Tattoo Removal Treatment with Picoway, Color-tattoo, Oslo

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I have been to a consultation and have gotten one...

I have been to a consultation and have gotten one test treatment on my tattoo. The tattoo has several colours (red, yellow, green, blue, black), and the nurse mentioned it could be tricky as the colours seemed to go quite deep in the skin. She tested the laser on different patches including all colours, so we´ll se how it reacts to this. This initital test is also to see how my skin reacts to the laser.

The procedure itself was not that painful, but I guess doing a total laser treatment of my entire tattoo will hurt more. Only three patches of ca. 3-4 cm was done today.

Post 1st treatment with Picoway

Hello folks!

I´ve had my first treatment with Picoway and still in the process of healing. After I did a testpatch I bruised pretty bad around the area, but this time I have almost no brusing, just redness and concentrated dark effusions of blood on the treated area. I guess they are scabs coming off eventually.

It seems that the red is fading OK, and I can see the black lines breaking up. As for the green and blue I can se no difference, but hoping to see more the upcoming weeks. I am drinking loads of water and trying to get daily vitamins to boost my immune system. Also I´m using Locobase Repair Creme on the tattoo. Anyone who can share their post-treatment regime? I´ve read some use Bio Oil, Zinc-cremes and Bepanthen.

Photos: Pre-treatment and post 1st treatment

Post 8 days after #1

I actually think the red looks a bit darker than my 5 days post pic (?). Anyone else experiencing this in the removal process? Pics are taken 8 days post first treatment. Still healing. Some minor scabs and bruises. On some pica you can see tiny scars from when my tattoo healed back in the day.

10 days post #1

So it seems that around a week after treatment I develop some tiny blisters and really small dots at the tattoo, mostly on the red pigment but also some at the green and black outline. The outlines are very raised right now and Im hoping it will go down in a couple of days.

The pic shows before treatment and today ten days after treatment. Some areal seem more faded than it is due to me putting som zinc oxide on.
I can really see things happening with the tattoo and hoping it will fade more until my next treatment in seven weeks ...

6 weeks since 1st treatment

The tattoo is completely healed, I've let it rest for a couple of weeks extra. Ready for round two soon! I can see some nice fading on the red, and the outlines are breaking up.
As for the tiny red dots/blisters, they disappeared a couple of weeks ago, so happy about that!

24 h after 2nd treatment. Beautiful blisters!

2,5 weeks post treatment 2

Alright, so I had blisters for 8-9 days and then scabbing started. It's still scabbing but not much left. The nurse turned up the energy this time, so it was both way more painful and harsh on my skin.

It's really annoying with the blisters, but after a week the worst is over. I keep my tattoo bandaged while it's healing with scabs also, since I'm moving my arm a lot. I lotion it A LOT since I've read that the skin cells work better in moist (not wet) environments. It might be that I'm using too much Locobase repair, haha.

As you can se the red is responding well, the black ink is breaking up but the green and blue is not responding at all. Maybe just a slight fading, or what do you think?

I will definately try another laser with a more beneficial wavelength for the green/blue if this doesn't work.

Comparison red colour

Before treatment and 2,5 weeks post treatment 2.

3,5 weeks post treatment 2

The tattoo is basically healed now, there are no scabs left. I think it still need some weeks before it is completely healed. I can see that it's more "shiny" than my normal skin, anyone else experiencing this? I dont know if that means it scarring or not? Usually scars are a bit more shiny than healthy skin ...

What do you think?

Some comparison-pics

Before and after two treatments, 5 weeks after treatment. Hoping it will fade more in the upconing weeks. My next treatment is in Three weeks. Still waiting for some raised lines to be better, and protecting it with sunscreen almost every day, even though Im not directly exposing it.

Still raised outline after 5 weeks?

Anyone else experiencing this? Does it go down or is it starting to scar?

Pause for 1 year

I haven't gotten any new treatments since last year (June), this is how my tattoo looks today. I think it has continued to fade since my last treatment. Will have treatment no 3 this fall.
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