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I am 24 going on 25, and after years and years of...

I am 24 going on 25, and after years and years of dislike for my nose -- I am thrilled to announce I will finally be receiving Rhinoplasty! My boyfriend and I are planning our engagement in the coming year, so I am looking forward to getting this issue taken care of sooner than later. After doing some homework, I came across Dr. Tom Trevasani in the Downtown Orlando Area. The office is located in a beautiful restored 3 story mansion from the 1920's. I was extremely impressed with the facility upon my arrival, and was even more impressed being that it is within 2 miles of my home! I met with the doctors Practitioner Yulia. She was extremely friendly, energetic, and sensitive to my nose aversion. She walked me through some of the specific options for surgery, expectations, price, etc. I felt very comfortable speaking with her, as she was extremely knowledgable and thorough. I have scheduled my Pre-Op Appointment for February 8, 2016, and tentatively plan on March 8, 2016 as the big day! I have received blood work, and have an appointment set with my cardiologist ( for a pre-existing SVT heart condition) to clear me for surgery (EKG, etc). So far, I am highly impressed with the doctors rave reviews, the staff, and the facility as a whole. I will keep you all posted on how things move forward in the following months to follow!

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