Two and a half years post-op

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Looking back trying to remember when I first...

Looking back trying to remember when I first thought about having a breast reduction I cannot pinpoint it exactly, certainly the thought has been popping up regularly for the last 10 years, but somehow I never thought I'd be able to have it done. In Norway where I live you can get the operation covered by the national health, but I never thought I'd qualify. I guess I didn't identify with the ladies I know who had had it done. Well, I only knew the one. My mum's cousin. And she was so large in every possible way I thought that well, if that's what it takes then I'll never qualify, and I just resigned myself to living with the boobs I had.

For most of my adult life I've used the wrong bra size. I suspected as much, and last year I went to a lingerie store in Oslo called Change Lingerie and had a bra fitting. Turns out I'm a EU size 70H or UK size 32FF/G, depending on brand, and not a 36 DD/E as I thought. This explained things. Such as recurring neck and shoulder pains. I changed all my bras, hoping this would sort my sore shoulders and neck, but although it made it slightly better, it didn't fix the problem, so in March this year I decided I'd just wear bras for special occasions and see if it would improve matters. All this time I was regularly seeing a manual therapist to deal with the muscle tensions and pains.

The neck and shoulders feel better, but not OK, and the pains flare up within 3 hours of putting on a bra, so I ditched the bras altogether. And then came the rash... Tiny red dots emerging between the breasts and underneath. And they started itching. At this time I also had a fractured humerus to deal with, so the whole boob itch rash thing took a lower priority until it became so bad I just had to deal with it. I kept the area clean and as dry as possible, but let's face it, at 40 years old and at a 32G size there is sagging, and hard to keep dry. So finally I inspected the area properly. Dear lord, the entire area under the breasts were red, sore and slightly swollen.

This ladies, was when the straw finally broke the camels back. I had just had enough, so I called my GP and had an appointment scheduled. He's a busy man, so he couldn't see me until 2 weeks later. These 2 weeks I tried every thrush and rash cream I could lay my hands on. Some of the itch improved, the worst of the redness subsided, but the rash persisted. The doctor gave me some more ointment and spray for the breasts, and referred me to a private hospital in Oslo called Aleris for a breast reduction consultation.

The consultation is scheduled for December 4th, and at the moment I feel like a bundle of nerves. I've come to realise that this operation is so very important to me, and although rationally I know that I should qualify, I'm just really scared the surgeon will refuse me.

I've also given a lot of thought to what size I would like to be after surgery, and I think a c cup would do nicely, if he can manage it.

I'll add pictures later.

I have been reading a lot of the reviews on this...

I have been reading a lot of the reviews on this site, they are so very helpful, thanks a mill :)

One of the things I have been reading with interest is anything to do with post op bras. Where I'll be having my reduction (assuming I get approved that is) they don't supply patients with post op bras. It says on the site that I'll have to wear a sports bra, but that's all. No mention of brands, designs or what have you. So I've been studying pic's of you ladies in your post op bras (that almost sounds smutty, LOL), and so far I've decided that the front closing Hanes sports bra looks like a good choice. So I ordered 2 from Ebay. I wasn't quite sure about the sizing, but did as instructed on the Hanes website. Hopefully it won't be too far off.

What I'll do when it gets here is firstly take the pattern of it (I used to work as a seamstress/designer, self taught), and then cut open the back and insert a bra closure there, so I can regulate how tight I need it to fit. Then I'll cut the straps halfway down the front, stitch on velcro, and finally fasten a rectangular metal slide at the top of the front. This should make it a lot easier to get a custom fit. If it works I'll make myself a few more later on.

Having found this site has helped a lot, before I found it I felt rather alone and unsure. I read what I could find online, but nothing was nowhere near as helpful as this site and you ladies have been.

I tried to take pic's in front of the mirror...

I tried to take pic's in front of the mirror today, but they turned out really blurry, so I'll have my better half do it this afternoon instead. I got good news today. The maximum waiting period for the surgery (after the initial consultation) has been reduced to 4 weeks. With any luck I'll have the operation done at least by January 3rd next year. Possibly sooner. Fingers crossed the PS will approve me for surgery :)

This requires some courage all right... I had my...

This requires some courage all right... I had my better half taking pictures of the boobs front and side view. I knew that the left one was bigger than the right, but somehow seeing a picture of it makes it more striking. And I don't know, they seem larger in the pictures than when I look in the mirror. Is that common?

