31yrs, 5'8, 145lbs, 1 Kid, 600cc HP Transauxillary Silicon

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I was a small B with no real complaints before...

I was a small B with no real complaints before giving birth. I wanted more size but to me it wasn't worth the money or trouble. Now whats left of my chest is saggy and unshapely. I want the fullness back with a bit more size. Why go to the trouble and spend the money without improving a bit? Im getting very excited!


Before pics

One of those nights

Tonight was a perfect example of why I want this procedure. We had a local social event, casual, but everyone in our town attends. Its unusually warm for this time of year so I wanted to wear a tank top but since the baby, don't have a strapless bra that gives me cleavage. So I faught back n forth on what to wear to look good, be comfortable, etc. Needlesa to say I became so frustrated that I almost didn't even go. Usually this would have resulted in my whole evening being ruined, except this time I reminded myself that in a month I will never have this feeling again. It really can't come soon enough?

9 Days Left!!

So very excited that my day is getting close! I have been preparing things at work so that my return is smooth as possible. Trying to prepare things at home, but not sure that's possible. Can't wait to shop, which I've never enjoyed or done much. Even my husban says he cant wait to take me shopping and hes excited for me. He knows how badly I've hated my body since the pregnancy. Just thrilled to soon see a big improvement! :)

5 hrs post Op

Surgery went well. Dr Bailey provides a suite overnight that we are using due to 2 hr drive home and have post op appt at 8am. Feel ok expect for tighness n sore. Like a super extreme workout sore. Couple complaints...seems there was another patient who used the room last night n she took her sweet time leaving so instead of being out of recovery room by 11am we just ot here at 2:30pm. Couldn't see my husband while in recovery either. And since I'd not eaten since yesterday at 6pm, began getting nauseous even with anti nausea meds in iv. Now hubby is headed to grab me food cause I was due for pain meds 1 hr ago n need to take with food, but nothing greasy and the only restaurant within 10 miles is McDs. Grr! And when the nurse reviewed my post op instructions she said no lifting over 5 lbs for 1 wk n 10 lbs for 2 wks. I have a 10 month old!!! I discussed this with Dr Bailey twice and in great detail n he said I'd be fine if I just lift with my legs. I mentioned to the nurse that I was frustrated that he downplayed that portion of recovery. My son is going to be miserable and so will I watching him upset n not be able to comfort him!! And attitude is a big part of recovery. The nurse said its that way with surgery and I told her yes, but this was elective and I could have put it off 6 mths until he was more independent. But, otherwise Im good! Lol! If I can stay positive and keep my muscles relaxed I am confident it will all go smoothly. Even though the girls are smushed in the compression I can already tell theres so much more there than before. And that thrills me! Excited to see them tomorrow AND shower!

And so it begins...

Last night went well. The suite offers any accommodations you would need during recovery and a lake view. Slept very well too! Took meds at 7:15pm n slept through til midnight. Woke up stiff but not in much pain really. I took another round of meds n waited for them to kick in around 12:45am and then slept till 6am. No paing waking up and not even as sore as midnight. My arms are even better enough that I was able to adjust my ponytail bun a bit lol! Hadn't touched my hair since 4:30am yesterday so that was a huge deal to tame it a bit. Looking forward to first pre op with Dr Bailey around 9am. Should get dressing removed, get to see them for the first time AND SHOWER!!! Yay!!

Day 1 Pics

Already love them!!! They are high, of course, since we went under muscle. But the fullness I can already feel just makes me so happy! I can already see that the nipples different sizes are more pronounced as Dr Bailey said they would be, but I don't care about that and neither does my husband so very unlikely I'll do anything about that. Dr Baileys post op visit was short n sweet. Said everything looks fantastic! Have some brusing he called minimal. Since my incisions are in my armpit I can't life my arms for 6 weeks. We discussed lifring n carrying my baby son. Dr Bailey said do what I must but lift with my legs, hold him close and get help as much as possible especially for crib n carseat. Suggested more muscle relaxers in evenings after work along with the ones at bedtime just to keep my muscles eased. Biggest aggravation now is the compression band, but Bailey says it will help push them down into position so Im considering it a necessary evil and trying to love it lol. Pain has been minimal. Soreness has eased as well. Using my legs & abs more to minimize use b of arms is making me sore all over, but nothing I can't handle. Taking meds as scheduled, but from 6am to 2pm had breakfast, shower, packed up, shopped, had lunch n more shopping and I began to get sick so we hit the hotel room. After an hour of sleep Im great! Gonna rest n then have some dinner n maybe see a movie or get a manicure. :)


Home today! Have slept like crazy, to the point my husband was concerned I wouldn't be able to eat lunch, but I also quit taking the hydro to get it out of my system. Last one was 130am. All ibuprofen now. Will take muscle relaxant evenings as needed. Not much change so no pics. Poat op appt is Tuesday.

