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Breast reduction has been something that I have...

Breast reduction has been something that I have thought about for the past 30 years or so but never thought it would be possible unless I paid for it. After many years of suffering from degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my spine ,I thought it was time to explore this option. I was told there was nothing more to be done for my back except pain management. At 55 I finally have my weight under control and the only left was a breast reduction. I figured why not? Took 2 months to get an appointment with a doctor recommended by a friend. I had my history from my general doctor faxed over and offered any other paperwork they might need. He said I was a candidate for the procedure and they would submit photos and paperwork. To my surprise 2 weeks later I got the call that AvMed will pay for the entire procedure! I am hopeful this will relieve some of the pain in my back, but honestly looking forward to having smaller breasts back where they belong! Having an EKG next week but don't anticipate any problems. I am taking off 2 weeks from work and hope to well enough to back. So glad I found this site, so many wonderful women with great stories! Who knew there were so many of us?

Before - how I hate these.......

July 8th cannot come soon enough. EKG Wednesday and I think that will be fine. Counting down!

Can't wait to throw these out!

I have been wearing the same Bali minimizer bra for the past 20 or so years - varying sizes depending on weight. I cannot wait to throw every one of these away and just buy a normal bra with normal straps!

No drains?

I see so much about drains but my doctor doesn't use them. Has anyone else done this without drains? He did say something in my consult about stitching differently that takes a little longer to avoid the drains. I was all about that lol! Down to less than 2 weeks so getting my "supplies" ready!

Only a few more days....

I went to have my bloodwork done today, already had my EKG. Tomorrow is my last day of work until at least July 25. I went through all my bras this weekend and got rid of all except the 2 that I am wearing this week. Has anyone else been so happy to throw out bras? I had such a variety - always trying something new but they never worked! Thursday morning is pre-op then a quick haircut and taking one dog for her annual at the vet ; ) Surgery is scheduled for Friday at 7:15 - not sure what time I need to be at the surgery center. Time sure does go by fast - seems like yesterday I was four weeks out! Still feel like I am dreaming!


Well it's finally my turn! Still getting things settled around the house preparing. Prescriptions are filled and had a nice pre-op visit. I have to be at the surgery center at 5:45 a.m. and surgery is scheduled for 7:15. I will wake up in a surgical bra which I have to keep on for 48 hours. I can then shower and reapply gauze if needed. Steri strips stay put until followup visit which is 10 days later, July 18th. They told me not to drive for 72 hours - I really have no intentions of leaving my recliner for a while! Looking forward to waking up on the other side! I will report back and take some photos as soon as I am recovered from the anesthesia! Good luck to everyone who has upcoming dates : )

Made it to the other side....

I've been home since around noon. PS said everything went great and that I will be very pleased. It took about 3 hours. Although I spoke to the anesthesiologist about previous surgeries, I have been getting sick since I got home, so not so good. I am not in too much pain other than a horrible headache and getting sick. I have been drinking ginger ale and tea, and ate a little jello earlier, but nothing stayed down. I am supposed to take an antibiotic tonight so I hopefully will be able to eat something by then. Don't think I will take any pain killers, just Tylenol? again. On the bright side, I think they are going to look good. It's the first time I can actually fit one breast in my entire hand! You ladies know what I mean lol. Here is a quick picture from today. Sunday, when I shower and am able to remove the bra, I will take more pictures and see how it is looking. Thank you again for all your support, it has been so heartwarming.

2 days post op

Well I finally made it to the other side. Nausea and headache have finally stopped. I am doing my best to eat. I am just taking tylenol as the pain isn't that bad at all. Trying to rest and stay still as much as possible. Under arms is very swollen so I am icing that on and off. Just got my first look at them and like many of you, I was kind of shocked at how small they are! The right still appears to be bigger than the left but I am hoping they even out more as they heal. Feels very odd to not have those heavy swinging things while showering! I think they don't look too bad for only 2 days. I don't seem to be oozing or anything. I know each day will get better so I will post more pictures.

5 Days post op

5 days post op today. Showering is easy and not too much pain at all. I tried my best to take photos but not easy for me lol I have been getting an occasional sharp pain under my right arm. That breast was larger so more work on that one I guess. It is more swollen on that side also. I haven't needed any pain medication. It's just more of an uncomfortable tight feeling. Still having issues sleeping on my back but not much I can do about that! Days are spent in the recliner for the most part, starting to get bored! They seem to be settling nicely and after the initial shock, I think the size fits my frame well, whatever that size is! I go back Monday for my post op appointment and they will take off whatever steri strips are left. Look forward to everyone's updates!