Hurray! The appointment with the PS went really...

Hurray! The appointment with the PS went really well. As I said in Norway the decision as to whether you get the surgery covered by the national health is left to the PS, so I was rather nervous before the appointment. My stomach felt all tight and twisted, and I slept badly the night before. But it all went amazingly well. The PS has a lot of experience in breast reduction surgery. I believe he was one of the first surgeons who started doing this procedure in Norway, and his demeanour was very reassuring, calm, confident and pleasant. I didn't have to argue my case at all, partly because my GP had sent a very detailed referral letter, but I also think it was rather evident that I needed the surgery done. He examined the boobs, the rash and also noticed the weight.

After examining me he said it was evident I qualified to have the surgery covered, and he gave me a thorough explanation the preparations I needed to do before surgery, the surgery itself and the recovery period. I, like all others here, had a long list of questions ready before the consultation. I had most answered before asking, the ones I still had after this he answered well and I left feeling very reassured. I asked him about what appears to be the most common complications based on what I have read here, such as stitches not dissolving and working its way to the surface, leaking incisions and infections. Apparently he has never had any of his patients having these complications. To quote him - this things does not occur when I perform the surgery.

The date has not been set yet, but he said to expect surgery in the beginning of January 2013. I will receive a letter with the date as well as a list of information pertaining to the surgery. Tomorrow I am seeing my GP to arrange for a mammogram,

Looks like this is really happening :)

I realised I haven't posted my personal stats. I'm...

I realised I haven't posted my personal stats. I'm 163 cm tall, weight approximately 70 kilos. I usually fit into a UK size 14 or 16, depending on brand. The measurements might be more helpful for the imperial units users out there. Bust 43 inches, waist 32/33 inches, hips 41 inches.

I'm 40 years old, no kids, and happily cohabiting with my boyfriend of the last 9 years.

Well, this was annoying. I have received the Hanes...

Well, this was annoying. I have received the Hanes front closing sports bras I ordered, and tried them on just to see how they would fit under the bust. The band is too loose, the front might end up fitting, that's hard to tell at this stage, and the straps are too short. At least that's what it looked like to me. I anticipated having to do a few adjustments, but I rather suspect having to scrap these after taking the pattern off them. Mostly because the straps are positioned too close in the back for me to be able to take them in. Ah well, at least they weren't too expensive.

The good news is that the PS said I'd be fitted with a post op bra after the surgery :)

After obsessively reading the reviews here I...

After obsessively reading the reviews here I noticed how many of you ladies mentioned numbness in arms and hands. I've had this too, along with recurring, painful tendinitis which at its worst was debilitating. I never did suspect a connection with the size and weight of my breasts, and I've spent an awful lot of money getting treatments for it. Not once did the manual therapist or my GP even suggest it could be related to my breasts, even after I told them that my neck and shoulder pains would get worse if I wore a bra. This makes me angry. If I had known I would have taken this step a lot sooner, and I could have been spared years of pain. Full blown tendinitis is very painful, it felt like having toothache in my arms, wrists and hands. My arms, shoulders and neck have improved quite a bit since giving up on bras, and I had no problem spotting the connection to neck and shoulder problems. But not the numbness. I still get it sometimes at night. Hopefully I'll be rid of it completely after the surgery.

On a more positive note I managed to fit the Hanes sports bras :) I took them in at the side seams, and inserted bra closures at centre back. I kept one bra from my early twenties because I just couldn't bear tossing it in the bin. It's a lovely bra, the sides are made of plum coloured velvet, and the cups are made of black mesh with gold embroidery. I was still at uni when I got it, I remember I thought it was insanely expensive, but it was sooo lovely I just had to have it. I think it's a 34D (I cut the label off so I'm not 100% sure, it might be a 34C), and I thought I might use it as a visual aid in altering the sports bra, even if the designs are very different. So I took out the bra, smiled a little over memories, put it on my dressmakers dummy, padded it and put the ports bra on the dummy to get a better idea of how much I'd need to cut off the band. It sure was odd looking at the dummy wearing the sports bra, thinking this might be what I look like in a months time.

Lately I've taken to fantasizing about lingerie....

