33 Years Old, 5'11, 148 lbs. 485 cc Natrelle Inspira HP silicone Under the Muscle. - Oslo, Norway

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I've always been pretty small chested but was ok...

I've always been pretty small chested but was ok with it before I had kids. Boobs were small but perky and had a nice shape. Got a great D cup while breastfeeding but everything disappeared afterwards. Ended up with a deflated 34 A. So decided to go through with a breast augmentation.

I picked out a clinic that has a great reputation and after my consultation I couldn't wait to go through with the procedure.

Day of surgery

During the consultation I tried out several sizes based on my surgeon's recommendation. I had told him I wanted a full chest but that I still wanted it to look proportionate to the rest of my body and not be an obvious boob job girl. I am tall, 5'11, and quite athletic. He figured that based on this he would not recommend me to go for anything smaller than 325 (I think it was). I continued to try bigger sizes and finally reached 450 which he thought would be a good size for me and perhaps also the biggest implant he could fit into me given my physical starting point.

At the day of the surgery I was still a bit concerned about the size - would it be too big for me? - but after trying different sizers, I again settled on 450.

The process after that was really quick. I changed into the clinic's shirt and robe and was told to lay down in the OR. A really sweet anesthetics doctor put me to sleep before I knew it, and shortly after I woke up as a nurse put me into a sports bra. I was never in any big pains really, just really tired and super stiff in my back and shoulders from laying down on the operating table. That was actually the most uncomfortable part of it all.

While I was awakening I was taken care of by the sweetest nurses, all very lovely and attentive. My doctor came in and told me everything had gone well except that there was more bleeding than expected which meant that he had put in drains, something that he doesn't routinely do but did to be on the safe side. He also told me that he had to put in slightly bigger implants than we had agreed on - 485cc! - in order to fill out the width of my chest properly, but that this was such a small amount that it wouldn't make the boobs look any bigger, just better proportioned.

Went home, no significant pains, put myself in bed to rest, feeling slightly handicapped due to he drains. I didn't imagine that was something that could happen.

Feeling great but breasts seems very large

Woke up feeling some pain in my back. Normally I like to sleep on my back but also on my side. But otherwise no pain whatsoever, amazing! Just a little bit of soreness like a few days after working out.

Finally got to shower and wash my hair today, felt heavenly! Took off all bandages last night but has been instructed not to touch the tape until 10 days post op. Some bruising around the nipples, and the breasts are of course very hard and swollen. And feeling very large, too large, at the moment! I know that they have a long way to go in terms of dropping and fluffing so hoping for the best. Definitely looking very unnatural and boob job-like at the moment.

1 week post op

One week has gone by and I had my first day back at work today. Panicked a bit about what to wear so that people won't notice the change in my appearance. Can't decide whether they look bigger in tight or loose fitting clothes! Finally decided on an oversized shirt (tucked into my jeans so I won't appear huge) and a jacket. So far no one has said anything. I only told one of my colleagues about the surgery before it happened, and a few others know that I had some type of surgery done but haven't asked more. I am sure some of them suspect and if they ask me I will be honest. But I am not ready to tell the entire office and I don't want them gossiping about me, hence the modest clothes.

Naked they definitely look humongous, and I haven't really come to love them yet. Such a massive change. When I was first pregnant and later breastfeeding, I went from an A to D cup, but that happened gradually over time so that I got used to it. This is more of a shock, plus they ARE bigger than my breastfeeding boobs.

Too big?

14 days have gone by since my BA. My boobs are still sore and my nipples are very sensitive, almost burning. Still haven't gotten used to them, and they feel really big. Actually a bit depressed over this but I try not to worry before they have settled a bit more. I don't think they will get much smaller, but really hoping they will get a more natural appearance soon! Now I kind of feel like Pam Anderson, and not in a good way. I am very conscious about the clothes I wear, not wanting them to look so big. Some on my clothes actually don't fit me anymore, the boobs are for example too big to fit into my slim fit work shirts :(

I did want big boobs but I got carried away. Should have spent more time trying on my clothes while wearing the sizers. I just want to be really happy with them, like so many others are on this site. Hoping and praying that I will get used to them and I won't have to feel embarrassed over them!

14 days photos

More photos

Had to take a few more pics just because in my latest my boobs looked so uneven. Looking at these new ones I really do not think they look too big at all, especially in the full figure photo - I am a tall girl.

Trying on bras

Pics didnt upload

Here we go again.

Before and after

Just had to take one more photo of myself tonight and this one really proves it - I am happy with the result! Hoping to be even happier as time goes by as well. I never hated my old boobs, I just didn't think about them. It just wasn't for me to be that feminine busty girl. Wasn't ashamed or anything and bras really can make a huge difference as all you ladies know.

But then I thought about it - why shouldn't I get to be that feminine and busty girl that I always dreamt of? I now am and I think it suits me ????

Slowly back to normal

Feeling better each day now, such a relief! My boobs are not feeling sore or tight anymore, but my nipples are still very sensitive. The surgical bra is my best friend, I like how it supports and shelters the girls ;) I am also able to sleep on my side again, although I try to mostly sleep on my back just in case.

They haven't really become much softer yet, although a can definitely tell that the process has started, can't wait to see what they will feel like in a couple of weeks time as I have noticed a lot of the ladies on RS saying that they started telling a difference at around 4 weeks.

Now I can't wait to being able to go back to the gym and also to start wearing other bras than my surgical one. I have bought a few soft bralettes - these are bras that I could never wear before.

Feeling great about my new boobs!

Wow, I can't believe my girls are already one month old tomorrow! I can notice that they are getting softer and the scars are not so raised anymore. Will be taping them for another 2 months as instructed by my surgeon. But the best thing is that my nipples are much less sore than last week, such a relief! Have seen that many ladies suffer from sore and sensitive nipples for quite a long period of time.

Looking at my progress pics I can't really tell a huge difference, although they are starting to feel more natural. The right one has dropped more than the left, although the left nipple somehow sits lower. But they weren't symmetrical before either and that's fine! What else... Sleeping is getting more comfortable and I can sleep more on my side now, although some mornings I feel a bit sore. And, I almost forgot, my lefty is making a squeaky sound when I push the girls together, weird huh! But I have understood that's normal and will go away with time.
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