The Tummy Tuck Journey Begins!! - Orlando, FL

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Well this is the start of what I hope will cure...

Well this is the start of what I hope will cure what seems like a lifetime of frustration. I am 45 years old and over the past 20 years have lost 100lbs. I am 6ft tall and weigh 160lbs which is the lightest I've been since Jr. High School. In my early 20s I was at my heaviest hitting 260 but eventually got smart and started a long journey of getting healthy. I have maintained my weight for several years now and do not want to lose any more - if anything would like to gain a few (obviously due to muscle). I've always been into weightlifting and really enjoy working out.
My biggest issue like most is my stomach - it honestly disgusts me. Pure jelly - no matter how much weight I lose or how hard I workout. I am beyond over it and ready to do something about it. I do carry some fat/loose skin in my chest & upper back as well which bothers me but not nearly as much as my stomach. Might just have to live with it or maybe address later down the road.
I have considered a TT for years but have now decided to go for it. My wife who has been dead against it (because she thinks I look fine) has finally agreed and is in total support. I am scheduled for an Extended TT with possible tightening of muscle (no lipo) on June 6th.
Like most - I am totally stressed out that it is now an apparent reality. I am very happy thus far with the PS I have chosen - he has great credentials and comes highly recommended both here on Real Self and here locally. My two biggest fears are being pleased with the final result and the amount of time needed to be away from work.
I'm hoping my pics show my concerns - will an ETT take care of the loose skin in my upper abdomen and on my sides? I surely will discuss this again with my PS on my Pre-Op appointment 2 weeks prior to surgery. I just fear having this procedure done and not being happy with the results. Either with the PS not removing enough skin or just with the limitations of how big of an area an ETT will cover.
Fear #2 is about the recovery time. I'm not too concerned with what the pain will be like or anything like that. It's just how long I will have to be away from work. I confess to being a total workaholic and do not want to miss more than a week of work. I certainly have the ability to do so and realize I'm just going to have to wait to see what my recovery will be like. But missing upwards to 2 weeks or longer is just not an option. I do work in a field that requires some physical labor - but with being in an executive position I can limit myself as needed. Plus my boss is in complete support.
So the Journey begins and will welcome all the feedback I can get. I plan to post as much as possible and will surely ask a ton of questions.


2 Weeks Out!!!

Well just a couple of days away from my 2-week Pre Op appointment with the Doctor. Obviously feeling very nervous!!!!!! Anyone have any suggestion on questions that I should ask or with Post Op planning? Thanks!!

Finally Did It

Well after postponing for over a year due to a busy work schedule & nerves - I had the procedure on Monday with Dr. Fiala. Spent the night at his office and got home around Noon today.
By far the hardest part thus far was peeing after the cathrata was removed. Right now my drain sites are really sore and am probably looking at not getting too much sleep. Will try to post some pics tomorrow and supply updates often.

Day 3 Post Op

Day 3 Post Op

Day 3 Post Op

So Far - Not Bad

Here is a recap of my experience thus far;
From the time getting to Dr. Fiala's office to being in the surgery room was very quick. My surgery time was 11:30am and lasted approx. 3 hours. Everyone was very friendly and professional which made for a stress free environment. When I awoke in the recovery room my wife was there along with the Dr & nurses. I ended up not having to have any muscle repair but my incision was made a bit wider going past my hip bones to achieve the desired result.
I spent the night there in their onsite surgical center and my overnight nurse was awesome. I was in no real pain and the night went ok. In the morning my nurse removed the catheter and boy did that hurt. My wife arrived at 7:30am and we met with the Dr. to review how the surgery went and to put on my compression garment. My stomach looked great as there was not too much swelling yet. So I was cleared to leave but not until I was able to pee. Now this is where I ran into some problems - I initially has no problem with feeling like I had to pee and when I tried the pain was crazy. It was like trying to piss razor blades. So I quickly lost the desire to pee. They told me that if I did not pee on my own they would have to put the catheter back in me. There was no way that was going to happen so over the next 2 hours I dribbled my way into forcing out a pee worthy of getting released. Ugh!!!!
So since being home its been ok. The recliner I purchased has worked well and am comfortable. Drinking plenty of fluids and peeing often. Not much of an appetite by forcing myself to eat. Pretty much living on toast, eggs, crackers w/cottage cheese, yogurt, and some protein bars/shakes.
The drains have not been too bad - emptying them every few hours but they have leaked since just about getting home. Just a slow drip out of the stitch area on both sides (just when I move around). Spoke with Dr and no big concern but will see what he says when I go this afternoon.
The pain is totally tolerable - only time it gets near agonizing is when I move around too much or stand for too long. And the pain is actually more concentrated to my back than my stomach. Being hunched over quickly takes a toll.
As for Meds;
Eliquis (Antibiotic)
Ducolax (Stool Softner)
Oxycodne (Pain)
Ativan (Sleep)
Promethazine (Nausea)
All have worked well thus far for me.

Well that's it for now - we'll see how my appointment goes today

Getting Itchy!!!!

So just within the past few hours I have gone from not being itchy at all to now being quite annoying. Getting progressively worse & will certainly know be a main topic of conversation with the Doc today.






Well just a day shy of being 2 weeks since surgery & all is well. Here's a recap thus far;

Not sure if I mentioned previously that I did not need muscle repair but my incision was certainly extended on my sides to remove as much skin as possible.

First Couple of Days - not really that bad. Never suffered any real pain to speak of. More just a severe soreness that gives way to an uncomfortableness. Certainly the pain block I was given helped the cause.
I spent the first night at my Doctors surgical center which was a huge benefit and am very thankful for the experience and my overnight Nurse. Dr. Fiala & his staff rock!
After that my wife took the next 2 days off to stay at home with me. Again greatly helpful - especially for the little things.

Initially did not have much of an appetite and my wife forced me to eat mostly. Only had an upset stomach once with nausea (boy did that dry-heaving hurt). But the medicine I was given for that quickly cleared that up. Otherwise no issues eating.

The first few urinations were brutal & hurt but otherwise have been a peeing machine with as much liquids (water & smoothies) I've been drinking. As expected I was constipated and it took several days for the Ducalax to kick in. Can't say that I ever felt uncomfortable from the constipation so no big issues here.

Only an off & on issue for a few days. Short sporadic moments of being very annoying but never amounting too much. Never kept me up at night or anything.

You must have a recliner - but that said I was in a search every few days to find the most comfortable position. I would also heavily recommend having an ottoman. For me - the most comfortable position was being in the recliner (but in the up position) using an ottoman with pillows under my knees. Like I said as the days went by so did my need to alter my sitting/sleeping position.
Sleeping - the pills helped for sure (pain & anxiety/sleep). First 10 days slept in the recliner but since have gone to the coach. Here I sleep on my back (with upper back & head slightly elevated with pillows) and have my legs from the knee down completely elevated using the sofa cushions (legs bent at a 90 degree angle). This will be my sleeping position until I'm ready to go on my side.

More of just a nuisance then anything else. On day 10 I went to have them removed but they kept 1 in as I was still draining quite a bit. Going back this Tuesday to hopefully have it removed (still draining a lot)

Took my first shower after my first post-op appointment (Day 3). Felt great & no issues.

Well that's it for now - overall very pleased and going back to work tomorrow. My mobility is good, almost standing totally upright, and feel good. Will have to take it easy for sure not to set myself back.
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