Lately I've taken to fantasizing about lingerie. Not first and foremost bras, but flimsy camisoles and knitted vests made from vintage patterns. In lovely colours and textures, and best of all, with no need for an industrial strength bra underneath for it to look good. There's a girl that sells hand made lingerie on Etsy, Oooh lulu, and I've been ogling her creations for quite a while. They're lovely, made of sheer lace and satins, the kind of lingerie you wear for ornament rather than function, and I really covet some of them. I think I'll look into hand made lingerie after the breast reduction. So lovely to have all these choices from then on :)

How about the rest of you ladies, do you have any lingerie tingling? Any specific things you want to get after your reductions?

Hi ladies! I was wondering to what extent the...

Hi ladies!

I was wondering to what extent the actual bust measurement might change after the reduction. I know that the nipple will be repositioned so it'll hit more or less the middle of the upper arm, and that's where the fullest part of the bust will be after the reduction. I was wondering if any of you measured this point before and after surgery, and how big the difference was. I am asking because I'm knitting a jumper for myself, and I'd like it to fit after the surgery. The fabric will be very elastic, so it's more a question of not making it too loose. Any input will help :)

I had the mammogram today, and it went well. Just...

I had the mammogram today, and it went well. Just sent an e-mail to the PS's office informing them of it. Hopefully now they'll be able to schedule my surgery.

I got a reply from the PS office informing me that...

I got a reply from the PS office informing me that the surgery will be in February/March. By that I suppose she means end of February, beginning of March. Well, at least it takes some of the suspension away. So probably at least another 6 weeks. Meh... Oh well, I'll just have to keep busy and try to keep my mind on other things.

I sent an email to the PS office asking if I had...

I sent an email to the PS office asking if I had been taken off the waiting list while I was waiting to have the mammogram, and if that was the reason for the delay. Half a day later I got a reply stating the surgery has been scheduled for January 28th. Not sure what happened, just glad it's no more than 18 days left :)

Nine more days. Somehow the time has flown by...

Nine more days. Somehow the time has flown by since I got the date for the surgery. I'm starting to get bouts of nerves though. Not really bad ones, more of the OMG variety. If there's something that worries me it's mainly that somehow the trains won't run due to extreme cold or some such the day of the surgery. We have to get up in the middle of the night. The train leaves at 05:19. We might have gotten away with taking the train that leaves an hour later, but there's no guarantee there won't be delays, so better to err on the safe side. I filled my prescription today. I'll be taking one pill an hour before the surgery to reduce the chances of infections, and then there are painkillers. Basically Paracetamol and Codeine. They're called Pinex Forte. I took something similar when I had the overarm fracture, and it knocked me out completely.

The post surgery bras are ready, I got the front closing hanes bras (Ebay is my best friend), just did a few adjustments to them to ensure a good fit. Don't know if it was really necessary, it's not as if I'll have the same bra requirements afterwards as now (industrial strength is a clue...), but it made me feel better. I also have quite the selection of button up jumper cardigans from when I broke my arm, they will come in handy. Not sure how I'll manage the tights though. With the current temperatures here I'll need to wear thick tights. I guess I'll find out. We'll be spending the first night in a hotel next to the train station in Oslo, and return here the next day. The doctor said that would be fine, so hopefully it will. I'll bring a pillow for the taxi ride from the hospital, and I think I'm pretty much sorted with pillows for the bed. I learned how to create a comfy nest after the overarm fracture, so I reckon that'll be OK.

Hi gals, I've seen that many of you have used...

Hi gals,

I've seen that many of you have used breast pads for wound discharge, which sounds like a good idea, Would it be possible to use breast pads made of fabric? E.g reusable ones? Does anyone know?

I've been doing my best to loose some weight...

I've been doing my best to loose some weight before surgery as they say the closer I am to my my target weight, the better the result. I measured myself today, and my new measurements are:
Bust: 40
Underbust: 33 loosely measured
Waist: 32 3/4, also loosely measured,
Hips/tummy: 40

So that's me sorted for tomorrow. Clothes and...

So that's me sorted for tomorrow. Clothes and stuff packed, nails cut and cleaned, whole body scrubbed, and my favourite; boob hair cut with scissors ;O)

It's true, the info sheet said I had to cut any body hair situated in the area with scissors, and as I have a few hairs around my nipples there I was sitting in the living room, spot light on the boobs, lifting them and cutting hairs. Thank god there are no candid cameras in our apartment. Way to feel sexy...

I'm starting to get a little nervous, I just hope I remembered everything for tomorrow. See you guys on the flip side. I'll probably not update again until Tuesday.

Surgery went well. Me and my better half got up at...

