uneven one was much higher and placed further out than the other. As I aged the implants became more visible. Apparently buccal pad removal and cheek implants is not a good combination (Dr's now know this but apparently they did not know this when I got my cheek implants put in 6 months after I had my buccal pads removed).
The swelling from cheek implant removal is incredible. I look like I had impacted wisdom teeth pulled but the front of my mid face is also extremely swollen. Once the swelling subsides I will have the potential of "sagging cheeks" because the implants were a large size and I have had them in for 8 years.
I will update you with respect to swelling and other issues as they arise. Please feel free to ask questions.
I will get some pics together to post but will ensure that the pics are edited. (See comments below)....

20 months post op.

Hi everyone,
I am sorry I didn't update sooner, I wasn't on the site for a while. So things have gone from bad to worse. Now that the swelling has subsided (which took at least 2 months) and things have settled into place I am regretting the decision to remove my implants.

At the eleventh hour I told Dr. Brownrigg to remove them. He had suggested leaving them in and doing a fat transfer. The thought if a fat transfer scared me (up to this point I had never had any injections in my face and I was worried that if I didn't like it I was stuck with it). So I asked him to remove the implants at the same time as the revision rhinoplasty.

After the cast came off, I knew right away that there was no improvement. Since I had been seeing him for my lips for years and we have always had a great relationship I let it go and waited. Apparently it can take 2 years to see the final result with a revision.

Well the 2 years is almost up and I look terrible in comparison. My cheeks are lopsided. One side (the side where the implant had not shifted) is perfect however the side that had the shifting is flat as a board. I have no tear trough, this is terrible, there is zero definition on that side of my face. It's as though my cheek just disappeared.

After 6 months the same Dr and I began using fillers to try and build up the area but it's like the fillers (only on the bad side) tend to travel and deposit themselves in areas of my cheek where they shouldn't be ( too close to my eye or to clots to my nose) the one spot I have been trying to build up refuses to retain any filler. We've used Juvedurm, perlaine and Voluma). All this filler has been at great financial cost and then we end up shrinking it with hydraulaise (sorry for spelling).

If I had kept my implants and just used filler to balance the asymmetry I have no doubt the result would be great. I didn't anticipate so much scar tissue. Dr. Brownrigg said he had a really hard time taking them out.

So now, I am trying to figure out what the next step is. Perhaps a lift? But I'm only 32, I really don't know what to do to fix this bit I am depressed about it. I used to be so pretty and now it's like I have two different faces.

Il update on the rhinoplasty also. Later today or tomorrow. But it also had a bad result. Why do some people have such great results/luck with procedures and others seems to have terrible results repeatedly?

Feeling better today

I just left Dr Brownrigg's office. He put some filler in an area we hadn't yet put any. What a difference already.
He advised me against doing half of a cheek/mid face lift. Too invasive at my age and too many things could go wrong for what I am trying to achieve.
I am feeling quite a bit better after leaving his office.

After the touch up yesterday

Update with respect to revision rhinoplasty.

Dr Brownrigg has not taken any after pictures but I have gotten to see my before pictures in his office.
My nose has improved slightly. It is a bit straighter. There are still enough issues to cause me to be seeking out a second revision.
My tip was not refined and my bridge is wide and asymmetric. The other issue that I still have post revision is that my nose is still crooked.
I don't want to be unfair to Dr Brownrigg because I have noticed some improvements. I just don't believe the improvements are worth the amount I paid.

Had some Perlane injected

I haven't provided an update for a long time. I just left Dr Brownrigg's office. My cheeks had been looking pretty deflated for a few months now. Dr Brownrigg injected 2 syringes of Perlane into my cheeks (1 in each side). The difference is amazing. He spent time checking different angles of my face to make sure it went into the right places. I am really pleased with the results and the time he took to make sure I would be happy.
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