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I have been struggling with my large breasts for...

I have been struggling with my large breasts for the last 24+ years and finally in 2 days I am having my reduction. The girls have been good to me- we breastfed 4 beautiful children and I am thankful they have done their job and are healthy. However, it is time for them to GO! :)

I have researched and compared and thought for so long and now the time is here. I have been spilling out of 40-42DDD and when I measure what I am "supposed to be" it looks like a 36-38 H or I. When I met with my dr. a couple of weeks ago, he said I would probably be about a C but he would work to a.) make it proportionate to my body and b.) keep my nipple attached and not have to do a nipple graft.

When I went for my pre-op the nurse said she saw me more a D than a C and she was surprised when I told her Dr said about a C. So we will see. I know it is "only a size" that can depend on a bra manufacturer but I so do NOT want to be a D! After so long, I do not want to be "big" anymore and in my mind D is still big. I am going to mention my concerns to my dr again on Thursday before surgery but I do trust his professional judgement and he is one of the best surgeons in the area, so I think he knows he how to make pretty boobies. :) But I am paying out of pocket and really want what I want, (Do I sound like a brat??)

One of the main reasons I want this reduction is because I have come to realize how many things I feel like I cannot do or won't do because I am so HUGE. One big accomplishment for me, however, this year was that I took up running (slowly!) despite my large breasts. I am also considering doing some triathlons and just feel physically in a better place than ever before in my life. Although I am still overweight (5'5", 192 lbs as of yesterday), I really think getting the breasts to a "normal" or "manageable" size will really have a positive impact on my training and will also help me lose more weight and become even more healthy.

I have been really excited about the procedure but I will admit I am nervous now! I am usually pretty tough and a good patient but still dealing with gross, ugly stuff makes me nervous. Having to deal with my family responsibilities (or not deal) makes me worry if everything will get done and if I will get enough rest. However, when I think about NOT doing this, I realize it is simply not an option. I just cannot possibly continue to be THIS big for the rest of my life and feel like we just "need to get on with it and get it done!"

Thanks to all of you who have been so willing to share your experiences. Hopefully I will be sharing mine soon too and I will have good news! :)

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