Surgery went well. Me and my better half got up at around 4am and took the train to Oslo Central Station, and a taxi straight to the hospital. We were an hour early, and at that stage I was so hungry I was starting to feel queasy. At around 9:15 we were taken to the room, and I changed into the hospital shirt. I had a button up shirt. The anaesthetist came in and gave a brief summary of my case, and what was going to happen. When I say brief this is no exaggeration. He rattled of the speech in 20 seconds or so. Then the PS came in, he is really nice. Such nice bedside manners, he made me feel very well taken care of.

We walked into the surgery theatre, and when I saw the operating table I must have blanched a bit. The PS introduced me to his staff, and told them I was nervous. One of the nurses helped me onto the table and positioned my arms and legs. The table had extensions for the arms. Then my entire chest area was washed in a yellow alcoholic smelling liquid, I got the IV and blood pressure measure thingy on, and then I was out.

I woke up in recovery a little disoriented but feeling great. The first thing I did was lift the hospital shirt that was draped over me to see what was underneath. I had a large bandage on, but I could clearly see that the breasts looked tiny compared to how they were, and I burst out: Hi there little titties! Then I started singing, with lots of oomph. I think it was mozart eine kleine nachtmusik, it must have stuck in my mind since Christmas when me and my cousin watched the entire Mapp and Lucia series on DVD. After this little show I proceeded to hug all the nurses. I then chatted non stop until I came down from my little trip to drug induced joy land. I got food (glorious food, I was ravenous), tea and orange juice, and got dressed. The PS then came in and he got a hug as well ;O)

He explained about the surgery, everything went well, and he was very pleased with the outcome. He explained about wound care etc, and then left to do another surgery. I was then taken into the same room as before the surgery and waited there for about an hour and a half, when the PS came back in and discharged me.

He took 460 grammes from the left boob, and 230 from the right one. And they look like a perfect b or c. Lovely! I am sore but very happy.

This was yesterday, and after leaving the hospital we went to the hotel and spent the night. I didn't sleep too much, I think I got 5 hours of sleep, but all in all I was so happy I couldn't care less :D

The bandage stays on until tomorrow, and I'll probably update with new pic's then.

I slept like a log last night, and napped...

I slept like a log last night, and napped throughout the day today. This evening we took the dressings off as per instructions (I could come in to the PS to have it done, but that's 2.5 hours train ride away, so no). I was so nervous I was shaking, but the girls look good! They're a little swollen, the right one more so than the left, but I think they'll end up better looking than ever before. The whole thing was rather overwhelming, and I didn't take any pictures. I'll see if I can do that tomorrow or Friday. On Friday I can have a shower :)

Had my first shower today post op, and it went...

Had my first shower today post op, and it went well. I was a little apprehensive before as I've read that many get a reaction the first time, so I had my boyfriend with me. But it went perfectly well. It was an odd feeling though, washing them.

I thought I'd share how I protect the new titties from the bra. I wear a tank top as inner layer, then put the bra on on top of the tank top. I then use fabric pads along the bottom line of the bra, to protect the incisions. It works well. I have the Hanes front closing bras, but with longer straps (adjustable), reduced width and bra closure at centre back for easy adjustments. I tried using the Hanes without the longer straps, and it was killing my incisions. Ouch.

I had my boyfriend take pictures. I'm afraid I didn't stand up straight, so the girls might look uneven because of that. I think the right one is more swollen than the left.

Last night the bra was so uncomfortable, it didn't...

Last night the bra was so uncomfortable, it didn't help how I adjusted it, it after a while it crept up on the scars under the breasts. So I got up and pulled on one of the aah bras I got, and it was so much better. I've decided to stick with the aah bras from here on. The one I'm wearing is quite firm and provides good support, and best of all, it's gentle on the scars.

I just realised I completely forgot to tell that...

I just realised I completely forgot to tell that the chronic pain and discomfort in my neck, trapezius muscle, shoulders and back is gone :) It felt as if it disappeared the first day, although I cannot be sure of that as I was pretty drugged for the first two days. But for the last 3 days or so I've been pretty much drug free, and the pain is definitely gone :)

I pulled a stitch yesterday while changing tape on...

