This was the best decision ever!

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I cannot wait to have this we'll deserved mommy...

I cannot wait to have this we'll deserved mommy makeover. I am soooo nervous but I think it will be so worth it! I am tired of these 34 DDD breasts. I can't wait to buy a regular bra :)))) it is a hefty price but Dr. Gonzalez is a genius. A little worried of being in discomfort and sore but I should be back to work in 2 weeks.

Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck and Lipo

Official date is April 23rd. I am super excited. The reviews here have helped so much. It seems like everyone is excited and nervous at the same time. We all have the tendency to think the worst. I haven't read of anyone who regrets their decision. Anyone out there use Dr. Jorge Gonzalez? I know he's amazing but would like your story!!

Oh, by the way...

I am 5'5" and 185 pounds. I really have no desire to lose weight before surgery. I just want to reduce these boobs, flatten/tighten abs and get rid of these stretch marks!!!! I'm anxiously awaiting my pre-op appointment on April 14th.

Bathing suits, ugh!!!!

This is the last time I will wear these kind of bathing suits.......ever! It's so funny because when I look at before and after photos of mommy makeovers, everyone has bikini tan lines!!!! I can't wait until that's me with bikini tan lines. The anticipation is almost unbearable. I'm so excited :))))))))


My bra is my enemy right now! No matter what type I wear it just keeps digging into my shoulders. April 23rd can't come fast enough!!

Getting nervous.....

I'm getting so close to my surgery date and I'm having very temporary second thoughts. I know it will turn out fine but this is getting real. I'll really start freaking out when I go to my preop on April 14th!!!! I'll go shopping for necessities after my preop.


Hey ladies! I have exactly 21 days until my transformation. I've seen people post a list of supplies but I only want to buy the absolutely necessary items. Would someone kindly list what items you actually needed AFTER you had your surgery? My preop is not until April 14th and that's only 9 days before surgery so if the doctor gives me a list then I might not have time to have the items shipped to me. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! :))

Also, I am sure as many of you who have gone through this already know, I am completely obsessed with this surgery, how I will look, feel and just the whole overall process. I am on this site night and day. Pretty soon I need to stop lurking and get my house in order before surgery! Time is actually flying by quickly.


I am now 16 days away from surgery and I get so angry looking in the mirror. I just want to get rid of these boobs and slim this waistline. Now I'm wondering if I should have lost weight before surgery???? It's too late for these second thoughts!!! I don't know what to do. Will I have a better outcome if I lose weight?? My doctor is doing lipo with the tummy tuck for contouring. I think Ill be juicing for the next 16 days. Ugh!! Confused....


My surgery is now only 14 days away, ahhhh! I have started using my juicer and plan on only drinking juice up until surgery. The main reason is that I suffer from terrible migraines and one of the triggers may be things that I eat. Being that I cannot take my migraine medication I am doing everything in my power to avoid getting a migraine! On a side note, I have been juicing for only 2 days and have lost 5 pounds, woo hoo!!!! This is a good thing because when I got on the scale on Sunday I weighed in at my heaviest, 191 pounds, ugh! Must've been all that "I'm getting surgery and can't wait" indulging. Hahaha. Maybe Ill lose at least 10 more pounds before surgery. That would be da bomb :)) Drinking this juice has me full of energy. I'm sure it's all the nutrients. I juice carrots, apples, spinach and fennel on a regular basis. Haven't had the courage to try anything else. Everything is falling into place for my surgery thanks to all of you ladies who have had your surgeries and who've left tips on RS!! Shot out!! Woop Woop :). Anyway, I plan on renting a lift chair to be delivered next week. My PS is providing the initial garment, should I buy a stage 2 garment? Please let me know. I've ordered a lot of things from Amazon:
~Arnica (gel and tablets)
~Silicone strips (Scar Away brand)
~Button down front pajamas
~Non skid socks
~Female urinal
~Baby wipes (for those no-shower days!) hahaha
~Bio Oil
~Jumbo lapdesk (I will be on my laptop during recovery)
I was thinking about renting a walker for those hunched over days. Thoughts????

