My TT surgery only enhanced the hard work and dedication I gave to fitness

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After losing 100 pounds by dieting and weight...

after losing 100 pounds by dieting and weight training, I finally had the strong muscular look of an athlete, but I always hid my saggy midsection skin under loose shirts. Now that I'm a personal trainer I had to get rid of this extra baggage once and for all. After two years of research and preparation, I decided my weight was stable and was physically strong enough to go ahead with the TT procedure.

Dieting cardio and weight training will never get rid of loose skin

I workout 3 hours a morning and train others part time. I follow a high protein flexible diet, lowering carbs and fats periodically. I drink a gallon of water a day and still stuck with saggy skin from losing 100 pounds. I met with my P.S two years ago did tons of research since and packed on as much muscle as I can before having the TT surgery on April 3, 2015. I know in a few months I will be happy with the results. :-)

17 days post op

My swelling is down a little and my scar isn't that bad, my surgeon blended it in with my prior c-section scar which is great. I think it will heal nicely once I'm past the 6 months point.

My lifestyle change paid off "big time"

after being overweight most of my adult life, I met one person who forever changed my eating habits and fitness trainer and now forever friend. :-)

19 days post op

My swelling is under control, I can stand up straight, and life is getting back to normal for me. I've been wearing my cg and binder together and watching my sodium intake, which has really helped me control the swells and pain. My heart goes out to some of the women who are still having issues months after surgery and I get asked a lot about my quick recovery time. Due to my fitness lifestyle, my body and muscles are very use to recovering after brutal workouts. Even though surgery is a lot different that lifting weights my body's response to recover is still the same. The best advice I can give to anyone in the thinking phase of having this surgery is to take the time to prepare your body by increasing your muscle mass and strength and cardio endurance. :-)

My first mud run

I know this has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery, but I thought I'll share this. This was my daughter and I first mud was a 5 mile run with 26 obstacles. We fell in water a few times, I got my shoes caught in mud and fell face down, and even stepped in cow dun as a added bonus (the run was on a cow pasture). We had mud in places mud should never be but had a blast. We went there with little athletic ability and received help and gave help along the way, it was great. Exercise shouldn't be feared or hated but embraced because it's fun. :-)

Don't try this at home

This 5k was fun...I had to eat 12 Krispy Kreme Donuts halfway through my run. I gobbled them down and finished the rest of the race and was one of the first females to finish (finished the entire race including eating them donuts in under 25 minutes)...I now proudly display my donut medal :-). FYI...eating them donuts was the hardest part of the race.

Went for Wipeout but did The Price Is Right instead

As I was getting better at fitness, my daughter dared me to do the TV show Wipeout...ok Miss sarcastic...Open audition was a couple of months away, so I booked a flight went to the audition, but didn't have medical clearance from a previous foot injury (from doing a mud run in Philly) ...:-(...I'm in California anyway, so I dragged my son and his wife from their Southern California home and headed back to LA after getting tickets to The Price Is Right...that experience was awesome and fun fun fun !!!!

Hey, that's me in the pink skirt

Even though I came in third to last in my first race, I was still better than all those who was home on the couch...Medal Achieved!!! :-)

The personal challenge I made to myself over a year ago

This is what I'll be wearing in my first bodybuilding women's figure competition. This is why I work so hard and had this surgery.

I tend to travel the road with the most resistance

More pre-surgery photos...I can't wait too see the final results later this year :-).

When you at first you don't succeed...

The first time I did this race, I had an asthma attack and ended up in the ER...I was so disappointed. I trained harder got better and the following year...Medal Achieved!!!

23 days post op

My TT scar is well hidden :-)

26 days post op

I'm still going through the healing process. It's not easy or fun but it's worth it.

I'm feeling better every day

I'm at the point where I'm feeling better every day instead of every week. I'm back in the gym and rebuilding my body.

5 weeks post ops

I'm back in the gym and feeling great :-).

Pre op pictures

I spent countless hours in the gym getting ready for this surgery.

The better support you have the better results you'll have

Going back to the gym has been my therapy. My mind is so focused on getting back in shape, I don't have time to think about the post surgery pains. I've been doing 35 minutes of cardio and drinking a gallon of water, between the sweating and all the bathroom stops, I haven't notice any swelling. My trainer started me back on a ketogenic diet, to help lean me out for my November follow-up appointment with my surgeon because I want to "wow" him when I step back into his office. I feel very lucky to have the support of a trainer who majored in kinesiology and a surgeon who understands competitive athlete because without them my results may not have been the same.

