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I am just getting started.... just found out that...

I am just getting started.... just found out that Dizzzzney Insurance covers Bariatric Surgery!!! That was a major win!!! But I don't have a primary care doctor right now.
My old family doctor wasn't really supportive and wouldn't back me up to get the surgery. He does not agree with weight loss surgery.
I am wondering if there are any doctors out there that would support me in getting the Sleeve. I don't have a primary care doctor right now, so I am hoping to get this initiated on a positive note. If anyone can suggest some one in the central Florida area that takes Ciiigna.
Honestly, I have been obese my whole life. I am 5'3 and at my heaviest weight I was 270lbs and I am 258lbs and growing again. I have tried everything you name it. Every diet program, several gyms, multiple pills, even injections. Thousands and thousands of dollars on things that didn't work or didn't last.
I am a 31 year old single mom of 2 young and very energetic boys. I just want to keep up with them and be healthy.
I went to Universal the other day and I wanted to get on the roller coaster with my 11 year old and I couldn't even fit in the seat! My hips were too wide, my thighs over flowed and the lap bar wouldn't lower. If its not squeezing into the seat, which can hurt, it's just mortifying to be turned away. Even worse to tell your kid, that we can get on a ride because mommy doesn't fit!!! I just brings me to tears. I was ashamed.
I am still young, I think and if I am going to do something, I need to do it now. My mother complains about her weight and she is 66 yrs. old. She had the opportunity to get bariatric surgery 10 years ago and didn't. I don't want to be in my 60's still complaining about how much I hate my body. I want to be "MY REAL SELF". The longer I wait the more damage I am doing to my body .
I need a change now!!!

Please, all of you who can give me feedback, suggestions, I would love it. I don't really have a support system. I have a small group of friends and most of my friends and family say I shouldn't do it. They don't understand and their answer is just go to the gym. And I do go to the gym and eat healthy more often than not (no one is perfect) but Obesity runs heavy in my family and lets face it, its hard to lose weight alone with no one there to back you up.

Starting off...

Already went to the seminar at Florida Hospital in Celebration. Wednesday June 29th. It was very informative and they have 2 great doctors. Dr. Smith & Dr. Kim. I had a lot to think about that night. I weighed my self there, 263lbs. :'(.

I didn't turn in my paperwork that night because my insurance want active so I took a well to mull things over and just think. I've resent been informed about the duodenal switch procedure and another less invasive version... SIPS. I'm doing research but look forward to anyone's feed back. I'm sick between the: DS vs SIPS vs Sleeve.

Anyway, I turned everything in this last Friday, Yesterday, July 8th. So they will get back to me after calling the insurance. Fingers crossed. Patiently waiting for my call from a coordinator.
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