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I have PCOS, so I've had hair on my upper lip...

I have PCOS, so I've had hair on my upper lip pretty much all my life. I used to be able to bleach it using Sally Hansen's products, but the hair eventually grew so thick and long that it was still highly visible even after bleaching. I ended up going to an electrolysis; she charges $35/15 minutes or $50 for half an hour. I've gone every one or two weeks for nearly a year now. The hair is only 75% gone, but much less visible. It can be a long and frustrating process. She uses a rather old-school machine (the flash type of electrolysis) rather than the blend method. I did go to another electrologist once, but she burned me badly and caused hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on my skin. I've already spent so much money on this, but I guess I'll be going to my biweekly appointments until the hair's gone.

*To add to my annoyance, a patch of chin hair showed up about a year ago. I swear, this never ends! I'm not even going to touch that until I get the hair on my upper lip completely removed.

I just wanted to update this post -- it's been...

I just wanted to update this post -- it's been about 2 years since my first appointment, and I'm now 90% hair-free on my upper-lip. I've been vigilantly going to my 2x a month appointments the last two years, so god knows how much I've spent on this. Unfortunately, I do believe that this is the only permanent solution, so it's worth the money.
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