Controlling the swelling through diet and exercise

Finally the swelling is going down

Me myself and I

No Regrets

So far I have no complaints regarding my TT surgery, I think my expectations have been met. My swelling is gone, the pain is gone, and I got rid of the binder (R.I.P). Today is also day 4 of my return to the gym and I already dropped 6 pounds of mostly water weight. My goal now is to drop my body fat and have a 6 pack for my 6 month post op appt in November. :-)

Adjusting to going binder and cg free

I'm happy to be binder and cg free today and only swelled after I ate a 1/2 of egg roll which contained 220 mg of sodium.

My 10 Takeaways About Cosmetic Surgery

I decided to take this journey with realistic expectations. For two years, I research everything I could about TT surgeries, the healing process and the ways to get the best results. In May of 2013 I got my first consultation with Dr. Trevisani and we discussed realistic expectations and I wanted a "six pack." He told me if I wanted my rectus abdominal muscles (the six pack) to show I should build them up before the surgery. After that I decided to taylor my workouts around having a successful surgery based on what I wanted. It took 23 months to drop my body fat to 18% (from 38%), add the necessary muscle mass needed to recover, and save up for the surgery which I paid cash. During my pre op testing my regular doctor did an EKG and found out I have a bad heart murmur. She ordered an heart sonogram STAT and during that sonogram I found out I had three bad heart valves which prompted more testing. I was cleared by the cardiologist because I was in top physical shape. The day of the surgery, I met with the Anesthesiologist and we went over my health records and medications and when I told him I had asthma he circled that on my chart. Once the surgery was over and I woke up I immediately started wheezing and couldn't catch my first breath. When I realized I left my inhaler in my purse, I started to panicked but saw I had an unopened box at my bedside. When that inhaler didn't control my breathing Dr. Trevisani order the nurse to put a me on straight oxygen which worked. Afterwards, I felt confident about my decision to hire a great surgical team to perform my procedure.
Now that I'm at my six week post op period, I'm glad I got super fit before having this surgery, I followed all the pre-op procedures, and didn't conceal any health issues from my doctors.
My 10 takeaways I would like to share:
1. Learn everything you can about the procedures before even contacting a surgeon.
2. Study your body, learn about the healing process and what you can do to speed up the time.
3. Remember mostly all cosmetic surgeons can do these types of surgeries, but it's the ones that listens to your concerns and give you HONEST feedback are the ones you should consider.
4. Your health should always come before price, there's a good reason why some surgeons charge more.
5. These are MAJOR SURGERIES and shouldn't be treated lightly just because they are elected procedures.
6. Be honest with yourself take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you did everything you could do to prepare for a successful surgery.
7. If you didn't work hard to prepare your body, don't get upset with your surgeon because of your results.
8. If your surgeon isn't honest with you or is advertising photoshopped models to draw you in, think twice before giving them a deposit.
9. Everyone is not the ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery, you have to be physically and mentally ready to endure the time it takes to heal (time will be your best friend).
10. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS don't base your results on someone else's.

I'm learning how to ignore the swelling

At 6 weeks post-ops my swelling comes and goes, but I just ignore it and continue to live my life in bigger pants. :-)

6.5 weeks post ops

My body as healed and now I'm working on the rebuilding phase.

Returning to my old lifestyle

My day starts at 3:30am so I can eat and head to the gym at 5:00am. My goal is to have a my rectus abdominal muscle (a six pack) show by November.

Ready to show off my sexy results

I am definitely loving the fact I can finally wear a tube top shirt. It only took 23 months of pre surgery preparedness, $10,000 in pre-sugery and post surgery cost, 5 weeks of surgical down time, and 2.5 weeks of dieting and busting my ass in the gym after surgery. :-)

Just strive for your own perfection not society's

Today, I walked around with a tube top on. This was the first time I showed my abs in public. I didn't concern myself with my stretch marks, dog ear, the little bit of swelling, or my "man-made" belly button. I flaunted the countless hours I spent in the gym and the $10,000 I spent to surgically enhance my hard work. My confidence showed and was well received by the people (especially the men) around me. My takeaway from the day is nobody has a "perfect body" but when you treat it as perfect, the people around you will see your perfection instead of your flaws. :-)

