23 Year Old Getting Chin Implant and Lipo - Ottawa, ON

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Exactly 1 week till my procedure, I don't think it...

Exactly 1 week till my procedure, I don't think it has really set in yet. I am trying to be really positive and continue to look at other people's stories on real-self to feel more prepared. I noticed my chin or lack of around 14 or 15 when peers compared me to a teacher who literally had no chin, being an already insecure teen this was a nasty shock. I then became very aware of my lack of chin and have off and on been obsessed with it since then. At this point in my life I know I am attractive and pretty and don't think I need it per say but just feel it will overall make me feel more comfortable and make the proportions of my face look more even. I am very excited to not be the chinless or double chin girl anymore! I am also excited to feel more pretty and less aware with my hair up. I know that at first I might not like it and I am mentally trying to prepare for that, knowing my personality well I know I will have regrets at some point. It will be my birthday 7 days after so I am hoping I don't look too crazy hahaha. My biggest concerns going into this are, 1. it will change my smile in someway permanently as it is one of my favorite features, 2. It will look bad/fake not suit my face. 3. Obviously worried something might go wrong IE medically. 4. It will move 5. I have a dimple on my chin and I like it so don't want that to change. I am mostly trying to not think of these things and remain positive. I think that I will be getting a small sized Implant but Dr Bonaparte will not know until he is in there. I will post updates and pictures because I have found realself to be a great help to me through this process. Thanks for the support in advance :)

Day 2 of recovery

Surgery went well i think dont remember anything just woke up in pain. So far i have quite a bit of pain and have been pretty uncomfortable. I cant open my mouth and can barely talk. I dont have any numbness in my lips which is good and i get a lot of tingling in my chin. My head strap is very tight and hurts my ears and jaw from not moving much. I had some trouble with the pain meds as they made me sick to take through up 3 times after taking them so i am only taking tyelnol extra strength. I honestly have no idea what i look like under the head strap and at thing point i dont care i just want to feel better. I cant wait till i can remove the strap even if its just to shower. Eating only liquids and even that hurts.

3 days post op

Feeling better. I took my neck wrap off to put antiseptic cream on and boy that was a shock. I know im swollen but its hard to see my face like this. I look like a sad man haha. Lots of tingling in my chin and one a side of my bottom lip is a little sore.

More before pics

6 days post op pics

Still swollen but feel much better. Still have a numb lip and half my lower chin and still have tightness in my neck and tingling. Really want the swelling to go down to see my final results. Right now j still look manly and my lips and werid. I also still thing the chin itself is swollen.

7 days post op

8 days post op

10 Days post op

Got my stitches out yesterday and the Dr said my scar looks great! I am pretty happy with everything will updated in 1 month of so. He gave me a customized implant between a small and medium.

Having concerns that the numbness won't go away and that I don't look better but worse.

I like the side profile and I like how my chin and face look now when I am not smiling but for some reason I feel less pretty. I think it is my smile. I loved my smile it was my best feature and now it is impaired by the numbness. I feel like it is smaller and less attractive. I don't feel 100% my self yet and that isn't helped by all the numbness and tingling. I want honest opinions, do I look different or is it all in my head.

One Month Post

Hi all! so it has been over one month now. Physically I feel fine and everything is in the right place. I sadly still have numbness in my lip and chin on the right side but I have seen some improvement and still get random sensations. I have pretty much gotten used to this at this point. I have a feeling it's going to take a while for all of it to come back. As far as the look of everything I am pretty satisfied. There are things about my face that it has changed that i don't necessarily like mostly to do with my smile but I think it is very minor and I am still hoping it improves with time. The profile and how it looks when I am not smiling it great. Before I could never take a picture that wasn't smiling from the front, everything else looked really bad. Now I like how my face looks when im not smiling and I can even do a pretty smile with my mouth closed. Another thing I have noticed is that my lips look a bit smaller and less feminine prob because the chin is bigger and sometime i like it has made my face look chunkier even thought I had a round face before. Basically I am still figuring out what I do and don't like and waiting because I think things will get even better with time. I love your guys feedback so feel free to give our opinion.


Hi all,
So these picture side by side show you the difference time makes.... first is before, second is ten days after and third is over 1 month. You can see how much the swelling has gone down! And the doctor said that there is prob even still some swelling left around my dimple. I am now 100% satisfied and would go back at all. It just feels like my face now. I also added some pictures with makeup.

Dr. Bonparte did a great job! so far I am very pleased and know that things will only get better from here. The lipo looks great and the chin fits my face perfectly, I honestly feel like this is what i thought I looked like the whole time anyways. I still look like me and no one has really notice. The scar looks prefect as well. I would 100% recommend Dr. Bonparte, he is patient, relaxed and most importantly a great surgeon.

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