25, No Kids, Sagging Breasts from Weight Loss - Orlando, FL

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I am having surgery Friday July 12,2015. I had a...

I am having surgery Friday July 12,2015. I had a gastric sleeve October 5, 2012. I lost 80 pounds and I couldn't feel better about it! My only complaint is my sagging breasts. I thought it was something I could ignore but after a few years it is my biggest insecurity. I went to many consults hoping that only an augmentation would help but every doctor said they refused to do an augmentation without a lift. So here I am! I am so extremely nervous but excited.

Day 1!

I had my operation this morning at 10am. Woke up feeling groggy, nauseous and having a lot of pressure in my chest. So far the pain is not as bad as I thought at all! I was able to eat about and hour after I was picked up. I took my pain medication and muscle relaxer and took a nap for a few hours. My silicone implants ended up being a different size than I thought, 305cc in my left breast and 360cc in my right! I never realized I was THAT asymmetrical. I can't tell what they look like at all right now but I am excited for my post op appointment on Monday.

Having a hard time on day 2.

Hardly slept last night. My muscle spasms have been really out of control and the muscle relaxers only help a bit. It's kind of hard to talk and breath because of the pressure in my chest. I am not really in much pain though. Just very uncomfortable. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Day 3

Day two was for sure the hardest day so far. I was very dizzy and sore. I had a hard time moving my arms all day. I had a bit of an emotional breakdown because my implants were so high in my chest I thought I would look bizarre forever. Day 3 is a different story! It's so strange how something can change so fast. I felt my implants drop a bit today and my breasts are actually starting to look like breasts! I was able to sit up on my own today and have dinner with my family at the kitchen table.
I felt much more like myself! I still have not showered and I am really really looking forward to being able to do that tomorrow. In the morning I go in for my post op appointment. I have not looked under my bra at all yet, so I am very nervous to see the incisions. Hope all goes well!

Finally saw them!

After 3 days I finally saw my breasts without bandages! The doctor said they are healing really well. I have to continue wearing my supportive bra for 6 weeks and the band around my chest for two weeks. Not in much pain today. Still feeling a lot of pressure though. When should I expect the pressure to stop?
Altamonte Springs Plastic Surgeon

My consult was beyond amazing. Dr. Mcclure is very personable and kind. I'm trusting and hoping all goes well in surgery!

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