I refuse to be ashame of my surgery

Today, I went to swim some laps at the gym and it was my first public appearance in a 2 piece bathing suit since my surgery. The bottom came just below my scar and I really didn't care who saw it. At that point I thought, I lost 100 pounds, I taught myself how to swim, and I busted my ass for the past 2.5 years getting fit, why should I be ashame of my scar. Everyday that goes by I get more proud of it because I did something many women secretly wish they can do. I could have used my surgery money for a down payment on a Mercedes Benz something I wanted for a long time, but instead I used it for my happiness. I hope my scar never goes away, so every time I look at it would remind me how hard I worked to get it. :-D

Treating my stretch marks

I've been creating skin care products to use on my skin for a couple of years now with a lot of success. Most of my skin's imperfections have vanished over the years due to using simple treatments. Now that my surgery is completed I decided to start treating my stretch marks on my abs. I have to put this warning out there...this treatment is not for the "weak at heart." Here is why, stretch marks start in the Dermis layer of the skin, which is the middle layer. Topical creams and oils won't reach this layer. Doctors use a micro-abrasion method that's really expensive because it takes time and a lot of treatment to see a difference. I use the same method on my skin but using organic ingredients. I created an abrasive scrub to reach the dermis layer and have to rub hard enough to force the skin to produce new skin cells from this layer. Here's what I use: brewed coffee grinds (you have to brew them to get rid of the coffee smell and if you're a coffee drinker this is a good way to recycle the grinds), course Kosher salt, and pure cane sugar. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and after you shower use the scrub on your skin. It's best to use an antiseptic cleaner before and after this treatment (I use Hibiclens) because is can be very invasive. This treatment should be used daily for at least 6 months because it takes 30 days to produce new cells. The ingredients in this scrub all have a purpose, the caffeine in the coffee help stimulate the skin cells, the sugar soften the skin, and the salt is the abrasive part of the scrub. This treatment will cost about $15 with the Hibiclens costing $7 from the pharmacy. Before you try this, your scars should be closed and healed, and if you try it or have any other questions just add a comment. :-)

Fitness is the key to my success

7.5 weeks post ops and things are going well for me. I'm grateful I was able to get this surgery and more thankful that I'm recovering with a positive attitude. Fitness is my pain reliever. :-)

The healing process continues

Today, at the gym I got on the ab crunch machine and pre-surgery I could crunch upwards of 100 surgery I was only able to crunch 40 and that was pushing it, but I'm still grateful I was able to that at 7.5 weeks post op. :-)

No complaints here

As much as I workout, I'll never complain about the little things regarding my surgery. If there's a problem it's my job to fix it and if I can't my surgeon will take care of it in November...I want to be the perfect patient :-).

Weight vs. body fat

In these two pictures I'm the same weight (178 pounds) but my body fat is lower in the picture of the right. Never beat yourself up over your weight, because it's the body fat that controls how you look.

Lifting weights don't make women bulky

These pictures are my pre-op photos and after doing heavy weights deadlifting in the gym. It's important for women to know we can build awesome bodies with weights, time and the proper diet. :-)

Even with a bit a swelling I had a great workout

This morning I notice a bit more swelling than I had in a couple of days but then realized it might be from PMS. I normally have 10 days of the bloats before the first day of my menstrual cycle. :-)
In the gym, I as able to perform body weight exercises (which uses the core for stability). Normally I can get into a handstand in the first attempt but today it took me four. I wasn't able to perform a handstand push-up (normally I can do 4) but in the next few weeks I will be practicing and building up to at least ten.
As for the surgery, I no longer have any pains or unusual tightness in my abs so I think it's safe to say doing my research and preparing my body paid off for me...:-)

PMS got me looking pregnant

Most women might freak out if they started looking 3 months pregnant 10 weeks after surgery, but I welcome it. Today marks the first day of my "fat" week where I break my healthy eating habits and pig out on what my hormones tell me to eat. I usually gain 10 pounds in 10 days and by the time my menstrual cycle starts..I'm like, "W.T.F did I do to myself???" But because I still workout hard and do cardio, around day 10 of my cycle I would have dropped 12 pounds (it's all water) and feel sexy as hell...:-D
I've been through this same event so many times it doesn't bother me anymore...I trust my body 100% and it does me right all the time :-).

11 weeks post ops

Everyday and every workout I have a chance to improve my surgical results.

