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I just called for my first consultation. It's with...

I just called for my first consultation. It's with the coordinator, not the ps. But I'm just starting on this process. I need info and advice for now.
I'm going to a ps that was recommended by a friend. She is very happy with her results. But I'll need to get a feel for this office, team, and ps first.
I'm so eager to go! I won't to do it now! I won't big beautiful breasts today! But as Iv waited ten years for them. I suppose a few more months wont kill me. :)

On my way

Well the day of my consultation is here. Very nervous!
Iv been doing tons of research. Studying for today. Lol. I wont to sound knowledgeable, well informed. As I ask one thousand plus questions.
I have this fear, I will be told I can't have the sergery. It's partly unfounded. However their is a possibility. I have a connective tissu disorder, a mild heart murmer, and a history of bed reactions to anesthesia. I don't think any are of a great concern. But I still fear rejection.


First consultation

It went well yesterday. I didn't have nearly as manny questions as I though. They stared it off with a 15min vidio. It basically answered everything I was going to ask. Like the doctors preferences for procedure. I'll get to see him the next time. And ask a few things.
I think they do it this way. Because they don't charge for the consultation. You don't see the doctor unless your really serious.
I tried on a cupple implants. I realy liked the 610cc. It seems like a large number. But it didn't look at all garish or overdone.
I posted a pic yesterday with me wearing the 610s. Well this is a pic of where I'm staring from.

So nervous

Today is our apt at the bank. To see what they offer us. Hubby is hopping for a way more than we need. I just won't enough to have my dream come true. We have other options if the bank is not forthcoming. But they would give us the best interest rate.

So tomorrow is my apt with the ps. I'm excited by that one. :) I just hope I can book the date when I'm their.
Iv thought of a few questions to ask him. Things I forgot to ask the coordinator. Some things she wouldn't really be able to answer. Like scaring issues I have.

Well that's it for now. I'll let you all know how things go.
Wish my luck.

Things going slow

The apt at the bank went ok. Except the didn't tell us we needed to bring certain things with us. So I had to drop them off the next day. But we still don't have anything signed. Ahrr! So frustrating! It'll work out. It just bugs me.

My apt with the ps went went well. He gave me a good feeling. I'm also sure the size I chose is the right one. I tried on the implants again. They felt so right!

Ok so a friend stayed with us Friday night. He said his aunt worked for a ps who does amazing ba. They aren't local. I would need to travel over an hour on the train to see them. But she will be calling me to talk. Then I can always talk to the ps. Before deciding if I won't to go meet. He is a little more expensive. But at this point. Money isn't an isu. I won't good ones. No matter the cost. So we shall see.

Out :)

All engines go!

Ok so turns out my friends aunt doesn't work for that ps anymore. Oh well. I'm totally comfortable with the guy Iv got.
Yesterday my financing finally got aproved! While that banker did do a good job getting us a low rate and all. He was so slow! Took him a week, and only with me on him the whole time.

I'm on my way to make my deposit. Date is (almost) set. October 23rd is DD day!
This processes has been way more stressful than I imagined. It's not the ps or any of that. It's everything else. Once I pay in full next week. I can relax and enjoy the future. :)

Excitement building, anxiety subsiding.

Just went to sign all the paperwork.
I can't be leave this is realy going to happen!
I decided to try on a pair of 700cc implants. Just to see. You can't know what is enough, until you know what is to much. 700cc is to much for me! Lol But now I know.
The coordinator was so ok with me not having the remaking money yet. I'll have acess to my loan later today or tomorrow. She was even cool with me coming in on Thursday if I had to.
That releves allot anxiety Iv been having.

31 days till, DD day.

To tell, or not to tell. That is the question.

I was out with my mother and sister yesterday. It hurt not to tell them bought my upcoming surgery. They were talking bought what they have been upto lately. But I had nothing to say. As this is all Iv been doing. I had decided not to tell anyone beforehand. And not most ppl after either.
I will tell my mom. As were so close. But not my sister. I'm sure she'll figure it out eventually. I just don't plan on telling her. She never shares with my anyway.
My mom is coming over tomorrow to watch my sick kid. If I'm brave enough I'll tell her then.
I wonder how others have dealt with this. Did you tell ppl? Did you hide it? Did you care? Iv been slowly increasing my stuffing. So no one will notice a sudden change. I also am waiting to were my new glasses. Until after. So ppl might think they are what's different bought me. lol

To much time!

My surgery date got pushed back. My ps is out of the country. Plans changed and he won't be back on time. So six more days to wait. Wish I could charge him. Like he'd charge me for rescheduling. Lol

So my big issue atm is I'm still worried in going to small. I need my hubby to come with me for a fitting. I need a second opinion.

I don't won't to come out of this feeling small. Or even average. I won't them to be big. I'm not worried bought liking natural. I don't really won't to. I won't to look to big to be real. Yet still well done. Not balloons!

Any advise would be most welcome. Do I go to 700+cc or stay at 610cc?