I pulled a stitch yesterday while changing tape on the suture lines. It's at the worst place for it, the join under the boob. It wasn't big, the nurse who tended to it said it's no more than half a centimetre. But having seen all the horror pictures on the site it scared me really bad, and I had to sit down with my head between my knees. I called the PS office and was told I needed to have the wound checked for infection. As the PS is in Oslo and I'm 2.5 hours away by train I called my GP, and I've just returned from there.

One of the nurses had a look at it, cleaned the wound, took a swab test (she called it a bac test), and put a patch over the wound. It's supposed to work as an anti inflammatory treatment. It stays on for 5 days. On Monday I have a check up with the PS, and if the wound looks OK I can remove the patch, if not I'll go back to the nurse on Tuesday to have the patch changed. The nurse wasn't worried at all, she said that it's really not that bad, I hope she's right.

I've also had an allergic reaction to the paper tape I was supposed to use, first in the area where the bandage was taped down, then my breasts started to get awfully sore and itchy as well. I am now using silk tape instead. It's all right, but it tends to come off in the shower. If not completely off then at least half of it hanging loose. I can usually fasten it again once the tape and the skin is dry again, but hairs tend to get caught in the tape when it comes loose, and it's not ideal. I'll see how it works, and if I find it really annoys me I can always use a silicone tape instead.

Hah, and the nurse complimented me on the new girs :)

We spent the weekend with the in-laws, and that...

We spent the weekend with the in-laws, and that was a good thing as there were no less than 3 nurses in the building. My better half's mum was one of them and having worked in nursing homes for most of her career she knows wound treatment. She got hold of fresh bandages for me, which was great as the patch I got at the GP was ready to be changed by Friday evening. How the nurse thought I could wear that thing for 5 days is beyond me. I used sterile water to clean the wound as salt water reacts to silver bandages, applied fresh bandages, and by next day the wound was already quite improved. I then changed bandages once a day, and last night I slept without bandages and bra to allow the wound to breathe. By this morning it had closed, and a scab had formed. I still put on a fresh bandage and the bra and wore it until early evening. By now I'm lounging around in a loose t-shirt, bra less :) That is a wonderful feeling. Tomorrow is the check up with the PS, and apart from the pulled stitch I think he'll be happy with the healing process. It looks like most of the suture lines has come along nicely. Later on tonight I'll have a shower and change the tapes, very, very carefully, and have a closer look.

Yesterday when I woke up it was the first day...

Yesterday when I woke up it was the first day after the surgery that I felt truly comfortable. It was a wonderful feeling :)

It's been a while since my last update because frankly I've been in considerable discomfort. I had an allergic reaction to the surgical tapes and tried silk tape which didn't help. The surgeon recommended I stopped using tape altogether until the skin had calmed down, so for the last week and a half I've done without. After removing the tape the irritation actually got worse, that happened with the first rash I had from the tape on the bandage as well. I called the PS office again and was given the go ahead to use cortisone cream on the area. After using the cream this week I now feel better, but the skin is still so sensitive I cannot wear a bra unless I line it with silk satin. The new titties has expensive taste... I was saving that silk for a camisole ;) The skin is still shedding, but the rash has calmed down considerably, so I'm definitively on the mend. The opening under the right breast is still healing. The scab came off and it started leaking again, so I got more silver bandages and that stuff really helps. It looks OK now, but I'm still covering it with bandages.

Lately the worst part has been the left nipple. The stitches on the upper half of the nipple (internal stitches) has worked their way out. I knew this could happen, but I was hoping it wouldn't. I think they're all out now, and the irritation from the stitches has subsided, but one of the stitches irritated the skin surrounding it very badly, so I'm cleaning it twice a day and using the silver bandage there as well. It looks a lot better today than yesterday though, so I don't think there's reason to be overly concerned. I've decided that if the tiny pinprick opening hasn't closed by Monday I'll call the PS office again. And see my GP. Better safe than sorry.

The shape is still good. I actually don't think it has changed much. The left side has started to drop a little and to me it looks like the PS left more tissue on the side of that breast, and it's that part that's starting to drop. I'll have my better half take pictures tomorrow so you can see. I hope it'll retain its shape. The right breast looks very good. I'm not sure anyone else would be able to see the difference as it's subtle, and they're still perky :)

Next week I'll try on bras. There's a store in town that carries traditional cross my heart bras, and that's what I'll get for now. It's very hard to get bras without underwires in this country, so I'm glad this one carries them.

I know I said no more granny bras. I was wrong...

