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So excited and nervous for the mommy makeover! I...

So excited and nervous for the mommy makeover! I am a 27 year old mom of a 4 year old. My baby was large and gave birth via C-section. The weight gain with the pregnancy was significant and caused stretch marks. I breastfed for one year and when that was over, I lost all the volume in my breasts. I know this will be well worth it. All the women on this website have had beautiful results and I would appreciate any advice and support that you all have to offer. I will make sure to post pictures after the procedure. Thanks ladies!!

Pre-Op Appointment

It went really well! I am so ready for this. I just went out and purchased arnica for after the surgery. So nervous about the pain after. Deep breaths..right? Has anyone had anxiety meds for this?

Dream pic

Here is the "dream" pic

It is getting closer..

I am incredibly nervous but some feeling of calm is just now starting to set in, how strange. It's feeling unreal that I've wanted this for so long and it is right around the corner. It will be SO worth it! Went out and purchased three packs of Arnica for after the surgery. My PS advised me not to take it before, although I noticed many others are taking it a few days before and a few days after. Hopefully it still has the same results.

I purchased a ton of Gatorade for recovery and have been chugging coconut water to keep my body nice and hydrated prior to surgery. I have stopped drinking alcohol for the last week and have been doing extra cardio and strength training. Also sleeping on my stomach every night because that is my favorite position and I will surely miss it for a while. Maybe it would be a good idea to prepare myself now for NOT sleeping on my stomach ha!

My sweet son LOVES to jump all over me and cuddle. I have no idea how I'm going to explain to him that he should not touch me. I hope that he isn't going to feel hurt. I love him SO much. Getting my body all stretched out was absolutely worth it for my sweet little man and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I love him so much.

Trying not to Google and read horror stories before this procedure. Am I the only one who feels it necessary to read about the most awful things that can happen? Probably am...

I will keep you updated on anything else and let you know how I am feeling before surgery. ALL SUPPORT IS WELCOME :-D

I've waiting four years for this week!

As my husband put it when I woke up this morning "Good morning, you've waiting four years for this week and it's finally here." So sweet and then I felt like throwing up haha. Why I am so nervous is beyond me. I've already called my Dr.'s poor nurse so many times with random questions, she must think I am insane. I will be staying overnight and I've got my hospital bag packed with:

Tylenol extra strength
Face/Body wipes
Front closing dress
Neck pillow
Breast ice packs (same ones I used when I started breastfeeding)

What could I be missing? I do not want to overload my bag with unnecessary items.

That's all for now. Will update as we get closer..


Burning, lower back pain, headache and sexy body. Will update soon. Good night for now..


It must be working! I have no bruising and very minor swelling. The pain meds are doing their job and I am feeling good. Hope everyone is feeling good ????

New pic and first problem.

This is a little scary. It will get better with time. As of right now, I've been trying to "go to the bathroom" since 8am. Sorry to bring up this topic but I've tried colace, dolcalax, milk of magnesia, probiotics & coffee. Right now I am awaiting some prune juice and suppositories as a last resort. This is the worst part of the recovery thus far. I'm always regular and never have any problems in this department. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks-I'm miserable. Only because of this problem.


All better now! Sorry for the panic attack update. The suppository did the trick. That was by far the most painful part of recovery.

One extreme to the next..

As you all could probably have guess, all the meds I took to make me go to the bathroom earlier are just now kicking in. I think I've got one fun night ahead of me.

Here is what NOT to do when you're feeling great during the FIRST week post-op:

Do NOT under ANY circumstances:

-Start cleaning the house.
-Start doing laundry
-Cook, specifically a fancy dinner to thank hubby for taking such great care of you while you sat around and feeling useless, also baking special cookies from scratch to try and thank the four year old who watched you lay around feeling useless while he wanted to play with you.
-DO NOT play with the four year old.

I have been off of the pain medication for a day and today I felt marvelous. How is this possible, right? So, I woke up and went about life as if I had not just been cut open all over a few days ago. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? After all the warnings from others not to do these things, I did anyway. The result? Misery.