These are some questions that I will ask during my pre op appointment:
~How long will the tummy tuck scar be?
~Will I be staying overnight at the surgery center?
~I will be asking for prescriptions (I'm sure they'll give them even without me asking)
~I will re-ask about how much breast tissue will be removed during reduction/lift
~Which areas in particular will receive lipo (I know he said abdomen but I want to make sure the lateral sides receive lipo too! I need that fo' real, okay!
~Do I need a booster steroid shot during surgery? ( I was taking steroids up until March 4th)
~ When will my 1st follow up appointment be?
~ Can I start taking Arnica/Bromelain BEFORE surgery?
~Do I need to purchase a phase II garment BEFOREHAND?

If ANYONE has anything to add about what I should ask or what I should purchase beforehand, PLEASE let me know! I have a million thoughts racing through this OCD brain and I am slightly overwhelmed. Side note: I am not afraid at all, just excited!! :)) My sister will be taking off the first several days to drive me and nurse me after surgery (she's a nurse, thank the lawd!!) After that, hubs is off for the weekend and I will be keeping my oldest home from school to deal with me (she's 17 & wants to be a nurse). Time for some practice, bahahahaha!

Until next time my RS sistas! Happy healing to those of you that have gone and will go soon. :) Wooooooooooohoooooooooooo!! :)


My doctor is the bomb! Just looking at his before and after photos makes me soooooo excited. I have mixed feelings now. Just the usual back and forth between excitement and anxiety. Prep appointment is tomorrow. Can't wait to talk to him. Hope he marks me up just as a test run! So happy I could scream right now :)

Must have!

The lift chair has arrived today. Thanks to my RS sisters for providing this excellent piece of information. Not only does it lift it has heat and vibration.

4 days!!!!

I don't have much time left and I'm sooooooo excited! I have to arrive at 7 am this coming Wednesday. It's so close. I feel like I'm well prepared though. Picked up prescriptions today, went grocery shopping yesterday for my recovery foods and cleaned up the house. The nesting phase! I.JUST.CANT.WAIT. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

This is happening!!!!

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for. I have to be at the surgery center at 0700. I will update as soon as I can. I feel so ready, so excited! Best wishes to me!! :))))

Made it!!!!

Surgery was about 2 days ago. The first day was horribly uncomfortable. I could not get comfortable. Finally able to sit in recliner to sleep. Will give you guys more of an update when I'm more clearheaded. :) Much thanks for all of your support.


So excited to be on this side. The first day was so uncomfortable but I feel so much better today. I was instructed not to touch anything except remove the bra 3x day for 5 minutes each time. Here's a quick pick.

Surgery Day

I arrived at the surgery center at 7am this past Wednesday with my sister friend (she's the best BTW!!). Signed some more paperwork, talked to the recovery nurse and met the anesthesiologist. The surgery was scheduled to begin at 800am and end at 240pm. The anesthesiologist was telling a lot of jokes which made me much more comfortable. The nurse explained that the breast reduction/lift would be done before the tummy tuck. She told me to put on the surgery garb(footies, gown, etc.) Then the announcement I was waiting to hear "Dr. G is here". Yes! Let's do this!! He came in and marked me up. His confidence is so apparent and he seems so happy to be doing your surgery for you. I felt so calm and excited at the same time. He asked me if I had any questions, which I didn't. He told me that I was going to do great and look great. The circulating nurse came and said "It's time to go". I walked from the recovery room to the operating room. The closer I got to the OR, the colder it became. They had me lie on the table and asked if I was comfortable. The anesthesiologist started an IV and the nurse put on SCD's for circulation. The last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist asking if I liked margaritas. I remember saying yes and my eyelids getting VERY heavy. After that I just remember my eyelids being heavy and the nurse telling me to wake up. I had no idea of the time lapse. It was after 3 pm!!! I couldn't believe it. The nurse was asking if I had any pain. I kept saying no. She said that I needed to use the bathroom before going home. I tried 2x. It took about 45 minutes and a lot of concentration to use the bathroom! I was NOT going home with a catheter. That's what would happen if I didn't pee on my own. No thank you! I got home and just remember being so uncomfortable. I could not find a position to sleep in and I was so tired! I ended up sleeping straight up with 2 huge pillows on my lap and a neck pillow for my head. I only slept for 2-3 hours at a time. I kept thinking about how I needed to drink Gatorade and take deep breaths and walk around.
PAIN- the worst pain was my back form being hunched over. As far as the breasts, it's almost like they weren't done because they don't bother me at all! Tummy feels tight and I have a burning sensation along the incision line (I'm assuming that's what it is). The drains are NOT a big deal. I just have to be conscious of them when pulling up/down pants so that they don't get pulled. I HAD to take the muscle relaxers to help that back pain.
BRUISING- I hardly have any. My PS did lipo to my sides, alongside the breasts and flanks.
FOOD- I.AM.NOT.HUNGRY!! I have been drinking soooooo much Gatorade. Maybe 2 Liters a day. I have been eating individual mango peach applesauce and on Day 3 I had a Frosty. Day 1 hubby bought me a PBJ smoothie from Planet Smoothie which was good for the protein.
HELPFUL HINTS- you MUST have someone with you for the first 2 days, at least!!! My friend stayed the first night into the next day and was so much help. On the first day, you should NOT be using your muscles. My sister stayed all day the next day and bought me a toilet seat lift and a walker which was soooo helpful. My toilet seemed so low!!
For the last 2 days I had a minor headache which is probably from coffee withdrawal, so I took a few sips of coffee today. I took milk of magnesia on Day 2. There's a lot of bubbling going on but nothing else. As I said, I have not eaten much of anything. I will keep you lovely ladies updated. Please ask questions as I am trying to remember everything. I have been instructed NOT to touch my abdominal binder so no pics of the belly yet. But from what I can see it looks great!