I know I said no more granny bras. I was wrong ;O)

Due to the s**t selection of non-wire bras in town I now present the new titties in a white granny bra. Or perhaps we'll just call it retro. After all this design has been around since the 50's/60's.

The size was a bit of a put down. It appears that at the moment I'm a 36D. I'm looking forward to starting exercising again. Seeing pictures of myself in my undies is what you'd call brutal honesty...

I've added new pictures of the girls, and you can...

I've added new pictures of the girls, and you can see that there's still redness at the edges of the left areola, and some red spots where stitches have worked their way out. The girls aren't quite symmetrical, but then they never were. They still look good :) The pictures doesn't show the spot under the left boob where the stitch came out and left an opening. My better half is quite tall and I guess he couldn't get the angle right.

The scars look quite good considering I've been unable to use surgical tape on them for the last 2 weeks. The last few days I've used tape to keep a compress over the left nipple, and unless I can spot a rash or wake up with a bad itch where the tape was I'm planning to give it a go again tomorrow or the day after.

I got 2 more of the retro bras yesterday and dyed them, one is now brown and latte coloured, the other navy and pale blue :)

I sent an email to the PS office as the left...

I sent an email to the PS office as the left breast still feels hard to the touch on the side and underneath, and it feels heavy. I was told it sounds as if I might have fluid in it, and if that's the case it will have to be emptied. So tomorrow I'm coming in for a check up. It's a little scary, but if there's fluid in there I do want it emptied, I just don't want any more needles, drains and the like. I've only just been able to sleep on my side again, and generally speaking I feel comfortable. I'm scared it'll set me back.

I went to the PS yesterday and had the new titties...

I went to the PS yesterday and had the new titties checked, and they're both fine. The PS said they were as they should be at this stage, and there was no reason to worry. The hard areas will soften with time. It was such a relief :)

Today I've given some thought to just what a gift it is to get these small boobs. I've loved them from day 1, but the first few weeks there was a lot of discomfort and worry, then there was the opening under one boob, and stitches digging their way out, and the worry and care this brought with it. Now that I feel more secure and comfortable it's starting to sink in the effect this will have. No more dreading warm humid days and possible thrush infections under the boobs, no more having to take the bus when I really want to walk because sweating under the boobs causes rashes and soreness. Being comfortable naked in front of my better half, being comfortable in a bikini. Being able to wear soft lingerie and look good in it. Being able to wear bras without neck and shoulder pains. I am just so happy I decided to have this done. It brings with it so many positive things, not least not being ruled over by the boobs.

If there are anyone out there reading this considering pro and con, really, there's no doubt that having this surgery done is the most liberating thing I've done in a very long time.

I just cut out the pattern for a 1940's longline...

I just cut out the pattern for a 1940's longline bra, and I realised that according to the admittedly vintage pattern, I'm a small B cup! I'll make the mock up today, and once I have the bra done I'll pose a picture of it :)

Happy weekend guys :)

First of all the breasts are coming along very...

First of all the breasts are coming along very nicely. They are starting to drop a little into a tear drop shape, but are still perky. I can sleep on my sides, even the left one which was tender for a very long time. The scars are still very noticeable but are starting to fade a little I think. The left nipple which had the stitches poking out have improved. There are still red marks after the stitches, but the openings have closed and the marks have started fading. I used savlon on the nipple to aid in healing, which worked very well.

About pains and aches most are gone. I was plagued with tendinitis and muscle tension problems in arms and shoulders for years, and have only recently gotten well enough to try working again. Mostly it goes well, but the left trapezius muscle has proved troublesome again. Also the shoulders are none too happy at times. I hope it's just an adjustment. The back aches are definitely gone.

I still find myself in awe of the new small titties. They look so much better than I ever imagined they could, they're in proportion to my body, and they stay put! No more sagging, sweating under the boobs and rashes! That is just amazing :)

I still haven't tried on all my dresses to see how they fit ( I collect vintage dresses and have an indecent amount of them). Some of them will have to be altered I think, whereas others will just fit and look better.

The boobs have shrunk a little the last 2 weeks I think. I notice it on how the bras fit. In a months time I think I'll go for a proper bra fitting in Oslo. By then hopefully the girls will have settled.

Almost 4 months post op - new pics :)

Hi all,

There's been a bit of a radio silence from me, sorry about that. My PC needed some TLC, and I just got it back this week.

