Smart Lipo Amazingly Painless Even a Week After

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I had been promising myself lipo for ages. I...

I had been promising myself lipo for ages. I wasn't fat but no matter how hard i worked out i just couldn't get the love handles and lower abs to co operate I did my research and decided on smart lipo

I was very nervous going into the operation. I had never been awake fir anything like this before and had read about pain and stuff. I was worried that all they told me to get for any pain after was tylonal !! Well, turns out i didn't even need that. the procedure was actually FUn ! yes, I said FUN. I went into the room and laid on the table, i received 3 small injections, didn't feel them, then that numbed the cutting area. a quick cut with a scalpel opened up the required hols, of course i never felt that. then the surgeon inserts the rod that puts the fat breaking/ numbing solution in. well it puds so much in you expand to look like Buddha. obviously the stuff numbs even before the rod hits a new area so again a weird but totally painless experience.

next came the laser. OK this was a feeling neither i or actually my surgeon expected. it tickled !! yes, i was laying there, having my fat zapped and giggling lke i was in a tickle fight . my surgeon found it highly amusing. then came the sucking part. the vibrating wand felt like a massage , then he hit a bone and it felt weird as my body vibrated, later he ran over the muscles. another odd sensation, like someone playing drums with your body. again, totally painless.

Now during this time i am talking to the surgeon , twitpicking and taking video on my iphone, mostly to gross out my freinds as i sent pics to them. TRUST ME it LOOKS a LOT worse than it is.

Once it was all done, maxi pads over the holes, and the spandex wrap. i was fine, I had a friend drive me home just in case and by the time i got home my pads were soaked and my pants i wore. i had to change and a couple more times. by the next morning though i was pretty much leak free. I awoke the next day thinking ok, this is it , this is where the pain starts.. nope, nothing. maybe they sucked out all my nerves? nope i felt tender but not painful, changed the maxi pads once a day for the next 3 days then just used band aids to cover the incisions that had pretty much closed, that's only to stop the spandex wrap from rubbing on them. so nearly a week later, still got some swelling, very little bruising and still no pain. I try to put my wrap as tight as possible every day and at night i try to sleep on one side, then the next , then my stomach to help compress everything. YES i LAY on the parts they lipoed. i told ya, no pain.

They took out 850 cc'ss of fat, probably not a lot but she said it was quite a but considering i wasn't fat in the first place. so 1 more week til the wrap comes off, and i can get back to working out. I have been walking slowly like 3 miles a day t keep it moving and I am back at work with no problems so far. would defiantly recommend it.

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