Smart Lipo to Upper, Lower Abdomen and Hips - Orlando, FL

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I am 23 year old mother of one. I had my child at...

I am 23 year old mother of one. I had my child at a young age, and it changed my body tremendously. I have always been "thick" "curvy" however you want to call it. I work out, and still after 4 years have not been able to curb the abdoment belly fat.

I have been researching lipo for a year now, and finally decided to go with SmartLipo. I had my pre-op today and have my medication to start taking tomorrow morning to get ready for surgery on Monday.!

This site has been such a big help, I want to make sure I share my story to help anyone else in making this decision. Thoughts today after I met with the surgeon are : How I am going to feel after surgery, How will my body heal as far as bruising and hard spots and pain. How ugly the garments are.

So everyone I'm day 1 after surgery. I don't...

So everyone I'm day 1 after surgery. I don't remember much after I was numb. That process is painful, I won't lie. The numbing was the worst. After that, I don't remember much at all. I remember leaving and expecting to "ooze" out all over the car but I didn't have to change my bandages until this morning.
Last night was rough. The lidocaine wore off about 11pm and I was awoken by the pain. I threw up I think because of the intense pain. Exta strength Tylenol worked wonders. I didn't want to take a pain pull on an empty stomach either .
My nurse told me to take a shower , so I did. Bad idea. I took my binder off along with the garmet and felt dizzy and almost passed out in the shower. Thankfully my mom was there to help me. I called my doctor and the nurse told me the compression from the garmet and taking it off probably caused this. I'm afraid to take it off again. BUT.... My tummy already looks amazing. I can't believe it, the pudge is gone . Literally I have a flat stomach, it's still really soft and sore but I see great results to come. I only had to use the nausea pill once. No pain Meds , just extra strength Tylenol.

More to follow :)

Day 4 - Pain has subsided greatly. My stomach...

Day 4 -

Pain has subsided greatly. My stomach just feels sore. Doctor advised me to stop wearing the compression garmet 24/7 and only wear it 12 hours at a time. Well, my stomach is still very sensitive and soft so wearing normal clothes is difficult. For the 12 hours that I am not wearing a compression garmet, im wearing a shapewear tank top to keep things tight. I ate my first real meal, and got very bloated. Not liking that, im swollen and bruised slightly. This is a process and results arent immediate, this I know. But I am pleased so far, its day 4 and ive received so many compliments already about how flat my stomach looks.
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