I've had my better half take some new pictures, both with and without clothes. So yes, finally pictures of handmade lingerie! I've noticed that one of the bras I made, the olive and antique lace coloured has already become a little loose. Oh well, I can always make a new one :) I also added a picture of me in shorts and tank top (me made shorts, actually), so you guys can see how I look with clothes on. Well, if I'd posted that phrase anywhere else but here that'd sound really dodgy...

I am doing very well. I had to stop wearing bras about a month or so ago, due to a flare up of trapezius pain, but it doesn't look like my boobs have been effected, so I don't mind. It's actually very comfy not wearing a bra when the boobs are this small and tidy. I am still amazed at how perky and firm they are! I am now able to sleep on my stomach, but will normally wake up on my back, so I guess it gets uncomfortable a while after I've fallen asleep.

I've lost weight since the operation. I think probably along the lines of 4 kilos, or some 9 pounds. I don't mind that at all! I measured myself today, and my new measurements are as follows:
Bust: 37 1/4
Waist: 31
Tummy: 37
Hips: 38 1/2

I am using kelo-cote for the scars. I think they might have improved a little, it's hard to tell when I see them every day, but they have become more flat. I'll keep at it until the tube is empty. I think it will last me a good while yet. I've used it for 2 months I think, and I think there's plenty left.

7 months postop

Hiya ladies,
Here are some new pictures of the girls. Some full figure and some close ups of the scars. When I look myself in the mirror the scars seems more red than in the photos, but they are definitely improving.

I dug out a few pictures from my mobile too. Both were taken on Christmas eve last year. I have a hard time finding photos of myself before the op where you can see the boobs properly. This one was the best I could find, but as I was wearing a black dress they're not that visible. But it should give you an idea.

It's been a while since the last update, and while it's still pretty warm here the fall has nevertheless arrived. The leaves are turning, and a new school term has started. I am teaching at a secondary school (French and redesign of clothes), and rather looking forward to seeing the kids again :)

I had a very nice summer, I sewed a lot, mostly lingerie and a playsuit :) I visited friends and family, and enjoyed spending quality time with my better half. No swimming alas. There is a lake nearby, but the water there is too cold for me.

I'm still very very happy about the new girls. They have come along nicely, and have rounded out a bit at the bottom, but stays perky. It is just so nice to be able to go braless and look nice. The neck, shoulders and back are doing great. The left side of the neck (my left boob was considerably larger than the right) has been troublesome for years, and even if the breast reduction offered instant relief, it still is sensitive to pressure, and wearing a bra can cause it to get sore. But wearing longline bras work well, no discomfort at all.

I think that apart from the health benefits of the surgery the confidence boost and feeling comfortable in my own skin has been the most rewarding experiences I've had since the surgery. I feel sexy and attractive, I smile spontaneously at myself when I see myself in the mirror, thinking "you look good, you sexy thing" instead of cringing because of the boobs as I used to. Exploits in the boudoir has also improved post op, both due to returning sensitivity (at 7 months post op I'm pretty much were I was before surgery sensitivity wise) and confidence.

All in all, I'm just so happy I did this for myself :)

18 months post op

It has been nearly a year since my last update. As I reviewed the last pictures I posted I noticed that the scarring has improved tremendously. The scars are still there, but they have faded to the same colour as the rest of the skin, which makes them quite discreet :)

This year has been a learning experience for me. I have suffered from forearm tendinitis for years, and last fall I had a very bad attack which left me with very reduced capacity. I am now much recovered and content with the results I've reached through stretching and wrist/arm exercises, even if there is still work to be done. Apart from the tendinitis this has been a good year. I still really enjoy the new girls, and being able to go bra less :) That is just fantastic! Especially in the summer heat.

I'll try to post some new pictures in the next few days.

Two and a half years post op

Life is good :) The girls have settled on a 34D UK size, they've softened and feel very natural. The shape has stayed the same, even though I rarely wear a bra. The scars have faded even more, and they don't bother me at all.

If there are anyone out there reading this, wondering if they should take the plunge I can only repeat that this has been one of the best things I ever did for myself. No regrets whatsoever.

On a more personal note the arms have finally healed, and I'm able to use a computer, knit, lift weights, do housework (well, it's nice to be able to do it, even if it's not my favourite thing) and swim, which I enjoy tremendously.

I've also married since the last update :) We decided to finally tie the knot after 11 years of living together, and had a wonderful day with family only.

I've uploaded a pic of me on our wedding day :)
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