Trying a Very Strange Concoction - Orlando, FL

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Hi ladies, Im new here...I ran across this site in...

Hi ladies, Im new here...I ran across this site in search for a cure/solution or even improvement of my melasma. I developed melasma after my second pregnancy. At first it was very light but after I moved to Florida (lived in Chicago) my melasma became very dark. I've spent so much money in different high end products that promised the world but had no results. I recently read a post here from a young lady who suggested mixing this weird concoction composed of listening blue mouthwash, baking soda and nizoral anti dandruff shampoo. She swore it helped improve the appearance of melasma. Other ladies joined in too and said it was working. I am so desperate that I'm willing to give it a try. I hate looking myself in the mirror. I'm so depressed over this...I just feel ugly. Makeup sometimes helps but after I take it off, it's back to reality. If you've tried this mixture please comment with your result. I will be tracking my experience and posting pictures. Wish me luck!
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