Sneak peek

I can't take the binder off but I can see a lil bit. Yay!!!!

Post op visit

I found out today that I had a seroma on the upper abdomen. Got that drained and was told to buy a full torso spans to help with the swelling. Getting the Seroma drained was easy. Having the drains removed felt gross and burned. My doctor said I need to take it easy even though I feel better. I need to calm down! Hahahahaha. I WILL be following directions. I have the OK to shower and apply Neosporin to a few areas. My boobs are so perky the doctor thought he put implants.... Bahahahahahahaha!!!! Check them out.

Look, no bra!

One of today's bra breaks.

Word of caution!!

RS is tremendously helpful but please ladies DO NOT compare yourself to everyone's progress on here. We all heal differently. I was a little worried because I'm at day 11, still hunched and I seem to be more swollen than others. I just really need to calm down :). It's been only 11 days after a major 7 hour surgery!!!! All of this takes time....patience is a virtue :))


I am out of the recliner and in my own bed. Woo hoo!! It felt so good to sleep on my sides. I did have to cushion my stomach with pillows but it was great.

Yesterday I had 20ml drained from the sermon above my BB. this beast refuses to die! Ugh. But in other news that area is flattening out. I am really happy :))))))))


So after one of my Bio oil rub down sessions today I decided to put on an old bikini WITHOUT the matching cover-up. I am just tickled pink!! I just might be the happiest girl in the world :)))))))?

Oh my! 14 days out

Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm standing straight up and I have a waist! :))))


Went back to work yesterday and happened to have a 2 day meeting. I drove an hour to get there and by the time I got out of the car my stomach was super tight and it felt like everything was stretching. Every time I got up from my seat during the meeting it felt the same way, super tight. I guess these muscles are still adjusting to everything!


It's been 22 days since surgery and this swelling is horrible! There's swelling and fat all around the belly button. Ugh!!


Is she flat this morning? This is so reassuring. Now I have hope that I won't have a distorted tummy forever. It's gonna be a great day :)

Summertime :))))

I tried on every swimsuit I had!

6 weeks post op

Time really flies. Facts:
I've been sleeping on my side since week 2.
I still have a LOT of swelling
I still wear my CG for my own 'protection'
I am soooo happy with my results
Overall I've lost 18 pounds since the surgery and am looking to lose 12 more.

Happy healing everyone!!

5 month update

Adding pics for all to see. The only thing I'm not completely happy with is the fatty area above the belly button. Was hoping it would go down with time but it's staying and I do NOT want to lose any more weight. Will have to see how it looks after a year.

Close up


Side view of fatty area


Had TT and breast reduction/lift on 4/23/14 and now Getting liposuction of the entire back and abdomen on 7/21/2015

This is gonna be the finishing touch! The TT tightened my muscles so much that it left me with a fat pouch at the top of my abdomen. I need to get the fat removed from the whole back including the bra strap line. The entire abdomen will be done as well. I'm counting down!!!!
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gonzalez and his office are the best! He exceeded my expectations. His office and staff are superior and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that asks!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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