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I want to feel better and not have so much pain...

I want to feel better and not have so much pain any more. I have planned on getting a reduction for years now ,but always scare myself out of it. Well I just had my last child a year ago ,and I have constant back pain. Yes I want to feel beautiful but I want the pain to be relief. My health is more important then I can worry about the vanity. I suffer from headaches, shoulder pain, back pain and something's I will get blurry vision.

Today's a very painful day

Well today I went to my doc's office because I have been having terrible headaches and shoulder pain for four days. I found myself getting stress and frustrated about this constant pain , which then I start to withdraw from everyone. I just want to feel better and be happy again, I love my body an I love my life it's just hard for people to unstand why I have so much pain. I work in the medical field an a few years ago i pull 2 discs in my back so that contribute to the pain.but God is good and I know one day I will be free of pain.

Does anyone know a good breast reduction Doc

I am trying to find a doc in Orlando Fl or any part of Florida I don't mind to travel. That take United Health care insurance. I called a few and they all say they don't take insurance, what the heck. This procedure is definitely medically needed, so if anyone have any idea's or can help I will definitely be greatful. Thanks and stay bless.

surgery date Dr.Newman here I come

Well it's official my insurance approve the procedure and my date is set for 10/11/16 @ 7:30 am. Man I got butterflies and everything right now. I'm so nervous but this surgery is well needed. I started working out 3 days a week and do anyone know of any good vitamins or creams I will need , I want to help with the healing process after wards and to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.

four more weeks to go

So I have four more weeks to go and my nerves are kickbg in. I just purchase my bras and when I go to post op on the 26th of this month I will ask about scar creams that are good to use. Dr Newman is going to do the anchor incision , so I hoping he will lift it right and nipple placement will be great. I think I am just really scared of the unknown will there be any complications or will I be happy with my results. All in all this pain has become very unbearable and I need to have it done.

2 weeks to go!!!!!

I went to pre opt yesterday and so far all is well. My nerves have been getting the best of me , to the point I wanted to cancel my surgery. But GOD is good and he will guide Dr Newman hands during this procedure. I like the staff at his office and his nures ,she really answer all questions and make you comfortable. So the count down begins will keep y'all posted.

The big Day is Tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the big day 7:00 am, and the nerves are starting to scare me. I'm excited and anxious to start what I call a new me. Hopefully I will be able to get some rest and call it a night. Will post tomorrow if possible . Stay bless real self fam...

I'm so excited

Well ladies today went well, so far no pain just a lil nausea and tired. All I can say is that Dr Newman and the Orlando surgery center staff are amazing people. I was nervous and afraid an they kept me cool calm collected. I haven't seemed my boobs yet I go for post opt next Wednesday so I'm trying to be good and don't fuss with them to much. I'm extremely stubborn though, just did a sponge bath and about to watch Netflix and relax myself. It's hard to sit still especially with kids the youngest being 1yrs old.but my family and friends are amazing and taking care of me. Well this is it for now.

Day 1


Well today is 3 days post opt and I am so uncomfortable. These drains are driving me crazy zero I haven't really had much pain other than the drains site. I'm still a lil sore and just can't get comfortable. My ass hurts from sleeping in recliner and my shoulder and neck is cramping up.i decided today to try to lay in my bed and got a little nap in today. I have changed out my gauze and my bra because it was stained a little. But I have not done anything else to them otherwise. Also my tight arm is so sore so I'm going to watch it to make sure all is well. Sorry not to complain , I do love the size and how they look so far, I'm just so miserable with this healing process, I Don't get much rest do the fact I have young one's at home and I still have ton of energy still day one. So I don't know, can't wait till Wednesday post op visit hopefully drains will be removed.

Today I went bra shopping

So today is my first day going bra shopping. I feel good so far, went Wednesday and had the stitches taking out. So I bought some more compression bras. I love that they are smaller and I know that they are healing, but I wish we could've went smaller. I wanted a C Cup and I bought a 38 Dcup bra. That was the size that I'm fitting right now. I hope that they are still swollen an that's the only reason why. Also I wish my sides where down a little more. Now I have side boobs and it's real noticeable to me at least. They feel and seem wide. But I feel amazing otherwise.

Not too happy about the size

Well I'm 3 months post opt and my breast have definitely settle. For me I think they are still large in size, I tried on one of my old bras and it's not really that much smaller. I originally ask to be a CCup but I thought maybe due to all the swelling and healing needed to take place they would be smaller . But that's definitely not the case I'm a 38 D cup with yes is a little smaller than a 40 DDD but, it's still not the C cup I was hoping for. Far as healing, I'm healing well with a few sharp shooting pains and sometimes it feels like someone is stabbing me in my breast when I lay on one side and getting ready to turn here and there. Otherwise things are fine, I don't regret doing the surgery, but I think when I am heal and I lose some wt, if no changes I will possibly go ahead and have a second reduction done , also have some lipo done on my side boob too, because they are still heavy and look really full.
Dr. Charles Newman

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