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Well I had my surgery on the 3rd of July. I was...

Well I had my surgery on the 3rd of July. I was actually very calm. They gave me the 'cocktail' and an extra Valium. I was sleeping while I waited. The nurse came in and said ok its time to get started. Off to the surgery room. My doctor was there. He marked me up and off to the table. I'm so surprised I was not a nervous wreck. The 'cocktail' does wonders.

Surgery proceeded and it was amazing. I didn't feel anything except for when his did my hips. It tickled. The doctor and I had a conversation the entire time. The last part was my belly button area. That is where it hurt. Dr said tell him when I have had enough. I had enough real quick. They took out the max fat that is allotted per surgery.

I was wrapped up and moved back to my prep room. I was giving something to snack on and drink. I changed clothes and once I got the release I was wheeled out for a valet pickup. I slept all day and most of the night.

Day 2
All I can say is I HURT. My skin is on fire.. it feels like a bad sunburn. If I tried to lay on my side I couldn't. It hurt. I spent the first 2 days in bed. I slept alot.

Day 5 was when I could take off the compression garment and wear it on/off 12 hours.

Day 6 OMG I can't wear the compression garment. I have gained 10 pounds from swelling.

Go in to see the doctor on Day 7. I had lost the weight gain. Dr gave me a larger compression garment. I am now wearing it for the rest of this week w/o taking it off.

Amazing I have little to none bruising.

7/12/2012 Today I took the white compression...

Today I took the white compression garment off for 8 hours. Oh what a relief. I gave myself a circular massage on my abs which helped with the pain. I hope I am on the end of the major recovery. Can't stand the pain.

I do not see any difference since the surgery. Patience is what I have been told. 3 months.. :(

7/14/2012 As of yesterday I have dropped the...


As of yesterday I have dropped the white compression wrap and just utilizing the black one. I ordered a replacement for it as well as my neck compression. I seeing slight changes but nothing dramatic. I'm holding out til 3 months. 2 weeks down and I"m heading back to work tomorrow. I tried last week and couldn't manage the pain/swelling.

7/20/2012 The disconfort has really decreased...

The disconfort has really decreased this week. I put on a pair of shorts that prior to the procedure was tight and hard to button. It went on with ease and actually fit. Its a small step but it is a positive one. I understand 4-10 months..

I can finally shave my legs. YIPPEE. Walking is still a challenge because of gravity. It pulls everything down so it begins to hurt and get hard. Stomach is starting to look so funny. It has valleys and mountains if that makes any sense. I massage my stomach alot and alot of the uneven surface smooths out pretty well.

I feel soo much better.

I believe I am close to going down a size on my compression garment

7/22/2012 OMG. I had photos taken last summer...


OMG. I had photos taken last summer because I was doing the lipomelt. Today new photos were taken and I can see a nice difference. My banana rolls on the back and sides are almost gone. My entire stomach area has decreased. I'm pretty excited.. YIPPEE..

Well I'm back. While I have seen changes I did...

Well I'm back. While I have seen changes I did not get the results that was 'sold' to me. However SonoBella has been wonderful. I'm getting touch up this week on my lower and upper abs. After this touch up I am sure I will be happy with the results.

I can say that I was surprised on how my hips and side results came out. They are incredible. I have always had the 'breeding hips' and after this procedure they are gone. With the side being done I now have a waist again and it smoothed out my sides.

When I started this venture I had a goal of getting down to a size 12. I am barely in a size 14 and definitely in a 14wp.
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