Going for it

Went back in today to try on the sizers again. Iv been so stressed over my size choice. Worried that after it's all said and done. I will feel I went to small. So, doing as everyone suggests. Iv gone bigger.
While 610 would probably have done. I signed off for 695cc.
610 just seemed ordinarily big. While 695 feels extraordinarily big. I'm not one for doing things half assed. Lol
Go big, or go home!

It feels good having gone that extra bit. Knowing they will be bigger than big. I just can't wait the 19 days till my surgery date. Wish it was soner. Even though I'm getting nervous. My impatience outweighs it.

Hope the sports braes I bought will fit. They were the biggest I could find. lol

Getting close.

So my surgery is eleven days off. My nerves are starting to get to me. I'm so excited!!!
I started taking my vitamins. But really wish I could have a beer. It's funny how much you won't something. Once your not allowed it. Lol

Iv been felling a bit lonely in my size choice. Seems not manny on here go anywhere near my size. Now while that doesn't make me won't to change my decision. It does make me feel like a bit of an oddity.

So if their are any big beautiful women (or soon to be) out there. Who would like to say hi.
Hi :)

Can't wait ,Can't wait, Can't wait!

My ba is getting so close! I'm nervous, and excited!
I just found out my hubby won't be able to stay with me the day after. He can't take the time off work. So I'm going to have my little girl stay with me. She's old enough to call for help if need be. I was also planning on getting my nails done. As something to do to get me out. And make me feel good. So now she can get hers done to. :) maybe get her hair done to. She has been bugging to get it cut.
I'll keep you all updated. Post pics as soon as I have some. :)

DD day

Iv got three and a half hours till my OR time. Nerves are stretched. Stomach is empty.
Just wish it was time and I was their already!

Morning after

Things went ok. But at first. It was awfull! We left the a half hour early. Just in case. When we hit the Hiway. It stopped! Turned out their were five crashes that day. In different arias. We called to let them know. 15 min late. So I took my pre-meds in the car. No big deal. But then they couldn't find my EKG test! The other clinic has no record of taking it. I remember them taking it. Then the must have lost it! Worried they won't go on without.
But the anesthesiologist wasn't worried. Told them not to worie bought it. Finally things can start.
The Iv in my hand hurt. Ppl say its the nicest place. I don't agree! They pump me Full of drugs. Then put a mask over my face. Still not sleeping. Al of a sudden something burning goes threw the Iv. Ouch!
I think 'what would happen if someone changer her mind right now?' The next thing I know I'm in the recover room. 'Answer, they get them anyway lol'

Sorry this took so long.

I felt so bad after. Nauseous , week, dopy. Because it was so late in the day. I didn't get to do things quite to plan. Yesterday I had to shower with my sports-bra on. As it hurt to much to go without.
Went and had a mani-pedi with my daughter. Grabbed a new bra. Then realized is been out to long. Had to have hubby pick us up. Napped went out for supper. Then realized I had a low grade fever.
Just hade my follow up apt. Everything's good. Fever is common. As long as it doesn't get high. Swelling is a lot but uniform. Incisions look good. All seems well. Here are some new picks.


Day 4

Well I'm starting to feel more comfortable. Had my 24-48h check up. Nurse said I'm doing fine. Told me not to worry bought the fever. Provided it doesn't get high. Not to worry. Good thing cause it's going on day four. Lol
Iv been weening off the pain meds. Swellings not gone down much. I'm drinking tea to reduce watter weight. And applying cocoa butter to my skin. I'm not to tender to start messaging. But laying on them is still hard.
I decided to post pics only once a week. So the change will be noticeable.
Take care all

Day seven.

Things have been going ok. I had a hard time at work. But thankfully Iv had a cupple days off to recover. Just taking it easy. Befor I have to go back in again.
Had a bad night last night. Swollen and sore. I had given up all painkillers. But think better of it now. I'll keep taking ibuprofen. For its anti-inflammatory properties.
Can't wait to go shopping for new clothes. I dream of a dress I need to get tailored. Cause I had to buy it big to fit my chest! But I'll need something more conservative for Christmas. Not going to bring attention to them till after the family has gotten usto my new size. Less questions that way.
I'm still running a low grade fever. I'm texting with my coordinator. She checking to see if I need to come in or not. As it's just a fever. Probably not. But it has been a week.
I took a pic wearing my old bikini top. Looks good. But I'll still need a new one. Lol

Ten days on

I'm so wonting to be all healed! I can't wait to start bying my new wardrobe. To not be in pain anymore. I'm way better than on day one. But now the feeling is coming back into my nipples. Yay!!! But painful! The nerve endings are registers all sensations as pain. This to shall pass. Hence why I wish I was all healed. *Sigh*

Sorry it's late.

I know I said I would post once a week. Sorry it's a little over that. Been lazy. :)
Feeling good. Still have some more healing to go. But I feel a lot more like myself. Skin has relaxed allot. You can finally pinch some. As opposed to it being tighter than a drum. lol
Nerves are still coming back to life. Now it feels rather scratchy when lightly touched.
Muscles are tight and sore. My family keep reminding me to do my stretches.
Well I think that's all. I'll post another pic as soon as I take one.
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