Slim Lipo on Arms 5/3/12 - Orlando, FL.

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I have always been a little self-conscious about...

I have always been a little self-conscious about my large arms and people calling me "strong".. Even when I am in great shape, I am defenseless against the batwings. I think shapely arms do more for your overall appearance than a tight tummy (I will probably revise this statemet one day when I have shapely arms and a spare tire haha). Anyway, I inquired about smart lipo but couldn't bring myself to take the next step. Then I found out one of my friends had slim lipo and decided to do it with her referral. So I knew but didnt know what I was getting myself into, I had been thinking about it for years so I guess all the stars aligned to do it if I ever were.

My procedure was done in office under general anesthesia. After some measurements and a talk with the doctor (bad timing because I was getting woozy from the drugs). They took a pic and it was my turn on the table. The first step was injecting me with the numbing fluid which i think was the most painful part. A lot of poking holes in spots and injecting the metal thing to spread more of the solution. It fet like they were building a steel armband around my arm (you get creative whe you are woozy). I fell asleep for an instant and the doctor walks in to do his sculpting/removal. I did not find this pleasant and I can't say it didn't hurt, some was awkward, some spots I really felt. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't a long procedure and the pain wasn't THAT bad that I would opt for general anesthesia should I do it again. Just awkward.

Alright, the surgery is over, here comes the part I'm afraid of and most looking forward to- recovery! The first night I came home and lied down, spending the evening mostly resting as I was woozy from the drugs. I leaked a little but nothing scary like I had imagined (I actually had a little stich so maybe that helped). The next morning I took a shower (probably earlier than I was supposed to) so I could wash the compression sleeve.

I finished my surgery about 24 hours from the time im writing this. I definitely have some pain, certain spots more than others but I am going to stick with Tylenol over the Rx stuff. It's more discomfort than constant pain like a headache. Some of my arm is definitely still numb and swollen so we will see how that goes.

I guess it's too early to tell results. Maybe it's the swelling but my arms don't look any smaller yet. The doc took 700cc of fat+fluid and I don't know if that's a little, a lot of average. There is quite a bit of brushing and knowing me, that will take some time to go away. One good thing, my hands didn't swell like they said they may.

I feel like I can function as normal, I have not tried lifting anything though and I know I am supposed to lay off excercise for 2 weeks. Tricky part will be hiding the compression sleeves :)

So I am starting to see some positive differences...

So I am starting to see some positive differences and the bruising is not as bad as I was expecting (definitely bruised though). I keep reading that the arms are one of the areas that takes the longest to heal. I am still taking pain meds and have started to feel the itching which I understand to be my nerve endings healing themselves. Definitely some tender spots and much more healing to go. I will post pics soon.

Correction- mine was under local anesthesia!

Correction- mine was under local anesthesia!

One week today. Taking my first compression...

One week today. Taking my first compression garnment break today to wash and trying out a spanks-like thingie that I bought online that is at least short-sleeved. I can see improvement in the bruising and went all day without any Tylenol. But I am also more swollen and itchy than before. But overall, all good. Expecting positive results, just anxious for the swelling to subside so I can see it.

So today marks 2 weeks and I'm getting excited....

So today marks 2 weeks and I'm getting excited. The bruising is nearly gone except a few spots (I just look like I have uneven skin tone), the incision spots are fading and I can even feel the swelling going down. I still have a very sore, numb, tightness on the upper part of the treated area, near my underarm but I can tell other spots are healing (fortunately I haven't been itching!).

I stopped wearing the compression garnment during the day and only in the eveing and at night now. Mine is XL and I think I really think a large would be more effective- the support is comforting but I can tell I'm not going to be one of those who wear it for months. I do think I will look for something to workout in, I started doing cardio and like the support because I still have some jiggle and thats a tad uncomfortable. As you can imagine I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym as now I have a chance to see some some results from my work instead of my muscles being covered in fat.

I can tell my arms are smaller than my last update, but they are not SMALL. I think it looks natural, small enough that I won't have to do those "big arm" poses all the time but not too much that my skin would appear loose. So far positive. Looking forward to more progress.

So I've surpassed a month and very happy with the...

So I've surpassed a month and very happy with the results. I do not have slender super-toned small arms (because i still have a lot of working out that i meed to do!) but the size fits me and the shape is so much better. I do not wear the compression garments anymore and I still have numbness, but no pain or bruising- the scars from the incision sites will take some time but if I don't point it out, I doubt no one will notice.

They say you see 80% of your results after the 1st month so while I am not sure the swelling is 100% gone (big numb area-hard to tell), it was a great investment for me.

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