11 weeks post op

I'm working on my six pack by my next post op appointment. My surgeon knew this was my goal from our first consultation.

Embarrassed by this photo now I embrace it

After my mud run my daughter took a photo of me cleaning all the mud off. After seeing the picture, I was embarrassed by the fact that my stomach was hanging due to losing weight. Today, I'm able to use this same photo to show people that the body will change over time with the dedication you give it. "It's wasn't easy, but if it was everybody would do it."

My 6 pack progress

Week from week progress. Sometimes only the camera can give you a true prospective of how things are going. :-)

12 weeks 3 days post-ops

My abs today, the are definitely changing for the better.

12 weeks 3 days post ops

Weight gain since surgery

This morning I woke up and jumped on the scale and it read 190 pounds...WHOOOAAA!!! I was around 170 pre-surgery but with that said my body fat has dropped so I'm definitely gaining my muscle back and then some :-).

The workout behind my weight gain (don't try this at home :-))

Over the past few weeks , I've been working hard to regain my strength and muscles post op, so my trainer been making me lift heavy at various rep ranges and sets. Here is a sample of a one day leg workout I did to help add muscle and drop my body fat.
Sunday June 28th Leg day- deadlifts...135lbs 1 set 10 reps, 185lbs 1 set 8 reps, 225lbs 1 set 6 reps, 245lbs 1 set 4 reps and 265lbs 1set 2 reps.
Next I did Weighted Step ups...using 165lbs 4 sets 10 reps.
Then Weight Lunges holding two 25lb dumbbells shoulder high 4 sets 13 steps each set.
Farmers walks 50lb dumbbells in each hand walking the length of gym in 4 sets.
Then I did 15 minutes of jump squats, then 30 minutes of dance cardio. This workout burn well over 1500 calories so I have to eat a heavy meal the day before and immediately afterwards :-).

One arm hand stand

Today, after a great back and shoulder workout, I decided to practice my handstands. I've been practicing my balance since pre surgery and today I was able to lift each hand up and away from my body and hold the pose for 5 seconds (which took a lot of core strength and control). Today, I weighed in at 192 pounds so each arm had to hold that much weight in order to complete this move. I'm feeling good about this because in 2012, I couldn't do one "female" version of a push-up. This just proves, the human body is incredible when you make it that way. :-)

My belt and pants are becoming looser as I gain weight

I'm 192 and I can't complain about my weight gain because it mostly muscle. :-)

Feeling great about my fitness lifestyle and willing to share my knowledge

If anyone is in the Orlando FL area and pre-op or have been cleared to exercise, have a LA Fitness membership, and want learn some muscle building workouts for free, message me.

14 weeks and 1 day post-ops

My goal of a six-pack is becoming reality. In my last update I was 192 pounds, I started restricting my calories, been lifting heavier in the rep range of 3-6, and started cardio daily. Now I'm 186 and my abs are showing more definition. If I keep this up I will have accomplished my goal before my November's appointment. :-)

14 weeks and 1 day post-ops

14 weeks post-op workout

My weight dropped to 186 pounds today.

Butt lift with weights

The glutes are the largest muscle group, so if you work them hard enough with the correct exercises they will grow...I rarely do squats because they are only one of many different great leg workouts that can define your backside. :-)

15 weeks and 1day post ops

Good Saturday to all, I'm 15 weeks post ops and was feeling "under the weather" all last week. Now that I'm feeling better, I decided to go running this morning. This was my first "real" run being post op I decided to run on my favorite trail. It's a 2.5 mile lap in a nature preserve full of sand and rough terrain. It's residents consist of Bobcats, raccoons, snakes and anything else that finds its way inside this protected area. Even though it seems a bit scary to run on, its full of hills and beautiful views and many runners enjoy the challenge. My base time today was 37 minutes but my best time on this trail is 20 minutes. My life is back to normal after surgery and I feel like I have crossed into the light at the end of the TT tunnel. If you're reading this and just had your surgery...things do get better in time, so hang in there.

I just want to post these wise words

I loves the Stairmaster...NOT!

I'm working hard to get the best results from my surgery...even if it means walking up the "stairs to nowhere" at 5am.

My favorite running spot

This is the preserve I run inside. It's a 2.5 lap and I run the perimeter not on the nature trails.

