18 Years Old, and So Tired of Being Chinless - Osloß, DE

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For starters, excuse me for the bad english. I'm...

For starters, excuse me for the bad english. I'm from Norway, and we dont have any sites AS this.

On monday, in two days I will have my "chin implant surgery". The insecurities about my nonexcisting chin started when I was about 14 years old, and I have done everything to hide my lover face since then. Makeup, hair etc...

In March earlier this year, I went to see a plastic surgeoun in town. He took some pictures, showed me several implants and talked about how the surgery will go down. I think its a big decision, with my young age and all, but after 7 months I am very clear. I want a chin!

Soo now its just 2 days until the big change, and I am so scared. In one second I am so excited, and in the other I am freaking out. I think I just have to trust my surgeon and take a deep breath.

After all I am very sure that I want to do this. I am so tired of getting anxiety in the second I see a camera around, afraid that someone will take a pic of me from the wrong angle. I have only told my to best friends, and they are very supportive and will stay with me the first days.

I will update this little "diary" as soon as the surgery is over. Dont have many pics, but I will post some random anyway so you can see my chin for yourselves. Planning to take better "before-pics" tomorrow.

Day 2

The surgery went good, and I have to wear this strange turban for 4 days. Feel so ugly, haha.

I eat soups, porridge etc, and the pain is minimal. Sleeps well at night, and hope it does'nt get worse. Terrified of taking the turban of. Everyone here says they feel soo terrible looking in the mirror the first days/weeks because of the swelling.

Gonna meet up to remove the stings and bandage in one week, and really hope the healing goes well. Have no idea how it goes on under this big turban so, haha.


I know it is a short time after the surgery, and I know I would get some sort of a breakdown. My face looks like a ball, and even my lips are so swollen and looks superweird.

Terrified of taking the bandage of tomorrow, and seeing whats going on under there. Really, really hope the swelling goes down fast, because it scares me a lot seeing myself like this.

Chipmunk alert

Got to take my turban of today, and still have to wear this little bandage and tape until monday. Feel like a chipmunk! My face and lips are soo swollen, and Im hoping it will only get better from here.

Cant see any bruicing, doesnt have any pain and have already stopped taking painkillers. I can easily move my lips, and the feeling in the lips and neck are totally normal. Thats a huge relief!

My biggest concern is that the swelling doesnt go down. Hate seeing my face like this! Doesnt look like myself at all.

Feeling better

The pain is completely gone, and I can eat normal food now. So sick of soups already, so thats great.

My smile looks retarded because of the swelling, but I think my face looks a little bit slimmer today than yesterday. Hope it only get slimmer from here, cus Im still very swollen. Especially from straight forward!

I texted my Dr, and he said I can take the bandage and tape of tonight. A little worried. Hope it looks good under there.

Love it already

I took the bandage of, and I already love it!! Cant wait for the swelling to be completely gone. Wow, its just day 5 and I can already see a huuuge difference. So pleased

Love it

The best decision I have ever made! The implant was just the little impeovement my face needed, and it looks better and better every day.

I took the stitches out yesterday. My Dr said it looked nice, and healed quckly. I just have a little tape over the scar, so it doesnt get stretched. Can take it of in a couple days, and then I am good to go.

So thrilled over the soon recovery. No bruicing at all, just a couple days with swelling and no "screwups" with the surgery!

Third time's a charm

I will try to post some pictures of my currently face agaaain, for the third time. If it does'nt work this time either, dont kill me. Cant delete the posts, so thats sucks.

Love my new profile

Could not believe my own eyes when I saw this pic of myself! Used to hate seeing myself from this angle, and now I love it. Such a confidenceboost.

The swelling is completely gone now, noone has noticed the scar and my old smile finally came back.

2 months post op

My chin just keep looking better and better every day! Truly the best decision I've ever made. If you think about getting a chin implant, go for it!

4 months update

Ive been asked to post some updated pics of my healing. Especially of the scar. So here it comes. :) Couldt be more happy with my result! The scar is healing perfectly, and the swelling is completely gone now.
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