Tattoo Removal of 3/4 Color Sleeve - Picosure - Oslo, Norway

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Hello ! I will start by saying thank you to all...

Hello !
I will start by saying thank you to all who post reviews , is dedicated and completes it. It helps so much people from all over the world.
I took a tattoo when I was 16 years old ( 06/06/06 ) easy date to remember ..... hehe
It was a medium tribal on my arm , I did not love it but not hate it either, it was just there.
I am now 23 years old.
So a year ago I started to play around with the idea of a Coverup ( 3/4 sleeve ) and did some research to find a suitable artist for me.
And since I'm a perfectionist (you can not accept less when it concerns a tattoo )
I chose one of the best in Norway too do the job .
There is nothing wrong with the tattoo design, just some things that were not done according to plan with the colors and that you can see the coverup little too much.
(for me it is quite a serious mistake )
Maybe she had a bad day , because the rest of her work is amazing ! : (
Typical my luck ....
It started with the two problems escalated and I started to dislike the hole tattoo and I struggle with accepting the size.
I'm so stupid, and this was ment to be something nice that I can show off with pride, has been the opposite, I never thought I would regret a tattoo, I love tattoos, but maybe not so much on me ...
So now I have a 3/4 sleeve color (mainly Blue , Green , purple , some orange , yellow , brown and black, not too dense) that I'm considering to remove completely , or remove so much that I might have something smaller there .....
I used to be the happiest person in the room, but after that everything has been very difficult for me, I eat little, throwing up, spend a lot of time to find out about tattoo removal, I think about it all the time, little sleep; and when I sleep I dream about it, and I am very afraid of losing myself in all of this .......
Fortunately for me the Picosure have come to Oslo, Norway ( 30 min from where I live) as the first Picosure laser in Scandinavia.
With this and all of you here it have given me hope that this nightmare might disappear one day.
(Especially this review from Ginamyte: Thank you!
Have not yet seen any black and gray tattoo that has had more fading than this, I think the days of that "colors are much more difficult to remove than anything else" is history with the new laser!
Or Maybe it's just something I want to believe .....
Hope you understand my English, hehe, and once again .....

Thank you!

Hugs from Norway


Consultation and "1st" Treatment!

I have had a consultation and was very well received.
Something I was most afraid to hear was if it was actually possible to remove it, and how much it costs.
The answer was YES, it is possible with 6 treatments and will be divided into 2 to 3 times per full treatment because of the size and wait 6 weeks between each treated area.
And if its not gone after 6 treatments, the treatments will be free :)
Have been taking a small part of the tattoo already so will most likely post pictures soon.
(So glad i have started to fix this mess! :P)
He was very eager to see the result on my tattoo with Picosure and thought it was gonna work well , which I can already see.
The most places he have gone over with the laser is completely ink free !! :)
The pain was not too bad either , and I had only cold air.
It was going to cost 3000 kr (500 USDollar) per treatment (3/4 sleeve all round)
So the total would be 3000 USDollar for the whole tattoo gone without surprises :)
Something that came as a complete surprise to me because I have seen many others prices here generally are from the U.S. and UK, they are quite expensive and I thought I had to pay 3 to 4 times more because we do that with everything else in Norway.
We have to pay on average 2.40 USDollar for one liter of petrol and 17.30 USDollar for 1 drink on the town!
So you see Why I was afraid of the price! .... hehe
This is going to be tough, but am glad I've got some good news in all this :)


I will update some photos, but only parts of the tattoo, not the whole thing! I hope this is helpful for some people! :)

Forgot one photo! :p

treatment #2 (part 1)

Today I started with 2. Treatment!
I hope I see good fading this time too.
I have little red in my tattoo that the laser didnt work so well on but my tech said that Cynosure is going to send him an update that they have been working on in june to the Picosure laser to boost it and make it work on different Wavelength!
That would be great! :)
Have you guys heard of this??

I'm back!

Hello! :)
I'm back after a very good summer with some traveling, friends, family and good food!
Have not been to the RealSelf in a long time since I've tried not to think about my tattoo this summer, feel it has been the easiest ..... although I really appreciate all here :)
So sorry for the late response to some comments, but will answer my best now and I hope it is still useful :)
Will be posting new pictures soon, Have now had 2 full treatments on my arm (6 times total)

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