15 weeks 5 days post op

I'm not waiting for surgical changes, I'm making my own. Today I'm deadlifting like I never had surgery, because I command my body and will never let it command me! Happy Wednesday :-)

16 weeks 1 day post ops

Increasing the strength in my abs and strengthening my legs are starting enhance my entire core. My goal of a "six pack" is more than doing a ton of sit ups (which I don't do anyway) but building a body where my TT will look natural and flow seamless into my new physique. :-)

16 weeks 5 days

Flexible dieting and heavy lifting are the two main things helping me achieve my goal of a November "six pack."

I'm enhancing the surgeon's work

From surgery to six pack in six months (that's my goal)...don't wait for results, create results. :-)

18 weeks 1 day post ops

My run times are improving every weekend. My goal for the end of August is to run my 2.5 mile lap in under 26 minutes.

18 weeks 1 day post op

My abs haven't really improved since last week and one reason behind this is because I'm still holding a lot of water from PMS. I started a ketogenic diet 8 days ago and dropped 7 pounds (my current weight is 190 now). Hopefully this is the last day of my menstrual cycle and I'm able to lose more water. Between this diet and ending my cycle, I really have to stay close to a bathroom :-).

19 weeks 1 day post op...The struggle is real!!!

What a tough week last week has been for me. I started my keto diet a couple of weeks ago and my trainer has been diligent that I don't break my diet this time. I can only eat fats and proteins and one protein shake post workout consisting of 45g of carbs (my entire carb intake for the entire day) and still stay on a calorie deficit of under 1500 daily. If the diet wasn't tough enough, I still have to train hard and continue to lift heavy in the gym. My body wasn't too happy last week and my mind struggled to stay focused. My was craving junk food so bad, I went to the grocery store and bought two large bags of Doritos and a dozen of donuts and had intentions on eating it all in one sitting. I felt like I was going to snap, so I called my trainer and he was able to calm me down. Instead of eating all that junk, I took it home and my three boys and their two friends were excited when I told then they could have it.

Today, my body hit an euphoria and I no longer craving carbs after a two week struggle. My focus is back, I'm down 11 pounds, and because a keto diet acts as a diuretic (eliminating lots of water from the body) my muscles and abs are extremely flat and hard. The best thing one on a keto diet to hope for is to test the urine and see ketones and this morning I finally tested positive for ketones. I went on my weekend run this morning and I've taken close to a minute off my best time (even though I had to stop to tie my shoes) making all of last week struggle worth it. My trainer is the best, because he knows I have enough inner strength to get through his training and achieve my goal of a six pack by November.

Today is my 3 year anniversary of meeting him and our first day training together so we will be having a nice steak lunch together...:-)

I consider my surgery only one small part of my bigger fitness goal and I already made a goal for year 4. Happy Healing :-)

Sample of my training while dieting:
*Single hand shoulder over head presses...55-70 lbs.
*lunges while balancing round 25 lb plates overhead using a pinch grip.
*Deadlift 270 lbs
*jump squats (30 minutes)
*Bench presses 135 lbs
*reverse hack squats 300 lbs
*cardio deadlifts 135 lbs, 20 reps in 30 seconds (4 sets)
*weekend runs

My abs clothes 19 weeks I day post op

My TT is becoming seamless with my physique.

My abs after a steak lunch...:-)

After our steak lunch, to my surprise I wasn't bloated but my abs became more solid...:-)

The diet struggles are paying off

I walked past my mirror after returning from the gym and said HOLY SHYT!!!! I had to take a quick photo...still haven't broke my diet, still not craving sugar/carbs, and still lifting heavy. My hard work is paying off and of course it was leg day at the gym today. :-)

Helpful tips to improve skin appearance

I was asked what is the best products to used when trying to improve the quality of the skin after weight-loss.

What I do is drink a lot of water daily (about a gallon), no sodas fruit juices or anything else that's high in sugar. I try to avoid excessive sun exposure and use a sunscreen on the parts of my body that are exposed. I used a coffee grind scrub a couple of times a week to rejuvenate skin cells and help fade my stretch marks and a mixture of white grape seed oil and olive oil (I buy from the grocery store) daily to condition my skin. I never use commercial lotions because most cause my skin to dry out after a few hours.
I've been doing this same routine for almost three years and seen a huge difference in my appearance and avoided poor skin quality after loosing 100 pounds.

