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Well I actually have been obese all my life. But...

Well I actually have been obese all my life. But here goes, I actually looked into weight loss surgery with Dr Jawad abt 3 yrs ago and I was looking to get the lapband. Upon my initial visit he advised me that I may want to look into other surgeries that are available, I said I would but I chickened out. So I never went back to him anymore.

Well I then went to a diet clinic and I was prescribed Phentermine & Zonagran which didn't work ouy like I thoughg it would the weight loss was very slow I thought. So I met a co-worker who advised me that she had previously had the lapband surgery and she looked great she said she was a size 24 before surgery and now she's a size 4-6 and she looks wonderful. So of course I was back at wanting to have the lapband surgery because of her results.

Well I contacted the same surgeon she used Dr Timothy Hipp and I met with him May 2012 and even after meeting him I lolly gagged abt getting my requirements I got serious abt the surgery again in Oct 2012 and I went back to see Dr Hipp again he advsd me of the Gastric Sleeve and he advsd me to do my research on the sleeve, so I started working on my requirements I had to do a Pysch Eval, blood work, Nutrition Eval & a letter from my PCP, then upon doing all tht I found out that I was also required to do a 6 month supervised diet, so then I got discouraged but my family support urged me not to give up so I didn't which then pushed me into completing my 6 month diet in April 2012.

Well after my 6 month diet was up they submitted all the paperwork to my insurance carrier for approval, then 2 weeks later I rcvd some devastating news tht they could not approve my surgery since Dr Hipp nor the hospital were on their COE list.

Discouraged again I prayed abt it so they provided me with another Dr which was Dr Jawad again so I spoke with him again abt the lapband then he advsd me of the sleeve and he asked me to research it because he said he taking out more bands than putting them I had to partially start all over so with that being said I received a call from the Dr office saying all I needed to do was do my bloodwork, do a ultrasound of my gallbladder & meet with a nutritionist which I got completed within 2 weeks and upon getting tht done the Dr office called me and told me tht since I had those things completed that we could go ahead and schedule my surgery date she advsd me of the first available date and I took it which was Nov 20th.....

Hey I am today almost 1 week post op and doing great...I had surgery on Wed the 20th then I releases Fri the 22nd and I can honestly say I have been pain free just sore...but I do have trouble getting in my fluids but I'm working at it!!!!!!!!

My 1st follow up

Well my preop was on Nov 8th and I weighed 377 & I had my 1st post op appt yesterday and I am down to 353 which is a total of 24lbs...I'm well on my way now..

My Preop Appt Photo

My Post Op Photo

I'm starting to see a difference..

Feeling good abt my decision

Just a few current pics of me!!!

Loving the new me!!!

March 8th

Well a lot had happened since my last update but I'm not giving up...I had joined the gym back in January and my Dr cleared to start working out and boy did tht feel good well after going to.the gym for abt a month twice a day he believes I may hv aggravated an old knee injury so needless to say I haven't been n the gym for a month now...and my weight is moving I had to have a cortisone injection in my knee which has made it feel better but now I have to start physical therapy for 6 weeks...but I'm determined to sneak back in the gym are a few updated pics.of me!!!!

updated photos

Just a few updated pics of me...slowly but surely it's coming off!!!????

Brief Update

Well I know it's been awhile since I've updated but trust and believe I'm on here quite often looking at other post...Well as of today I'm down 63lbs and I won't complain...

Full Body Shots

I love taking pics and now that I've lost some weight full body shots are the ones I'd love to share...cuz u can only tell so much by a face shot...I still have a long way to go though!!!!

Loving the new me

7 months out!!!

Well it will be 7 months come June 20th. ..and I've hit a stall been at a loss of 70-75lbs but I won't complain...just ready to hit the 2's....

Just a few before & after shots

My Dr has been doing surgeries for yrs and he's very good at what he does...he's the greatest in my book!!

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