5'2", 140 Lbs Breast Augmentation with Lift & Arm Lift - Ottawa, ON

Time to re-inflate the girls and look after these...

Time to re-inflate the girls and look after these ugly arms.....

My husband and I went for my consult with Dr. Trefor Nodwell on August 29th and immediately decided that he was the surgeon for me. He listened to what we wanted and proceeded to tell us what was possible. Upon examination he quickly determined that a breast lift would have to be combined with the breast augmentation for maximum results. He reaffirmed the research that we had done about the arm lift and made sure we knew that we were on board for trading loose skin for scars. Although, it would make for a long surgery, it was determined that we could combine the 3 surgeries – arm lift, breast augmentation and breast lift together. That is one of the things I was hoping for, although a more challenging recovery, I could recover at the same time from multiple surgeries and therefore have less down time. It was estimated that the total surgery would be 6 hours so he also recommended an overnight hospital stay.

Melinda, Dr. Nodwell’s nurse is a sweetheart. We had experimented with rice sizers at home so we had an idea of size. The goal of the augmentation is to reinflate. We had brought some pictures of Wish Boobies and some pictures of my girls in their former inflated state. We had determined with the rice sizers that we thought the implants should be in the 325 – 350cc range. Melinda brought us 345cc moderate profile and 345cc high profile to try on. Supplying us with a black sports bra and loading up the implants on top of my deflated girls and topping with a white tee gives a good indication of the potential new look. First impression, and we were so impressed with the 345cc moderate profile. We immediately eliminated the high profile out of the equation. She brought us some slightly smaller and some slightly larger but the 345cc still was our favourite. A final decision on size will be determined at my preop appointment and then ultimately Dr. Nodwell will decide on what is best in the operating room.

We have been discussing this for so long and we have done so much research and following on Real Self it was time for us to commit. I was so excited. Once I decide to do something then I want to do it now. My Preop was booked for September 28th and my surgery is October 6th. My supportive husband will be behind me the whole way.

So now I excitedly wait. I have followed so many of your journeys on here. I have read preparation lists that you have prepared, I have listened to suggestions that you have offered and I have become email friends with some of you. This truly is an awesome site for information and sharing.

Pictures to follow this evening....

Before Pics

Before pics

Before Pics - arms

Arms before

It's interesting. I have known for more than 10 years that I have needed to have an arm lift yet everytime I looked in the mirror I somehow didn't see it or at least most of the times didn't see it. I think I trained myself to hold my arms a certain way to hide the wrinkly and excess skin. When I wore sleeveless tops I avoided lifting my arms. Since making the final decision to go ahead with this procedure I notice my arms all the time. Now I wonder just how well did I hide it or was it all a mind game that I played with myself. lol
At this point it doesn't matter I will continue to hold my arms just so for the next 3 weeks. Soon, very soon, I hope they will be awesome!

One week plus 2 days

Hello Ladies
I made it to the other side. My procedures were Oct 6th. In preop Dr Nodwell came and marked me up and enthusiastically discussed the procedures with me. Next I had a visit from Dr Ozard, the anesthesia doctor and before long I was wheeled into the surgery suite.
Dr Nodwell used liposuction to remove 400cc of fat from my arms, sides and what I called side boobs. Notice the past tense on side boobs? That's right - they are gone!! He removed 6.5 cm of excess skin from my left arm and 5 cm of skin from my right. He performed a breast lift, a small right hand breast reduction and inserted 345cc Inspira breast implants in each breast. Due to the length of time of the surgery I stayed in the hospital overnight. I was very glad that I followed his advise and did this. My procedure started at 8:15am and I woke up in recovery at 3:30. I had inflatable compression stockings on my legs and they stayed on until the next morning. Pain was not intolerable but definitely uncomfortable when the medication wore off. The nurses were very good at ensuring I was comfortable.
Dr Nodwell came to change my dressings and check up on me at 6:00 the next morning. His dedication and caring and his genuine excitement for me is both reassuring and contagious. He removed my breast/bra dressings and removed the ace bandages that were wrapped around my arms. He replace the ace bandages with compressions sleeves which have been and will be my friends 24/7 for 2 weeks. After he left I got disconnected from all my tethers. Leg compression stockings removed, IV removed and I was able to have a sponge bath before I dressed in street clothes.
My husband came to get me at 10am and I was home, freshly medicated and having a nap by 11:30.
Everyday gets better. More mobility, less pain. Honestly, so far the liposuction is the most pain producing procedure that I underwent. I am black and blue, tender/sore and very swollen. My arms are not painful, slight discomfort when the staples were still in the underarms. My breasts are swollen, full and tender but not painful.
I will continue this post later today or tomorrow with more details of the past weeks recovery. I will also include some pictures of the progress in the next post.
Looking down I see more boob then I have seen for 30 years! They are beautiful! My arms are amazing. I know that I am a work of art in progress and transition but I am seeing the potential.
All the best healing wishes to those that are recovering and all the best hopeful wishes to those awaiting their procedures.

A week in pictures

Dr Nodwell warned me that my forearms and hands would swell up. Good job he gave me a heads up. I felt like I should serve crackers and cheese with these cocktail sausage fingers.
Nice preliminary pictures of the breast lift and re-inflate. Welcome to the new girls....or should I say welcome back!
At first look the arm incisions are a wee tad freaky but Dr Nodwell was so pleased with them. They are suppose to be rolled/puckered. He assures me that they will flatten out and be beautiful.
Ottawa Plastic Surgeon

I will update when procedure is complete

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