Uppers Done and Scared - Orlando, FL

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I am a vey youthful 48 up but had saggy hooding on...

I am a vey youthful 48 up but had saggy hooding on upper eyes. Was scared to do anything but I knew they would only get worse. I am only a7 days out and know it takes time but I worried about the bump at end of incision line. And I had excessive swelling especially between my nose. I scared the inner tissue will be deformed after it heals

excision of bumps after upper blepharoplasty at 51/2 weeks

I had upper blepharoplasty 5 1/2 wks ago and while I am very pleased with my results, I had bumps at either end of my incision lines from the beginning. I had alot of lateral hooding so I had extension cuts which I understand heals slower and the bumps normally go away. Unfortunately mine were right on my bone and VERY obvious, like lil horns. After 2 steroid shots and massaging, my PS decided to excise them. He said on one I had a trapped sebaceous gland and that it would not have gotten better. Hopefully they will heal flat and I can FINALLY enjoy and show off my new eyes!

Blepharoplasty: Before, During and After (no makeup)

Wanted to post the progress as I know how much it helped me seeing others.
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