The day ended and I felt like I had been hit by a double-decker bus then the bus stopped and reversed on me, then continued driving over me again. That's how I felt. The pain kicked in nice and hard. So much for not taking those pain pills...

Then one of my drains became severely clogged. I sat down trying to calm myself from the pain of the new swelling and incision pain, to try and unclog this drain. Only to make things worse, the drain shot back inside of me creating a pain that I cannot even put into words. It left me on the floor in the fetal position, crying like a baby.

That's what I get for trying to be Superwoman when it was completely unnecessary and totally irrational.

I did sort out the drain situation by dealing with the horrible pain and taking my time with the clog but it became unclogged. I have been draining very small amounts and I am almost positive the drains will be taken out tomorrow. We shall see. However, the doctor will think I am out of my mind if I mention all that I did today before even seeing him for my post-op.

Moral of this story is please take care of yourself. No matter how great you are feeling shortly after surgery, there is nothing that cannot wait. I ended up disappointing myself and my husband for almost ruining all the hard work that we've put into trying to make my body look good again. Save it for when you truly are WELL. Nothing will ever get done if you don't allow yourself to heal properly.

Sorry for this crazy rant but I just had to let it out as I sit comfortably in my bed after taking a xanax and a percocet. This is how I should have been sitting all day today (minus the drugs).

Hope all you ladies are healing well and feeling great! I'll post a quick pic.

How to change procedure date?

I am actually 5 days post-op. Anyone know how to edit the dates on here?

Quick pic

5 days post-op tummy. Only took compression garment off for split second photo. Lines are due to the garment.

Bye Bye Drains

The were taken out today - swiftly ;) Let me tell you what a relief this was after the whole ordeal with the clotting last night. I never wanted to feel such pain again and I was shivering with fear when they went to pull the drains but to my surprise, it didn't hurt one bit! I will say it felt weird but not painful. And my doctor is quite smooth with his hands so I am sure that helps.

The lovely nurse gave me a new compression garment and a strap to wear to tame the girls. I also learned that I can start sleeping on my side so very excited to try that out!

First thing I did when I got home was take a lonnnnng shower! Went to shave my armpits and I could hardly reach in there to shave. Has anyone else had this happen? I couldn't see a thing in there lol.

Hope everyone is feeling great! :-)


Feeling great but..

I've got a crazy itchy rash from the antibiotics :( it's sooo itchy ahhhh

I am awaiting a relief med to get called into my pharmacy. Nothing worth anything is easy in life is it?

Today I'm wearing a new sports bra with no gauze or pads! I slept with spanx and compression garment together last night which was overkill! Today I'll just wear the garment with a tank top underneath to help with the itchy rash. Everything is healing quite nicely otherwise :)

Glimpse of the rash

For your viewing pleasure lol


I had SO many old clothes that I got rid of a few months ago, these clothes were from my tight and perky days and I thought that I would never be able to wear those things again. What was I thinking??? I still had a bag of clothes to donate that I forgot to give away with my other things and it's been sitting here driving me crazy. So I walked up to this bag and took another peak inside and said what the heck let me try this stuff on with my new boobs and see how it looks. Everything looked so much better then it did in the past! Feeling quite bummed out now about getting rid of all those other clothes. It would've been like an entirely new wardrobe...slightly out-of-style but not too bad. lol

Well just wanted to tell you quickly not to get rid of anything. Maybe you all thought of this already, not sure why it never crossed my mind before.

My swelling is starting to settle a bit and I am feeling great. Still taking it easy and doing light house work when I feel up to it. Have a great great day ladies!

Favorite angle

A Get Well Card I Forgot to Share

Hi ladies, I hope everyone feels good today. Here is a picture of the most perfect and funny get well card that I got from hubby and baby on day 3 post-op and forgot to share with all of you. Enjoy :-)

Please forgive me

For the lack of update! Thanksgiving came out of nowhere and forced my real self diary to the side.

