The Tummy Tuck Journey Begins!! - Orlando, FL

Well this is the start of what I hope will cure...

Well this is the start of what I hope will cure what seems like a lifetime of frustration. I am 45 years old and over the past 20 years have lost 100lbs. I am 6ft tall and weigh 160lbs which is the lightest I've been since Jr. High School. In my early 20s I was at my heaviest hitting 260 but eventually got smart and started a long journey of getting healthy. I have maintained my weight for several years now and do not want to lose any more - if anything would like to gain a few (obviously due to muscle). I've always been into weightlifting and really enjoy working out.
My biggest issue like most is my stomach - it honestly disgusts me. Pure jelly - no matter how much weight I lose or how hard I workout. I am beyond over it and ready to do something about it. I do carry some fat/loose skin in my chest & upper back as well which bothers me but not nearly as much as my stomach. Might just have to live with it or maybe address later down the road.
I have considered a TT for years but have now decided to go for it. My wife who has been dead against it (because she thinks I look fine) has finally agreed and is in total support. I am scheduled for an Extended TT with possible tightening of muscle (no lipo) on June 6th.
Like most - I am totally stressed out that it is now an apparent reality. I am very happy thus far with the PS I have chosen - he has great credentials and comes highly recommended both here on Real Self and here locally. My two biggest fears are being pleased with the final result and the amount of time needed to be away from work.
I'm hoping my pics show my concerns - will an ETT take care of the loose skin in my upper abdomen and on my sides? I surely will discuss this again with my PS on my Pre-Op appointment 2 weeks prior to surgery. I just fear having this procedure done and not being happy with the results. Either with the PS not removing enough skin or just with the limitations of how big of an area an ETT will cover.
Fear #2 is about the recovery time. I'm not too concerned with what the pain will be like or anything like that. It's just how long I will have to be away from work. I confess to being a total workaholic and do not want to miss more than a week of work. I certainly have the ability to do so and realize I'm just going to have to wait to see what my recovery will be like. But missing upwards to 2 weeks or longer is just not an option. I do work in a field that requires some physical labor - but with being in an executive position I can limit myself as needed. Plus my boss is in complete support.
So the Journey begins and will welcome all the feedback I can get. I plan to post as much as possible and will surely ask a ton of questions.


2 Weeks Out!!!

Well just a couple of days away from my 2-week Pre Op appointment with the Doctor. Obviously feeling very nervous!!!!!! Anyone have any suggestion on questions that I should ask or with Post Op planning? Thanks!!
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