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Well I am amazed by how much info is on this sight...

Well I am amazed by how much info is on this sight. It's invaluable. That said I'm a little overwhelmed. Funny, I came here thinking I knew what I wanted & now I'm so confused. I'm 5'5 & 33. I weigh about 180. I had my child 12 years ago & got my body back afterwards, but bad eating habits and age have taken its toll. I came in to this convinced I knew e dry thing and would be doing smart lipo. I REALLY wanted to avoid going under if at all possible. After doing some reasrch on here I decided the doctor I used was prob more important then the type of lipo I did ... I decided I liked Dr. Soto. But he's in Orlando & I'm in Tallahassee. He does the Vaser which our local PS (who I like a lot) doesn't do. So I made my consult appt with Dr. Soto in Orlando for 10/22/12. But as I keep doing research I fear I might hae to do a TT to get the results I want. I want my stomach/flank area done, my arms, my chin, & my bra roll. My thighs could use some, but I am less bothered by them. So I'm thinking will Vaser lipo give me the results I want? I'm only planning on doing this once - I'd hater to go Vaser only to realize I should ave gotten the TT. But oh he recovery tieme and drais, etc. that go with a TT - I'm freaked out. Thankfully, I'm more vain then scared so ... I'll mee win Dr. Soto in Orlando & see what e recommends. If he says TT - I'll prob do it here in Tallahassee with Dr. Kirbo.

I'd love your thoughts, suggestions, stories. Anything tht might help me get some more insight to help make this decision.

Sorry about all the typos on the last post - I did...

Sorry about all the typos on the last post - I did it on my iPhone & the autocorrect took on a life of its own!! I desperetly want to fix the typo's, but it won't let me. I really am more literate than the last post would lead you to believe. :)

So I had a consult with my local PS here in...

So I had a consult with my local PS here in Tallahassee today, Dr. Kirbo. He has a great bedside manner and took a lot of time with me to explain everything and answer all my questions. He said I would def see some results with lipo alone, but he recommend the TT if I wanted a flat stomach. He said he could lipo my arms, my chin and my back in addition to the TT. I am looking at about $3,000 grand more than I had originally thought, but I will work that out. I am nervous about the scar and all the extra pain/recovery time that will come with doing a TT vs. lipo, but .... I think it will give me the results I want. That said, I am going to keep my consult appt with the PS in Orlando on the 22nd and see what he recommends. Once I talk to him and decide what I want to do, I will prob schedule it for sometime in January. Def don't want to be down and out during the holidays. And I still have to figure out how to tell my mother I am doing this. I might be 33 years old, but she is still not going to be happy! :)
Dr. Soto/Dr. Kirbo

I have my consult w/ Dr. S in Orlando, FL on 10/22/12. I live in Tallahassee, Fl, but I was considering the Vaser lipo when I made the appt. I'd have to travel for the surgery & for the post op stuff. If I decide on a full TT I'll prob consider using Dr. Kirbo here in town so I can cut out the expense and the pain (literally) of coming back in a car for 5 hours two days after surgery.

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