50 Yrs, 5' 7", 183 Lbs, 38DDD, Ottawa ON

I am so excited! I received my surgery date -...

I am so excited! I received my surgery date - February 9, 2017. I had asked Dr Ferron at my May 11th consultation when my surgery date might be, and he believed there was an 8 month waiting list. He was spot on! :) I am so happy.
Now, I need to step up my game and lose 4 pounds a month. That will bring me to a really great weight for my frame. I really want to have the best possible results.
My next step is to receive my pre admission appointment approx 10 days before surgery. Also, I will need to decide if I want lipo on my axillary folds. I'll have to search out some before and afters here to help me decide. Oh, and almost forgot, the dreaded mammogram not looking forward to that.
Big thanks to everyone here sharing their experience. It really helps to know that I'm part of a friendly, helpful community. :)
Dr Charles Etienne Ferron

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