28 Yr Old , Mother of 3, 3 C-section, Want Lipo and Scheduled Date-soooooo Excited. Orlando, FL

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Im a mother of 3 children and have had 3...

Im a mother of 3 children and have had 3 C-sections not to mention had my thyroid removed just before I found out I was prego with my last child. I gained so much weight in my trouble areas. I have gone and did my consult and am getting smart lipo in the waist and lower back. Does anyone have and suggestions on what should be done after you get the procedure done........so far I have gotten my compression garment, lipo foam, kendall ted socks, arnica gel, etc. I also ordered a Fajas garment for 2 weeks afyer theprocedure. Can you ladies tell me any pointers to increase my chance of success with a flat waist and hour glass shape.

Dr Robert miles........any suggestions on post healing

okay so my procedure is one week away and I'm starting to get nervous. has anyone ever used the doctor that is doing my procedure? also if everyone can leave comments on the best things to do to receive the best post op Results

Count down the minus 48 hours til upper abdomen, lower abdomen procedure

I'm so nervous right now.this Friday and I think I got everything that I needed so far. a friend of mine told me to purchase a shower curtain because her drainage was so bad it went on her mattress plus i have a memory foam mattress and would hate to see any drainage in my mattress. my procedure is at 9 a.m. and I can honestly say after reading some reviews I'm nervous and after reading other reviews I'm not. ladies please comment and tell me what your pain level was like from start to finish of your procedure also I'm getting my upper and lower abdomen and my sacrum flanks and bra line done I'm super super excited what still want to know what pain level to expect that can typically be known as normal

Got my lipo done today- a little discouraged and not sure how to feel

okay so I got my procedure done today. just to refresh I got my upper, lower abdomen, and flanks. The doctor remove 2500 cc's of fat and I have to go back to finish my bra line and sacrum bc he had reached the max. He used 4 bags of the lido solution and did a good job in my eyes. I was turned in different positions to get my different areas. Pain was moderate in some sensative areas and there were areas that really extra sensitive because there was born near those areas. All and all the procedure went well.

Now here is where my concerns come in. As you can see from my pics I started with what I call a pooch pouch. After he was done it still looks saggy . During the procedure it felt tight but now not so much. My flanks look great but I really want to know if my stomach will tighten more??????? I am realistic and do realize there may still be a lil skin but not this much. Help ladies !!!!!!!!!

day 4 post op- diarrhea, tired, cramps

Today makes day 4 since my procedure. Not sure how I feel thus far in regards to my results. I have friends who did there procedure yesterday and you can physically see a major difference. For me not so much so I got a lil discourage. I was told to be patient but I was so excited before and now I'm just like blah.

I have no energy, diarrhea all night, headaches, stomach cramps, and no appetite. Just not sure right now what to do period. Hope things get better.

The new me

So today was my procedure. All went well I got one drain put in my pain level is tolerable because I stay medicated but all in all it was an OK day. Tomorrow I go back in for them to take out the binder and asking my stomach for the first time I'm so excited I am excited
Dr Robert Miles

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