27 Years Old. Overbite Correction.

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I had my BSSO surgery exactly 2 weeks ago and...

I had my BSSO surgery exactly 2 weeks ago and decided that now is a good time to review it. The overall procedure and recovery went, at least so far, much better than expected. I was well prepared for the procedure and from what I read on other blogs or reviews, I had planned for at least a month of misery. It was absolutely NOT the case!!!! At my weekly check-up, even my doctor was impressed with the speed and easiness of my recovery. :D
I spent 2 days in the hospital, the surgery took around 2 hours and the waking up process other 2-3 hours. I went at 8:00 am in surgery and I was back in my room around noon, perfectly capable to walk alone to the toilet and drink with a straw. I would say that the time in the hospital is by far more comfortable than what it follows at home (especially if you don;t have someone with you all the time), so restrict your visit hours and rest as much as you can. The 2nd and 3rd night were the most difficult, my face was at its peak of swollenness, I had to keep changing the ice packs constantly and was unable to find a comfortable position to sleep. The days were relatively ok, not much pain but some dizziness, weak stamina and a general feeling of being uncomfortable all the time. After the 3rd night, it felt like the healing process had begun. I've started needing fewer and fewer painkillers, sleeping, talking and eating more and feeling constantly better.
Now, at 2 weeks, I don't need any painkillers at all and most of the swelling is gone. However, parts of my lip and chin are still numb and I get spontaneous "arrows of pain" and a burning sensation. I was told that it is the nerve "waking up" and that it will take aprox. 3 months.
Below I will note some of the tips that really helped me these weeks. Hopefully, will come in handy to someone.
- Right after surgery: RICE-Rest, Ice, Compression& Elevation.
- Eat well; smoothies and soups as nutritious as possible, include protein powder if necessary. I read about ingredients that help with swelling and recovery and tried to include them in all my meals (blueberries, spinach, ginger, turmeric etc). I bought some ketchup bottles like the ones used in fast foods (see pictures) that were just life savers !!!! they have that pointy top that is easy to put in the mouth even when the lips are super swollen and you can squeeze them instead of sucking like from a straw. With them, I was able to eat without pain or creating a mess normal amounts of food- the main reason why I didn;t loose any weight so far.
- Supplements-these you should check with your doctor first. I took vitamin B complex-suppose to help with nerve recovery and Turmeric capsules-very strong natural anti-inflammatory.
That's all that comes to mind right now. I might add more later. :)
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