The Final Count-down...Jan. 27th - Oshkosh, WI

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My full tummy-tuck, breast aug, and belly button...

My full tummy-tuck, breast aug, and belly button hernia repair is scheduled for Jan 27th. I am so nervous, but also excited. I believe anyone who has had this, feels the same.

I am 36 years old and have 3 children. They are 8, 7, and 3 years old. I have wanted to do this ever since my last child was born, but never thought I would actually have the nerve to follow through.

I am about 5 foot 9 inches, and weigh about 130 lbs. When I had my first child, I gained 75 lbs. and carried it all in my stomach. Needless to say, that popped a hernia in my belly button and made my stomach look like an old leather shammy. I've also always been small chested, but after nursing all the babes, I look like a pre-adolescent girl. I eat very healthy and work out as much as a mom who works full-time can (usually about 3-4 times per week). I feel that I am as healthy as I have ever been, and I just want to look as good as I feel.

I am wondering what size of implants other women have gotten. I know that I am getting silicone implants, but I want them to be natural. I do not want people to look at me and know that I've had work done. I'm thinking that I would like about 350 cc's, but the doctor said that I should go bigger because I am so tall. Anyone have any advice?
My biggest fear is that this will be a disaster, and I will have only accomplished a)killing myself, taking myself away from my kids and husband for a selfish reason, or b) waste money on fixing bad mistakes. I have saved and saved for this and am getting a great deal due to my hernia being covered by insurance. My tt was then 25% off, and my ba was 50% off. If I pay in full, I get an extra 10% off. This brings my total price to $10,800. This is also being performed by one of the 2 most respected PS in our area.

I guess I'm rambling now! It has been great to get some of this off of my chest (as if I had any extra to give). Thanks for this's nice to be able to talk to women with experience or who are going through the same thing. My poor husband is soooo great, but absolutely hates talking about this surgery!

I'm not too computer-savvy, but I will try to post some pictures. Thanks again!!!

I had my initial pre-op appointment today. Now I...

I had my initial pre-op appointment today. Now I am majorly stressing out. This Dr. has 17 years of experience, has come highly recommended, but is SUCH an arrogant jerk. Now I have paid my bill and I'm scared I made a mistake. I keep telling myself that he obviously has a reason to be arrogant. He would never have gotten such a good reputation by his bed-side, I hope it's his talent. We'll see.

I'm going to attempt to post pictures tonight. I decided on 350-375ccs. He will make the final call in the operating room. I'm much happier with that size.

Added before photos.

Added before photos.

Hello again! Only two more days until the big...

Hello again!

Only two more days until the big event. I believe that I'm all ready. The kids are packed to spend time with their aunties, my husband has days off to help me...I can't think of anything else that can't wait. It feels surreal. I have such a mixture of emotions right now. I'm nervous, yet have a peacefulness about the whole situation. Thanks to everyone who gave tid-bits of advice, words of encouragement, and the reminder of how kick-a-- I'm going to look afterwards:)! (Hopefully!!) I'll up-date after all is said and done.

Hi everyone! I am now 5 days post-op. Yes!!! I...

Hi everyone! I am now 5 days post-op. Yes!!! I made it. It has been a tough couple days, but totally feel like I turned a corner yesterday. The pain has been bearable, but I was having major panic attacks. I felt like I couldn't breath, my limbs got extremely tingly, and I felt like my blood pressure plummet. I was sure on several occasions that I was dying. Yesterday, I went to the doctor, and he told me that the effects that I was feeling were because I was not able to exhale completely, and therefore was hyperventalating. Since this appointment, I have been doing awesome. I've been off of all pain meds since Sunday, and am only taking Tylenol. Healing has been going really well. Now that I know these "episodes" are not death omens, I've not had a single one. Things have gotten so much better. The first few days were definately difficult.

For me, the breast aug has been the most painful. The only time my tummy tuck hurts is when I have to cough or sneeze. I have had 3 c-sections and I believe that this has prepared me for the tt's. My doctor says that I will get my drains out on Wednesday, which is 6 days post-op. This was sooner than I thought, but my fluid has been really low today.

My doctor implanted 400cc's silicone. They seem really large and I hope that they settle down and get smaller. They feel like milk engorged post-baby breasts. Even though I feel like they are too large, they don't look too big underneath my shirt. I'm not quite ready to post pics yet, but I think within the next few days, I will feel up to it.

Thanks so much for all the support, ladies. You have all been such a blessing!

Okay...the debut of the new me! Here are my 1week...

Okay...the debut of the new me! Here are my 1week post-op pictures.

Okay...the debut of the new me! Here are my 1week...

Okay...the debut of the new me! Here are my 1week post-op pictures.

Oshkosh Plastic Surgeon

Initially, I thought that he was a jerk. Now that I know him better, I think that he is still arrogant, but mostly just quirkey. I called him everyday over the weekend and he made me feel totally justified and at ease when I called. He did not seem like he was put out by my questions at all. This made such a huge difference in my over-all judgement of him. It's very early, but so good!

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