Post Op finally!

Today was my post op and it's day 10. I have been out and about for a few days now but being careful not to lift or strain. I am fortunate that I have 2 daughters that have been coming to help me and my husband, who tries lol! They took off my steri strips and no issues. Everything is healing nicely. I am to start scar treatment 2x a day and he recommended biocorneum, which I just ordered on Amazon and will arrive tomorrow. I need to wear a bra 24 hours a day until it's been 4 weeks. I am able to wear any type of bra now except compression (sports type) bra and underwire. I told the PS I don't ever want to buy underwire again and he said I probably won't need to! Imagine that???? I asked him about the swelling on my sides and basically he said I had wide breasts and he went up under my arm the best he could but unless I do lipo I will still have a little of that. He said he totally reshaped my breasts and assured me in a few weeks it will be fine. He uses a technique that puts the fullness back in the top of the breast , where you can see with some surgeons the breasts are small but still a little less full on top. They will stay this way as long as I continue to wear bras. After 4 weeks I can exercise which is a good thing because now my tummy looks so big lol! I am thrilled with the shape and perkiness of my breasts and they will only get better. I am cleared to go back to work on July 25th but chose to take another week as I have the paid time off so a little extra rest won't hurt! Wishing everyone well on their journeys and look forward to all the updates every day! I have learned so much from everyone here! This is such a sensitive subject but we all get it here!!

Day 12 Pos op - Just a little comparison.....

The top photo is a 36DDD minimizer and the bottom is a 36C stretchy bra with no cups and straps aren't adjustable but it does hook in the back. Still finding it hard to believe it's me. I'm sure those of you who have gone through it feel the same way!

2 Weeks Post op

Hard to believe it's already been 2 weeks! I'm actually starting to get used to these small girls! Today was my first fully day out and about. Trying on clothes is sure a lot more fun now than it ever was! I'm tired but I am just about back to normal energy wise. My breasts are sore but don't hurt. The incisions are healing nicely although I seem to have a few small dog ears and possibly under my arms also. I am hoping with scar treatment and time those will improve on their own. I guess I have to remember how I was before and realize that nothing can be perfect! Next week is my last week off from work so I will try and get back into some sort of normal routine again. I look forward to seeing everyone's updates!

3 Weeks Post op

Hard to believe it's already been 3 weeks! I am still getting used to my new girls! I have purchased a few new tops for myself. I fit into a junior M or L and in women's M Petite or so. It's so nice to look at a top and not have to worry first of all if it would even fit and second, will my bra show? I am just picking what I want now and that is fun! I still have those occasional sharp pains - mostly on my right side but manageable now. You can see my dog ear in one of the pictures. It's not bad but I will address it at my next visit to PS in September. Everything is healing nicely and just continuing with scar therapy. It's back to work for me on Monday - it was sure nice having 3 weeks off though! Just looking forward to being more confident and comfortable now! Wishing all of you the best on your journeys : )

4 Weeks Post Op

Four weeks has gone by so quickly! I went back to work this week and by Friday it was like I hadn't even left! By the end of the day, I was a little more swollen and uncomfortable but nothing that was painful at all. The swelling all over has gone down a lot this past week or so and they are settling more now. Dog ears on the sides are going to be an ongoing issue that I will have to just wait out and see what happens. While in a bra or even a bathing suit top they are not noticeable at all so it's really just a problem with me! My nipples are still a little misshaped but I think with time that will heal also. I had 2 small dog ears up by the top of each crease of my breasts and they are completely gone since using the biocorneum. Overall I am quite pleased when I look at where I came from, which was far from perfect! I am wearing 36 C bras now which seem to fit well and give a little support, which is all I need now! Hard to believe I can actually go braless and look good! It's a whole new world on the other side ; )

2 months Post Op

Hard to believe it's already been 2 moths! I am getting very used to my new size! I've been wearing 36D bras and that seems to be working well. Scarring is starting to fade, no issues with any of the incisions. Just back to work and normal life, can't complain! I have bought quite a few new bathing suit tops, hard to believe I can wear strapless now and it stays up just fine! I have also been purchasing quite a few tops - shopping is actually fun now! My breasts have really settled and the swelling is pretty much gone. They have lost some fullness on top, but I think that is due to age and my skin is just not very elastic. They are nice and firm on the whole though and stand quite nicely on their own. I just remind myself what they were like before and this is still so much better and I cannot expect perfection, but this is pretty close. It is definitely worth it! I've been told I look younger - I feel younger and more confident now and stand up nice and straight and pull my shoulders back!
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