First, I would like to discuss how, before I had the procedure, I would look at these mommy makeover profiles and see complaints about bloating and weight gain and then I'd see their pics and think "wow, they look amazing and clearly they don't know how good they have it..anything is better than this!" Haha.. I mean pictures don't show how you feel inside. It was so easy to think that before finally experiencing these feelings for myself. It's exactly as my PS laid it out for me in a pretty straight forward diagram. Anyway..

Thanksgiving was on its way and so was the junk food that is typically a breeze for me to pass on the last few years. Well I don't know where the heck my self control ran off to this year because I've been doing some serious indulging. At the end of it all I'm left thinking "hmm.. Is this swell hell of just because of this horrible thanksgiving diet??" It's probably both! Well tomorrow is Monday and I just finished throwing away every left over pie and gross food that was left behind. I want to start this week clean and end the year clean as well. I am a vegetarian so this should not be too hard..just really wondering where the heck my self control went with sweets this year..

Sorry for blabbering. Here are some pics.


Yesterday I posted an extremely long update using my phone and it appears that none of it went thru :( boo..too tired to take the time to rewrite everything now and maybe it was all a bunch of nonsense any way lol

Got the permission to start scar therapy yesterday at my one month appointment. My post was something along the lines of how weird it is to look at myself without the tape on and how much I love my dr and my new body-scars and all!

Started using skin medica from my dr's office and also purchase slme scar away sheets. Excited to see the results of these products. Posting a pic of my body freshly untaped.

Hope you're all healing well and feeling great!

Oh no..what is this??

I wished it was Monday all day today because I'm dying to call my PS office. I've got this nice red bump on the incision of my right areola :( it doesn't hurt at all but it's doing a great job freaking me out. Anyone else ever had this or have any ideas as to what is happening here?

Just two days ago..

No real update yet

Wasn't able to see my ps today but have an appointment for tomorrow at 11:30 so I will update after. There hasn't been any change in the bump. It's still painless with a shiny purple color. I imagine if it was infected there would be some sort of pain. Hoping for the best. Thank you ladies for the support :)

Everything is good !

Just left doctors office and everything is fine! Big relief! He said it was probably just Stitch that started coming out and got stuck but it's not infected and the bump seems to be going down. Hoping for smooth sailing from here on out. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!! ??

6 weeks post-op and bleeding :(

I was so relieved after seeing the doctor on Christmas Eve and thought there were no issues with my bump. But then today I went to change my outfit and noticed wet blood on my sports bra! Sure enough my incision with the bump had blood coming out of where the little bump is. It still does not hurt but I'm so afraid of infection. I will be back in the doctors office tomorrow. Until then I was told just to put a bandaid on it and nothing else. A part of me is dying to put neosporin on it again but I know I must listen to their instructions. I suppose things could be a lot worse right?

No more bleeding

And still no pain. A possible overreaction on my part but better safe than sorry. Doctor said in a few weeks I won't even be able to tell that any of this was ever there :-) feeling great. I hope everyone else is doing well!

7.5 weeks have gone by

So quickly! Where did 2014 come from? I want to thank all of you so much for helping me and during this journey. The entire experience will always be tied to this website and the ladies I spoke to on here before and after my procedure. This has truly changed my confidence and I am happy that I was able to share with all of you and inspire some of you the way you've all inspired me. It was a blessing to stumble upon RealSelf and to have found an amazing doctor like Dr. Joseph. Let's make 2014 a great one and promise ourselves to always love and cherish our bodies! Treat yourself well and in turn you will treat everyone around you with the same love and respect.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

From the moment we stepped into his office, we knew Dr. Joseph was the best choice! His entire staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Joseph is extremely knowledgable and patient. He takes his time to make sure that all of your questions are answered and he makes you feel very comfortable. I am more than pleased with my results and I would proudly recommend him to friends and family. Dr. Joseph is the best!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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