Dr Perry?? or dr jimmerson - Orlando, FL

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A college student who will be transferring to the...

a college student who will be transferring to the University of Florida next yea" GATORRRRRRR NATION *twerksss* WHOOOOPPP" , sorry for the brief ratchetness, but any who I want my bigger butt before I transfer. Man I'm that one girl that everyone knows. You know, the girl that looks BAD in clothes and if she takes them off you're left confused ....about life. Yup that's me! Man I am trickery from the front . I'm the girl that walks by a man and they think "damnnnnnnnnnn" .... until they see the back side and they think "what the fuck just happened". Once again I gave them a new outlook on life. Actually, i'be blessed them with the lesson "everything is not what it seems". I look terrible out of clothes because of weight loss and I will illustrate.

ladies i'm confused

After reading some of these ladies reviews, I should address this. Attention all grammar patrols that lurks these posts, I will be making some errors, so continue your life saving duties elsewhere.. anywho, now that's out the way, I am torned in between the two.. ( now I see how letoya luckett felt) since, I first decided to go to Perry becauseeeee 100% of his patients were satisfied.............. and his prices were lower than dr j (main reason, since we're being real) but now Perry is charging me 9100, which is only 2,000 lower than dr j. Now I honestly feel like like that dr. Perry is not close in demand as dr j. For his prices to skyrocket like it has. ( once again that is how "I" feel, not you, your baby daddy, mama, uncle nor your cousin jayjay that's serving 10 years in jail) I'm a college student and will be using left over money from my scholarships. Now I am terrified of going to yily or Duran because of the negatives.
before you feel the need to become one of their spoke persons and defend them, hear me out. I know accidents happen and I'm also aware of the risks. But uh, two, three, four different accidents in a short span of time is just plain negligence. I am not willing to bargain my life. Yea I can go to yily and have that small waist, but at what cost? TO ME it seem as if its a 50/50 chance i'll get my desired results. From MOST of the reviews I've read, she really isn't as caring and responsible. (Not going in detail research for yourselves) .

Dr jimersonnnn

Omg ....so I will most definately be going with dr j. My initial price with Perry was 9,100 and a deposit of $750 is needed. With jimerson, my price is 9,800 if I pay in cash + including a deposit of $500. Thewonderful thing about being a smart college student is $$$$$ scholarships $$$$$$% . I will be using my refunds to pay cash for this procedure in February . I will be getting the surgery 4-6 months after I pay, from my understanding. I will be locking in my deposit next Friday. I am so excited right now guys. I want a nice sexy curve, small waist, and an "above average" ass. I do not want a abnormally big ass. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE, but some ladies be having 2 big meatballs ass on top of their noodle legs. If that's what you like, I am in no way offending you. Looking like two big balls on a stick. I will be gaining 10 pounds , and working out my quads so that doesn't happen to me. All that ass ... but where's your legs shawtyy. Soooo anywho I spoke to michelle. I explained to her that I am anemic and she told me dr j will explain whatI have to do with my condition. I will be posting some pics soon. I want to know if he can graft some fat from my face man. Lol I have these fat ass cheeks, which people feel the need to pinch. One time, when I was younger, and ratchet, this old lady at church grabbed my cheeks and started telling me how cute it was. Mannn I almost sliced her fingers off with the bible. I thought my mom was a magician after that day smh. One minute I saw her across on the other side talking to the preacher, next thing I know she yanking my ears. But ms. Bird never fucked with my cheeks again. Matter fact, after that day she hides her fist everytime she sees me, and I gave her that "u lucky my mama was there" look.

OH Gosh duran it is!!!

I done got in a car crash January 1st!! thank God I went to church the night before and repented, I think that's what saved me. They were amazed I was alive, my car was TOTALED. So any-who that is the set back on why I don't have a new booty yet.. BUT praise God i'm alive though... My new booty and I will serve God as long as we live. I will not use this booty to sin, I will solely use it to give glory God ..who gave men the intelligence to be able to sculpt such a wonderful booty.. a-men!
But any who, after some soul searching and some deep thinking... I'm going with *drum rolls* DURANNNN.. I am soooooo excited . I'M SO EXCITED that whenever I think about this I wanna twerk, but my twerking days are not here yet. When I get this booty I will be the twerking queen (in the comfort of my own home of course). Oh gosh guys, THE level of happiness i'm feeling makes me want to sing pharell's "happy" song alllll dayyyy long. When I first heard it , I was like "what could make a nigga feel so happy that he'd want to make a song about it", now I understand how he felt. SOOO I am waiting for a quote! Hopefully I will be able to do it by December.

is anyone else going to duran? what is her waiting list looking like?


YAYEEE..... so I emailed duran yesterday, she responded today. She said if I am able to come in the next three months my price will remain 3,500 bbl + the lipo. My only concern is school, is there anyway around missing school days for the college students who has gotten this procedure done? My professors, will they allow that?.. how many days would you suggest staying in the dr before going back home?

duran isn't responding w/ before pics

Guyysss duran isn't responding to me. Me and my friend are going together. Duran locked in her date, and accepted her deposit, but she has not responded to me yet. She quoted me and everything and the date we want is october 2nd. I'm pissed she locked in the date for her and not me since we will be traveling together

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