Fat Transfer/lazerlift to Festoons and Chin Lift: STOP, THINK BEFORE YOU DO IT - Orlando, FL

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I recently had a lazerlift (no is not misspell)...

I recently had a lazerlift (no is not misspell) that is the name use for marketing purposes for Laser lift. Here is how they promoted: "Because LazerLift is minimally invasive, there’s no need to subject yourself to the physical trauma, risk, invasive incisions, extended downtime, and high costs associated with traditional facelift surgery. With LazerLift, you can look years younger with no scalpel, no stitches, and no scars. During the LazerLift procedure, precise, targeted laser energy is used to deeply and safely heat the skin and the underlying supportive structures of the face, where many of the changes caused by the aging process take place. The heat from the laser promotes tissue coagulation, leading to skin and tissue tightening. The LazerLift procedure can help tighten and lift the lower face, smooth wrinkles and creases, reduce sagging, eliminate jowls, and restore youthful contours in the jawline and neck." That sounds pretty good right? Because I am still on the early stage from this procedure I am not here to criticize if the procedure worked or not I am here to tell you what they DON"T TELL YOU so no one else goes thru what I am going right now which is frustration, angry, and down.
I have a small frame face even if Im over my weight my face usually looks thinner. I probably can say that my face is kind of a diamond shape. Just to give you and idea why Im so frustrated.

When I schedule this procedure I did it because of course I did some research in terms of going with an experience doctor who has done this many times. Who will know at least the approximate time that each procedure may take in the healing process. Again for someone who has been doing this for a long time you would expect to give you a clear picture of what to expect after these procedures more so if you are having more than one procedure at once. Having in mind that each patient heals differently even with the same procedure and using the same techniques. When I first met with the doctor I was very specific about things. Since my procedure was done on a Tuesday Nov 17 I ask how long it will take for the swollen to go as I needed to go back to work the following Tuesday. I was told that I should be fine to go back to work on the following Tuesday like if nothing happen. I also explain to them that I really did not wanted to be swollen for Thanksgiving for two reason that my son was coming to visit and of course is Thanksgiving that means family reunions. They assure me that I was going to be fine, that yes it was going to probably hurt a little bit but fine. So I went ahead and did the procedure as they were so convincing. Well a week has pass and guess what I look like a chipmunk. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow. Do you think that right now I am really happy and excited about going to work tomorrow? Listen I have tried everything that there is to try to bring the swollen down from massaging/drinking green tea/ginger/taking over the counter meds/cold/hot treatments/wearing the compression garment for my neck/ elevating my bed position. I have done everything under the sun to see if I can see some improvement but I still look like a chipmunk. Oh I forgot to mention that the initial horrible first stage of being swollen I really don't have words that can describe what was like. Well the only way I can described is imagine someone blowing air thru your nose of mouth and you getting inflated like to a ballon. I consider myself a good candidate for these procedure because I have a good skin overall. I did not get bruce turn purple or red like I have seen others do. Bottom line I am NOT against all these things happening as it is this is the natural way for your body to heal. What I am most upset about is the fact that I was mislead in terms of the downtime and therefore my expectations were different from theirs. It seems like money is what is most important and is sad to say that they fail to acknowledge the patients concerns when it was brought to them before the procedure. Listen if you are considering any procedure but especially doing your face PLEASE PLEASE HEAR ME OUT. You really need to first ask yourself if you want to do more than one procedure in your face at the same time, second do I have the time that is require if I do more than one procedure to stay home to heal? Third would I mind going back to work even if I look like a chipmunck? note: (the laser lift for the chin is not bad and probably done by itself would it have been a different scenario), but the fat transfer and the treating of the festoons which are the area under your eyes but upper to your cheek bone that is a different story. I am not saying the doctor was not knowledgable about the procedure, but I have to say that in my case he missed a base. Before you go to any procedure please ASK ASK ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE. I feel that I ask but not as I should it have and that I can only blame myself. I really hope that this will help someone that is considering any face procedure. If you ask me I can tell you that it may take two weeks for the swollen to go down. Based on what I have read because this was not explain to me either is that to see any results from fat transfer you need to give at least 3-6 month to see if it worked. With the laser lift I really don't know what to expect or should expect. I will keep you guys posted on my progress. I wonder how other doctors would it have handle this scenario?

Up to this point I only interacted with the doctor at the beginning for the consult and then for the procedure. Pre procedure the nurse met with me to go over procedure and after care. She was good. After five days I went back but a nurse saw me. I have not seen the doctor yet.

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