28, No Kids, Curvy Body with Too Much Belly - Orlando, FL

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I went in to have my upper and lower abdomen, hips...

I went in to have my upper and lower abdomen, hips and back bra rolls done via TriSculpt. It was all to be done via local anesthesia. I'm a habitually anxious, worrisome person. My entire procedure start to finish was absolutely perfect. I felt things happening, no severe pain, and whenever I winced due to a little discomfort the technique was adjusted to help comfort me. It was decided right after beginning the procedure to do my back bra rolls in a separate procedure as you can only have a certain amount of local anesthia numbing per surgery and we decided I'd be more comfortable making that a separate procedure. At first I was a little antsy and upset about this, but I know 100% that was the best decision to make. Results were said to take up to 6 months due to swelling and proper drainage -- I noticed dramatic results the next day! I am thrilled with the care and results I've received so far and am less than one week out. I look forward to finishing my scheduled procedures and getting my back rolls done to complete my process.

Procedure 2 - Back Bra Roll

I went in for my second procedure to finish up my original intent and had my back bra rolls done 10/15. I was beyond excited when we were marking my body, that my doctor went on to mark almost through my waist as well (an area I opted out of having done). Bonus for me! Surprisingly, this area has been more painful for me and harder for me to wear my after procedure garment for. Because of that, I can tell I'm experiencing more swelling on my sides but yet again, it's remarkable the results I can see immediately. I believe the "instant result" I'm able to see even with swelling is due to my skin elasticity as well as the precision and skill level of my doctor. I'm excited for the soreness to go away and for me to be able to wear my garment as instructed to help get this swelling down. Procedure 2 is already deemed another success in my books though!
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