The Rollercoaster

Last night was up n down. Turns out I was mistaking my muscle relaxant for hydro and thus putting myself out during day but overnight the painkillers alone didn't do it. Today...ibuprofen only and not too ba really. If Im just able to sit comfoortably n chat Im good but stuck in a car, standing or if I get over warm....bad deal. Trying to wash n fix my hair is a joke. Trying to dress is a cruel joke. So wearing the hubbys t-shirts n skipped work today. Not the plan. And skipping tomorrow due to post opt appt that could not be rescheduled since Dr Bailey will be in Hawaii next week. Plus, I can't do anything with my son. He's 10 mths n walks n I can't even get hugs. Aggravated beyond words. Need recovery to super seep up so bad.

Getting back to good...

Total turning point today! Morning was tough as was the 2 hr drive to my Dr but he was very happy with my progress. Got to lose the compression band, yay! Also the tape on my incisions, under arm, though I still can't lift much of anything. Said the mix up with my meds was no super big deal, gave me more to take properly this time. He said they are going to be big and look natural. Loved hearing that!
Used the drive home to do some mental prep and by the afternoon I was good. Took pain meds just in evening to make it easier with the baby and it really made a difference. Plus without the band I can manage in a better variety of clothes. Showering is still a joke, but I will manage. Have a big weekend of family events and another follow up with Dr on Tuesday next week. More to come!!!


Baby was fussy and clingy this morning then At work and its been super busy. Plus I forgot my meds n home is out of town. Feeling terrible, nausea, too hot, exhausted, yuck.

Incisions and a question

Here are pics of my incisions. Dr Bailey says they will disappear into the natural crease of my arm pit and be virtually unnoticed. They look pretty good in my opinion compared to some of the under breast pics I've seen on here. Also, any advice regarding the coloring on the inside of my left breast? Dr Bailey had mentioned to watch for signs of hemotoma (bruises on or above breast) and at my exam Tuesday he said the coloring was from betadine used during surgery, but it isn't fading and there's a hint of greenish that makes me think bruising. Thoughts?

Just checking in...

Yesterday felt a bit like a turning point. When I woke up for the day my chest didnt feel as tight n heavy as previous mornings. I took my ibuprofen and took on the day, which was very long and full of family events. I was on the go constantly and really didn't feel too bad at all. Felt the most like myself since surgery. I think part of it was turning the week corner and part was the movement, rather than being stuck in one position driving or sitting at a desk for hours. Had a 2 hr period that my back really hurt but mostly ok. Have had some new tightness in my breast bone area thats super uncomfortable. But my bruises seem to be fading just a tad. Getting the zingers so maybe feeling will be returning soon and tenderness will begin to let up.

Dr Visit

Got rid of the tape today. Still no shaving underarms or deodorant. Said they were already dropping and even. All looks good. Appointment in 2 weeks.

2 weeks

What a difference a week makes! Most mornings I feel fine, boobs are sore n heavy, but nothing extreme. By evening, handling my little one after work, Im beat! Sore, tender, etc. The bruises are almost gone and I can see them dropping a bit more. The under arm muscle soreness that I have is still pretty tough, but I've found that focusing on good posture and just keeping moving helps a lot. Im carrying my son a lot more so I know thats contributed. Have appt Nov 10 and hopefully by then things have progressed enough I can shave and get a new bra.

Comparison pics

Day 1 n 15

Looks can be deceiving lol

Thought Id post this pic. The new girls are still a bit high but look nice BUT the sensitivity is SEVERE and PAINFUL. Any advice on that? If not for that I'd call this a breeze. The soreness n tightness I can dealwith, but the painful sensitivity is approaching too much to take.

3 weeks

Well not much visible change but yesterday felt like a turning point in the soreness. I have notably more range of motion in my arms. Mostly Im comfortable through the day. Its only toward bedtime thatI really feel a lot of discomfort and I still believe that is due to handling my son so much. Dr appointment is Tuesday ao we'll see what he says.

Comparison Pics 3 wks

Day 1 n 3 weeks

Dr Appointment Yesterday

Just a quick update....Dr Bailey said everything looks great! Healing a bit ahead of the curve. Gave me an A+++ !
Also said they will get bigger. Not sure what to think about that. Can shave underarms now and wear sports bra....yay!! Next appointment is end of December. Will post pics on weekend as thats my 4wk mark. :)

Checking in

Won't have my next Dr appointment until after Christmas so I wanted to post a quick update. I'm back to all activity but my arms are the weakest they have ever ever been. I'm still extremely sensitive on my breasts and underarms. Some feeling has returned but not all. I find it so strange to have such sensitivity and numbness at the same time. My left side still pulls abd hurts often. And its still not 100% comfortable to lay on my left side. I'm planning to discuss all of this with Dr Bailey at my appointment but until then there doesn't seem to be any serious issues or concerns. I mostly like them, but with it being sweater weather and I'm still restricted to sports bras, dressing is difficult rather than the enjoyment of a new figure. I mostly feel larger, although I've not gained weight, I just don't feel as attractive in some clothes as I expected or even as I did before. And I can't seem to find a sports bra at our local store that's big enough, But don't want to spend too much on more expensive ones online because I've never worn them much before. Any way...mostly doing good.

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