Hopefully this will work for anybody who is trying to do the same. :-)

I can finally break my diet

Two weeks with no carbs and 11 pounds down and I finally got the go ahead to break my diet...with 1 1/2 dozen of donuts sitting in front of me, I could only get down 7 which is not my personal record, but it'll due because I still have spaghetti and a dozen of chocolate chip cookies to get in my belly within the next 2 hours. I'M LOVING LIFE RIGHT NOW...

Best cheat meal in a long time :-)

7 donuts
1/2 large bag of Doritos
1 large bowl of spaghetti
5 chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.
My body just said WTF???

My punishment for this reckless behavior will be my metabolism going into overdrive for the next few days trying to get rid of all the junk I just ate ...six pack coming soon...:-)

Before and after

My abs after eating my junk food and a few hours later...even though I'm still a little bloated, I expect to have leaner abs in a few more days.

I've learned how to just see food as "energy" regardless what kind of food it is.

Comparison pictures

Three years of me. :-)

6.5 months post op

I've been training and dieting hard these past few weeks and seeing results, but the best thing is NO MORE SWELL HELL!!!! I am finally free from surgery blues and frustration. :-)

Almost 9 months post op

It's been a while since I've updated my review. I've been busy working hard and working out. I decided to open up a fitness center that focuses on cross training and powerlifting and plan to open the doors in February 2016. I took a month off from the gym and dieting to spend time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday and even put on a few pounds but quickly dropped the weight once I returned to the gym. My abs are completely back to normal with all the sensation returned, no swelling, and no pains. I hope everyone the best and Happy Healing. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day

10.5 months after surgery and my abs are what I hoped for and more. I am love my results and can't wait to see my surgeon for my year post op appt. I finally have the six pack I wanted and after being overweight for most of my adult life, I would have never thought I would abs like this at the age of 45. :-)

I finally purchased a building for my gym...:-)

I wanted to apologize to anyone whom I didn't respond to in the past few months. I recently set a goal to purchase a building to start a fitness center and will finally close on a 7000 sqft commercial property on the busiest street in my city this Wednesday. Not only did this this purchase involve taking time away from my family, friends and life in general, but the past few weeks I haven't had the time to step foot into the gym. It's a sacrifice that I knew I had to make if I wanted to start a fitness center to help others. I believe if you follow the natural rhythm of your body and for women the menstrual cycle is a perfect example, cut back on sugar and carbs (but keeping the one food you can't live without in your diet), and using the power of time to sculpt "your" figure for "you" just about anybody can be successful in fitness. These are some the things I will be able to teach instead of pushing fad diets and worthless power drinks. The human body responds great to slow steady dieting (just a short version of a efficient way to eat) and exercise that is maintained over lifetime instead of a short duration. The building I purchased was an abandon bar that sat empty for years. It was owned by an elderly couple who didn't have the money or energy to focus on it so it been through all sorts of things including vandalism. My family and friends thought I was the perfect person to create a great fitness space and suggested I start a Gofundme campaign to get help with the repairs. Because I'm always donating my time to help others it feels a little weird to have people start a donation for me. I will still continue to help anyone who needs it by posting updates on the gofundme page and via Facebook. If you have questions or just want to send me a text to see how things are going please feel free to do so. I still communicate and support the first person I helped with fitness and even though they still struggle in their journey, I welcome the chance to let them know the struggle continues for me too.
Send me a request at Facebook/Monica E Gibson or text me at 321.275.1380.
Follow the progress on Gofundme/nine23
Happy Healing :-)

One year post op today

It's been a year since my surgery and I feel fantastic and back to my normal activities including my favorite pass time Deadlifting!!!

A year has come and gone

Enjoying my normal life again. Still renovating my fitness center. If you want to send me a Facebook friends request my info is Monica Gibson. I keep my profile updated and you can message with any questions :-)

August 2016

i wanted to share my latest pictures. 16-17 months post op. I'm still maintaining my results through fitness and dieting and once my gym is finish, I will start training for another triathlon :-)

I have 16 weeks to lean up for my opening

My new fitness center is scheduled to open in November...I can't wait :-)

Progress on my fitness center

Before and now

Before and now

Before and now

Before and now

Second entry way


Fitness center updates

I completed all of the interior work myself

Dr. Jon Trevisani

The Doctors and staff are wonderful, the office is super nice and super clean and you feel like a part of their family when you enter the door. I can see why he's been voted the #1 PS in Orlando for all these years.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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